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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
可放置是 2 格宽 × 3 格高
使用时间14 很快速度
A display of armored mannequins.

The 人体模型 is a 装饰 家具 item that can be used to display 盔甲 and 时装物品.

To place items on a Mannequin, first place the Mannequin, then select an item and place it on the Mannequin the same way one would place furniture on blocks.

The Mannequin always displays armor and clothing in their male sprite forms. The 女模特 can be used to display them in their female sprite forms.

制作[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

配方[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

材料 数量
木材 木材 20
Mannequin.png 人体模型 1

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • When you place a 鱼缸 on the Mannequin, it appears to have eyes.
  • It is not possible to place 便装 on a Mannequin.
  • Capes cannot be placed on Mannequins or 女模特s.
  • Mannequins cannot be 油漆ed, even with deep paint, nor can their armor. Paint is consumed when attempting to apply it, but the color does not change
  • 神灵诅咒 does not appear on Mannequins like it would normally. Instead, it is shown as purple pants: Djinn's Curse Mannequin.png

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • A total of 98 Mannequins (1960 Wood) would be needed if the player wants a separate mannequin for all 电脑版 盔甲套装 and Miscellaneous Armor. (Including helm/mask/headgear/ancient.)

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • sprite updated.
  • 1.2.4:Fixed exploit where you could duplicate buckets on Mannequins.
    • Fixed an issue where placing a 水桶 on a mannequin would eat it whole.
    • Fixed workaround delay for placing things on mannequin starts using your items.
  • 1.2.3:Fixed bug where mannequins wouldn’t draw robe bottoms.
  • 1.2.1:Adjusted mannequin layering to draw armors correctly.
  • 1.2
    • Stack limit increased from 250 to 999.
    • You now use a pickaxe to remove armor from a Mannequin.
  • 1.1:引入。