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Eater of Worlds.png
Map Icon Eater of Worlds.png
Classic mode icon.png 经典
Expert mode icon.png 专家
Master mode icon.png 大师
AI 类型蠕虫 AI
最大生命值10050/15120/19224 电脑版
7500/10500 主机版前代主机版移动版3DS版
几率0%/1/20 (5%)
持续时间/10 minutes/12.5 minutes


The Eater of Worlds is a pre-Hardmode Corruption-themed worm boss. It is summoned using Worm Food from within The Corruption, or by destroying 3 Shadow Orbs that spawn in Corruption worlds.

The Eater of Worlds is not a single target, but a string of segments (one head, numerous bodies, and one tail) with individual life counters. On the 主机版 主机版移动版 移动版、和3DS版 3DS, it has a total of 50 segments, whereas on 电脑版 电脑版 it has a total of 67 / 72 segments[2]. When any inner body segment is destroyed, it splits into multiple smaller worms, each with their own head and tail. Each section of the Eater must be killed in order to defeat the entire boss. The Eater of Worlds, like all worms, is immune to lava.

Fighting the Eater of Worlds is the only way to obtain Shadow Scales, and it is one of the ways to obtain usable quantities of Demonite Ore. Individual segments drop some of these when killed, with a larger bonus drop upon defeating the entire entity[3]. Defeating the Eater of Worlds allows the 酒馆老板电脑版和主机版 NPC to spawn.

The Eater of Worlds is the Corruption counterpart to the Crimson's Brain of Cthulhu. The Hardmode mechanical boss equivalent to the Eater of Worlds is The Destroyer.

当the Eater of Worlds活着时,会播放《Boss 1》音乐。

电脑版 When Otherworldly music is enabled, the track Boss 1 (Otherworldly) will play.

体节[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Classic mode icon.png 经典
Expert mode icon.png 专家
Master mode icon.png 大师
2 个值:困难模式之前 › 困难模式
3 个值:困难模式之前 › 困难模式 › 世纪之花后
NPC ID 类型 生命值 伤害 防御 额外掉落
13 Eater of Worlds Head.png 世界吞噬怪头部 150/210/267 22/48/72 2/4
14 Eater of Worlds Body.png 世界吞噬怪身体 150/210/267 13/20/31 4/6
15 Eater of Worlds Tail.png 世界吞噬怪尾部 150/210/267 11/17/26 8/10

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • If the player dies or leaves The Corruption, the Eater of Worlds will stop following the player and start burrowing into the ground until it despawns. Note that if the player goes to the Crimson, the Eater of Worlds will continue to chase the player.
  • Trying to summon the Eater of Worlds with Worm Food while another is still alive will not work and the item will not be consumed. Breaking multiple Shadow Orbs will still allow multiple Eaters of Worlds to spawn (Not possible in 1.4). Regardless of how many are summoned, only the last head alive will display the defeat message.
  • Note that actually defeating the Eater of Worlds is not completely necessary to progress, as a certain amount of segments may drop the needed amount of materials.
    • However, defeating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu is the only way to gain access to the 酒馆老板电脑版和主机版.
    • 电脑版 Defeating it is also a prerequisite for meteorites to spawn in the world.
  • The different sections of the Eater of Worlds are not equivalent: the head section will deal significantly more damage than the body or tail, but also has less health and defense.
  • Individual segments cannot survive on their own. Killing one segment, when that part had only consisted of two segments, will kill both, with both segments dropping loot.
  • When the Eater of Worlds splits, the segment that becomes the tail will fully recover. The segment that becomes the head will not heal. Newly formed worms tend to retreat into the ground.
  • Depending on where exactly the Eater of Worlds is summoned, it may get stuck underneath empty terrain such as a cave. It will only be stuck for a few seconds, however, since it can travel through blocks.
  • The Eater of Worlds spawns in a coiled state and unravels from there. Attacking it with piercing weapons in this state will damage all its segments, which can kill it in seconds.
  • 世界吞噬怪只会受到莫洛托夫鸡尾酒常规伤害量的 65% 伤害。

专家模式电脑版、主机版、和移动版的变化[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • In Expert Mode, the Eater of Worlds gains a 40% health increase. This brings its original Classic mode health of 电脑版 10800 / 主机版移动版 7500 health up to 电脑版 15120 / 主机版移动版 10500 health.
  • In Expert Mode, the Eater of Worlds periodically shoots Vile Spit projectiles from all body parts. These projectiles have a 5*1/20 (5%) chance to inflict the Weak debuff onto the player for 10 minutes.
  • In Expert Mode, the Eater of Worlds takes 80% less damage from most explosives.
  • 相比于普通模式,它有约 ~20% 速度提升。
  • 电脑版 When fought above the ground, the Eater of Worlds moves quicker and constantly fires Vile Spit at the player.

大师模式电脑版 changes[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • All Expert Mode changes apply.
  • In Master Mode, the Eater of Worlds gains a 27.14% health increase. This brings its original Expert Mode health of 电脑版 15120 health up to 电脑版 19224 health.
  • The Vile Spit debuff duration is increased from 10 minutes to 12.5 minutes.

成就[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Achievement Worm Fodder.png
虫粮 • “Defeat the Eater of Worlds, a massive worm who dwells in the corruption.”

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Effective weapons include piercing or area-of-effect weapons, such as the Vilethorn, the Water Bolt, or Grenades, and fast melee weapons, such as the Falcon Blade and the Terragrim电脑版 or 主机版移动版 Arkhalis.
  • Like other worm-types, once the Eater's head passes a given point, every body segment must follow. This allows the player to stand next to the body, attacking every segment as it goes by. The player should be wary of the head looping back around.
  • Killing Eater of Worlds head causes his speed to drastically decrease to almost stop.
  • If possible, try to aim for the head or tail of each section, as if they die first, the Eater will not split. Note that the head is far more vulnerable.
  • Using a Hook, it is possible to tank the Eater of Worlds by allowing the Eater to pass through the player and aiming for its head, quickly tearing the Eater apart while tanking any damage through the hearts dropped by the destroyed head segments.
  • If fighting in a chasm, be wary of getting surrounded, which can lead to death very quickly, especially in Expert or Master Mode. A quick way to escape is to have a bed to teleport to (using Recall Potions, Magic or Ice Mirror) over the battle area.
  • 刷世界吞噬怪是很有利可图的,是困难模式之前最有效率的赚钱方法之一。
  • Since each segment can drop loot when killed, it can be a good source of Presents during Christmas, and Goodie Bags, Bloody Machetes and Bladed Gloves during Halloween.
  • In Hardmode, it can provide other items as well:
  • The Eater of Worlds will start to flee underground if the player leaves the Corruption biome, but will not immediately despawn. Players can utilize this mechanic to keep the Eater of Worlds away from themselves without despawning it by moving in and out of the Corruption, watching for the boss's icon on the minimap to make sure it does not leave.
  • The Slimy Saddle tends to be very effective, allowing the player to bounce on the Eater's segments while dealing damage. This can be somewhat harder to pull off in 专家模式电脑版、主机版、和移动版, due to the Eater of World's Vile Spit.
  • 电脑版 Using a flail will block any Vile Spit from hitting the player when 使用/攻击 is held down.

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The Eater of Worlds and Skeletron are the only bosses that do not have their own AI.
  • It might spawn outside of map boundaries on rare occasions when breaking Shadow Orbs, although the Eater of Worlds spawns in relation to the player, not the broken third orb.
  • The Eater of Worlds is sometimes abbreviated as "EoW".
  • It is immune to many debuffs, whereas its counterpart, the Brain of Cthulhu, is only immune to Confused.
  • The Eater of Worlds has 246 eyes in total.
  • The Eater of Worlds will not despawn while in Crimson biome.
  • 官方泰拉瑞亚传说 – 根据官方游戏传说,the Destroyer is a simulacrum of Cthulhu's spine. Despite the Destroyer taking heavy influence from it, the Eater of Worlds has no connection to Cthulhu and is not mentioned to be a former body part, unlike other pre-mech forms.
  • 世界吞噬怪的 怪物图鉴怪物图鉴条目:“Conceived from the bottomless malice of the Corruption, this mighty abyssal worm tunnels wildly to devour all in its path.”

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 电脑版 the Eater of Worlds now allows Meteorites to fall rather than breaking a Shadow Orb, and defeating more Eater of Worlds will increase the chance of a Meteorite falling the following night.
  • 电脑版 1.1.2
    • 世界吞噬怪现在可在第三个暗影珠在神圣之地内被破坏时生成,但依然会因为不在腐化之地中而逃遁。
  • 电脑版 1.0.6
    • 当它逃走时不再会被打败。
    • 头部的生命值由 80 降低至 65,伤害由 43 降低至 22。
    • 身体的生命值由 210 降低至 150,伤害由 18 降低至 13,防御由 7 降低至 4。
    • 尾部的生命值由 300 降低至 220,伤害由 15 降低至 11,防御由 10 降低至 8。
  • 电脑版 1.0.5
    • 不再掉落暗影盔甲。
    • 不再会跟随玩家离开腐化之地。
    • 头部的生命值由 140 降低至 80,伤害由 50 降低至 43。
    • 身体的生命值由 230 降低至 210,伤害由 25 降低至 18。
    • 尾部的生命从 350 降低至 300。
  • 电脑版 1.0.4
    • 修正了简单地选定快捷栏中的蠕虫诱饵就会召唤世界吞噬怪的 Bug。
    • 头部的生命值由 120 提升至 140,伤害由 40 提升至 50,防御由 0 提升至 2。
    • 身体的生命值由 200 提升至 230,伤害由 10 提升至 25,防御由 4 提升至 7。
    • 尾部的生命值由 300 提升至 350,伤害由 10 提升至 15,防御由 8 提升至 10。

参考[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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