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发射器 are a variety of 困难模式 远程武器s that fire 火箭s. While all use the same ammunition, each delivers munitions in varied ways. Rockets generally explode on contact with an enemy or solid block, dealing heavy damage within the area of the explosion. They can often damage the player if not fired carefully. All Launchers benefit from the damage bonus of the 蘑菇矿头盔, as well as other Ranged bonuses. They can only be obtained post-Plantera.

Rocket Weapons[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Weapon Damage Autofire Fire rate Acquired from Sell Notes
Base Rocket I.png Rocket III.png
Grenade Launcher.png 手榴弹发射器 
内部物品 ID: 758
55Console only.pngMobile only.png/60电脑版 95/100 120/125 是 29 (Average) Dropped by 世纪之花 2 金币 Shots are affected by gravity and bounce against blocks, exploding on contact or after a set time.
Rocket Launcher.png 火箭发射器 
内部物品 ID: 759
50 100 125 是 29 (Average) Dropped by 骷髅突击手 in a post-Plantera dungeon 2 金币 Rockets fire straight and explode on contact.
Proximity Mine Launcher.png 感应雷发射器 
内部物品 ID: 760
80 120 145 是 39 (Slow) Sold by 机器侠 for 35 金币 7 金币 Shots are affected by gravity, quickly rolling to a stop and turning invisible. They explode when enemies are near or after one minute.
Electrosphere Launcher.png 电圈发射器 电脑版
内部物品 ID: 2796
40 80 105 否 11 (Very Fast) Dropped by 火星飞碟 during 火星暴乱 10 金币 Rocket explodes at the cursor, creating a damaging field. Fields cannot overlap. Explosions never damage blocks.
Snowman Cannon.png 雪人炮 
内部物品 ID: 1946
67 107 132 是 15 (Very Fast) Dropped by 冰雪女王 during 霜月 20 金币 Rockets home in on enemies. Explosions never damage the user.
Celebration.png 喜庆弹射器 电脑版主机版
内部物品 ID: 3546
65 106 130 否 29 (Average) Dropped by 月亮领主 10 金币 Fires two rockets at the cost of one. Rockets explode after contacting a block or traveling a fixed distance. Explosions damage neither the user nor the surrounding blocks.

Rockets[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

There are four varieties of Rockets available. All four are available from the Cyborg. 更多信息,参见火箭

类型 伤害 何时有货 稀有度 花费 爆破半径 摧毁图格
内部物品 ID:771
40 电脑版主机版移动版 / 35 前代主机版3DS版 总是有售 稀有度级别:0 50*50 Copper Coin.png 否
内部物品 ID:772
40 血月 稀有度级别:1 250*2 Silver Coin.png 50 Copper Coin.png 是
内部物品 ID:773
65 电脑版主机版移动版 / 55 前代主机版3DS版 夜晚 稀有度级别:1 100*1 Silver Coin.png 否
内部物品 ID:774
65 电脑版主机版移动版 / 69 前代主机版3DS版 日食 稀有度级别:2 500*5 Silver Coin.png 是

Other launchers[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

A few other weapons are classified by the game as "rocket" type weapons, and are affected by bonuses that specifically boost rockets, despite not firing actual Rockets as ammunition.

Weapon Damage Autofire Fire rate Acquired from Sell Notes
Base With Ammo
Stynger.png 毒刺发射器 
内部物品 ID: 1258
45 62 毒刺矢 是 21 (Fast) Dropped by 石巨人. 7 金币 Bolts explode on contact, shattering into explosive shards that also explode. Explosions do not damage blocks.
Jack 'O Lantern Launcher.png 杰克南瓜灯发射器 
内部物品 ID: 1784
65 95 爆炸杰克南瓜灯 否 29 (Average) Dropped by 南瓜王 during a 南瓜月. 15 金币 Shots bounce wildly, exploding on contact or after a set time. Explosions damage neither blocks nor the user.
Nail Gun.png 钉枪 电脑版
内部物品 ID: 3107
85 115 钉子 是 14 (Very Fast) Dropped by 钉头 during a 日食. 10 金币 Nails deal low impact damage, but stick into targets and explode after a delay.