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Summon weapons are a type of weapon that spawns secondary characters that will aid the player during battle by automatically attacking enemies within range. They cannot be hurt or killed, and deal summon damage.

Most summon weapons fall into one of three categories: Minions, Sentries, and Whips. Minions are mobile characters that follow the player, while sentries remain stationary. Additionally, the set bonuses of the Stardust armor, Chlorophyte armor, and Forbidden armor will summon an entity to fight for the player in a manner similar to minions.

Whips are related weapons that deal summon damage without summoning any minions. Hitting an enemy with a whip causes a player's minions to target it immediately. Whips also affect sentries.

There are currently 25 summon weapons on the 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版, 19 on the 主机版 主机版, 11 on the  前代主机版前代主机版, and 5 on the 3DS版 3DS.

Targeting graphic for moving targets (pre 1.4)
Targeting graphic for stationary targets (pre 1.4)

仆从[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Minions are mobile characters. They follow the player indefinitely until the player dies, summons a replacement minion, manually cancels their buff, or exits the world. There are several different minions available, some of which can walk or fly, and attack using melee or ranged means. A minion costs mana to summon initially, but follows the player indefinitely thereafter at no further cost.


Minions follow players in a manner similar to Pets, flying and passing through blocks as necessary to keep pace with the player's movements, though most cannot move through blocks for the purposes of attacking. Exceptions are the minions summoned by the Tempest Staff, Xeno Staff, Desert Tiger Staff, Stardust Dragon Staff, and Terraprisma, which can attack through blocks.

电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、和移动版 移动版上,可以在使用仆从召唤物品时按 打开/激活,这会让相应仆从瞄准最接近光标的实体。只要目标处于仆从的视线内,它们就会专门攻击它。被瞄准的敌怪身上会显示旋转的紫色粒子,在移动的敌怪背后拖尾,或在静止的敌怪身前划圈(见图像)。


The Spider Staff (On the  前代主机版前代主机版移动版 移动版、和3DS版 3DS), Optic Staff, Stardust Dragon Staff, and Desert Tiger Staff have special minion capacity logic. See their pages for details.

哨兵[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Sentries are stationary characters. Unlike minions, sentries do not follow the player, and will instead remain rooted in place. In normal use, sentries will last for a fixed two minutes before vanishing; unlike minions, they can persist even after their owner dies. (But see "Tavernkeep's sentries" below for their special use in the Old One's Army event.)

默认情况下,玩家一次只能召唤出单个哨兵。酒馆老板盔甲和撒旦军队配饰(见下文)能够提升玩家的哨兵容量,允许同时存在多个哨兵。注意哨兵配饰会互相叠加,因此最大哨兵限制为 5:默认有 1、配饰 +1、以及armor +3。随着哨兵容量提升,同样的哨兵可以被多重召唤,或者可以召唤几个不同的哨兵。在 前代主机版前代主机版移动版 移动版、和3DS版 3DS中,玩家则限制为每种哨兵只能召唤一个,无法提高容量。


仆从列表[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

困难模式之前[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

物品 仆从 伤害 来源 奖励
雀杖雀杖电脑版 Baby FinchBaby Finch电脑版 7 出现在生命木箱中。

Starting item in Journey Mode.

史莱姆法杖史莱姆法杖 史莱姆宝宝史莱姆宝宝 8 Dropped by most Slimes and Slimed Zombie.
吸血鬼青蛙法杖吸血鬼青蛙法杖电脑版 吸血鬼青蛙(仆从)吸血鬼青蛙 13 Dropped by Zombie Merman and Wandering Eye Fish.
黄蜂法杖黄蜂法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 黄蜂黄蜂 11 Crafted: 14 蜂蜡 ( @ 铁砧 / 铅砧 ) 对大多数敌怪造成中毒减益。
小鬼法杖小鬼法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 小鬼小鬼电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 17 Crafted: 17 狱石锭 ( @ 铁砧 / 铅砧 ) 对大多数敌怪造成着火了!减益。

困难模式[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

物品 仆从 伤害 来源 奖励
刃杖刃杖电脑版 Enchanted DaggerEnchanted Dagger电脑版 6 Dropped by Enchanted Sword (NPC). Neglects 25 defense.

Does not trigger invulnerability.

蜘蛛法杖蜘蛛法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 蜘蛛蜘蛛 26 Crafted: 16 蜘蛛牙 ( @ 铁砧 / 铅砧 ) Inflicts the Venom debuff.

主机版前代主机版3DS版Each spider counts for 75% of a slot, though the player still cannot summon one with less than a full slot remaining.

Sanguine StaffSanguine Staff电脑版 Sanguine BatSanguine Bat 35 Dropped by Dreadnautilus. The bats stay in the same position in relation to the player, only moving when attacking.
魔眼法杖魔眼法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 双子魔眼双子魔眼 30 Crafted: 1黑晶状体 + 2 晶状体 + 12 神圣锭 + 20 视域之魂 ( @ 秘银砧 / 山铜砧 ) Both Twins are spawned as 1 minion.
海盗法杖海盗法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 海盗海盗 40 Dropped by Pirates and 荷兰飞盗船电脑版、主机版、和移动版. Does not trigger invulnerability.
矮人法杖矮人法杖 矮人矮人 34 Dropped by Plantera. Inflicts Poisoned or Venom debuff to most enemies.
沙漠虎杖沙漠虎杖电脑版 Desert TigerDesert TigerDesert TigerDesert Tiger电脑版 41 Found in Desert Chest. Will change form at 4 and 7 summoned minions. It will increase damage and the tigers speed for each summon for up to 9 summons.

Does not trigger invulnerability.

乌鸦法杖乌鸦法杖 乌鸦乌鸦 55 Dropped by Pumpking. Does not trigger invulnerability.
致命球法杖致命球法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 致命球致命球电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50 Dropped by Deadly Sphere.
外星法杖外星法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 UFOUFO电脑版、主机版、和移动版 36 Dropped by Martian Saucer. Attacks are instantaneous and cannot miss.
暴风雨法杖暴风雨法杖 鲨鱼旋风鲨鱼旋风 50 Dropped by Duke Fishron. Both Sharknado and Mini Sharkrons can hit an enemy
星尘之龙法杖星尘之龙法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 星尘之龙星尘之龙电脑版、主机版、和移动版 40 Crafted: 18 星尘碎片 ( @ Ancient Manipulator ) Each extra minion summoned adds a segment to the main Dragon, increasing damage

Flies through blocks to attack enemies.

星尘细胞法杖星尘细胞法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 星尘细胞星尘细胞电脑版、主机版、和移动版 60 Crafted: 18 星尘碎片 ( @ Ancient Manipulator ) Launches additional projectiles at enemies the player hits.
泰拉棱镜泰拉棱镜电脑版 泰拉棱镜泰拉棱镜电脑版 90 Dropped by Empress of Light if all damage is dealt during the day. Flies through blocks to attack enemies. Does not detect enemies through blocks when idle.

Does not trigger invulnerability.

哨兵列表[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

标准[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

物品 仆从 伤害 来源 奖励
蜘蛛女王法杖蜘蛛女王法杖电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 蜘蛛女王蜘蛛女王电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 26 Crafted: 24 蜘蛛牙 ( @ 铁砧 / 铅砧 ) Spiders accumulate, inflict Venom debuff.
寒霜九头蛇法杖寒霜九头蛇法杖 寒霜九头蛇寒霜九头蛇 100 Found in Ice Chest
月亮传送门法杖月亮传送门法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 月亮传送门月亮传送门电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50 Dropped by Moon Lord.
七彩水晶法杖七彩水晶法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 七彩水晶七彩水晶电脑版、主机版、和移动版 80 电脑版和移动版 / 150 主机版 Dropped by Moon Lord.

酒馆老板的哨兵[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

电脑版主机版 电脑版/主机版独有内容:此章节的的信息适用于电脑版主机版泰拉瑞亚

来自酒馆老板的物品所召唤的哨兵与撒旦军队事件有关。它们是用仅在此事件期间奖励的护卫奖章(而非钱币)购买的。一开始,它们只能在此事件中是用,在其中它们会一直维持放置状态直到事件结束。召唤每个哨兵需要花费 10 天国魔力;在事件一开始时,玩家会立刻得到 10 天国魔力以供召唤第一个哨兵,随着击杀敌怪可以收集到更多。用天国魔力所召唤的哨兵不受哨兵上限(见上文)限制。可以在事件中使用其他哨兵,但会具有它们通常的魔力花费、持续时间、以及哨兵上限。


在此事件完成一次之后,这些就可以在事件之外使用,此时功能和普通哨兵一样,消耗普通的魔力来召唤(每级别 5 点)并持续通常的两分钟。天国魔力在事件之外无法使用,因此适用通常的哨兵限制:默认情况下同时只能召唤一个哨兵,然而,由酒馆老板所出售的盔甲,以及由诸如食人魔等事件 Boss 所掉落的配饰可以提升玩家的哨兵上限。此上限包括诸如蜘蛛女王之类的非酒馆老板的哨兵。同样地,配饰之间不互相叠加。

物品 仆从 伤害 来源 奖励
闪电光环魔杖闪电光环魔杖 闪电光环闪电光环 4 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸烈焰魔杖爆炸烈焰魔杖 爆炸烈焰塔爆炸烈焰塔 17 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸机关魔杖爆炸机关魔杖 爆炸机关爆炸机关 24 酒馆老板出售。
弩车魔杖弩车魔杖 弩车弩车 27 酒馆老板出售。
闪电光环手杖闪电光环手杖 闪电光环 2闪电光环 11 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸烈焰手杖爆炸烈焰手杖 爆炸烈焰塔 2爆炸烈焰塔 42 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸机关手杖爆炸机关手杖 爆炸机关 2爆炸机关 59 酒馆老板出售。
弩车手杖弩车手杖 弩车 2弩车 67 酒馆老板出售。
闪电光环法杖闪电光环法杖 闪电光环 3闪电光环 34 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸烈焰法杖爆炸烈焰法杖 爆炸烈焰塔 3爆炸烈焰塔 88 酒馆老板出售。
爆炸机关法杖爆炸机关法杖 爆炸机关 3爆炸机关 126 酒馆老板出售。
弩车法杖弩车法杖 弩车 3弩车 140 酒馆老板出售。

List of whips[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


盔甲召唤物[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


  • 所有盔甲召唤物在电脑版 电脑版上都是可获得的,而星尘守卫也可以在Console only.png 主机版移动版 移动版上获得。叶状水晶(参见本章节下方)在全部平台上都是可获得的。
  • 每个玩家只能拥有一个盔甲仆从,只要穿着此盔甲即会维持激活状态,可以通过按两下 ▼ 下键来指挥。
  • 它们不计入仆从或哨兵容量中。
  • 另外参见来自叶绿盔甲的叶状水晶;这个不像仆从那样是可控制的,但确实提供了对附近敌怪的持续攻击。
Item Minion Damage Source
禁戒盔甲禁戒盔甲电脑版和主机版 禁戒标记禁戒标记电脑版和主机版 25 Crafted: 3 禁戒碎片 / 46 ( 精金锭 or 钛金锭 )
星尘盔甲星尘盔甲电脑版、主机版、和移动版 星尘守卫星尘守卫电脑版、主机版、和移动版 20 Crafted: 36 夜明锭 / 45 星尘碎片

增强装备[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

基础游戏盔甲[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

外观 / 名称 总仆从加成 头部 胸部 腿部 Total Defense Source
  • +2 minion capacity
  • +23% 仆从伤害




  • 13
Crafted: 30 蜂蜡
  • +2 仆从容量
  • +15% 仆从伤害
  • +远古风暴




  • 26
Crafted: 3 禁戒碎片 / 46 ( 精金锭 or 钛金锭 )
  • +3 仆从容量
  • +28% 仆从伤害




  • 20
Crafted: 36 蜘蛛牙
(with Hood)
  • +3 仆从容量
  • +10% minion damage
  • +7% (all) damage
1 15 11
  • 27
Crafted: 54 神圣锭
  • +4 仆从容量
  • +30% 仆从伤害




  • 35
Sold by Witch Doctor after Plantera has been defeated.
  • +4 仆从容量
  • +58% 仆从伤害




  • 30
Crafted: 750 阴森木
  • +5 仆从容量
  • +66% 仆从伤害
  • +星尘守卫仆从




  • 38
Crafted: 36 夜明锭 / 45 星尘碎片

酒馆老板的盔甲[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

外观 / 名称 仆从加成 头部 胸部 腿部 Total Defense Source




  • 32
Sold by Tavernkeep




  • 46
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • 爆炸机关哨兵可以给敌怪“涂油”:点燃涂油的敌怪以造成额外伤害。
  • +2 哨兵容量
  • +30% 仆从伤害




  • 36
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • 弩车哨兵的射弹能穿透更多目标
  • 当你受到伤害时给予弩车恐慌!增益,3 秒内弩车哨兵的开火速率翻倍。
  • +2 哨兵容量
  • +30% 仆从伤害




  • 56
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • +3 哨兵容量
  • +60% 仆从伤害
  • 大幅提升爆炸烈焰效力




  • 42
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • +3 哨兵容量
  • +60% 仆从伤害
  • 大幅提升闪电光环效力




  • 54
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • +3 哨兵容量
  • +60% 仆从伤害
  • 大幅提升爆炸机关效力




  • 48
Sold by Tavernkeep
  • +3 哨兵容量
  • +60% 仆从伤害
  • 大幅提升弩车效力




  • 64
Sold by Tavernkeep

配饰[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Minion Boost(s) Source
  • +1 仆从容量
Sold by Witch Doctor at night when Pygmy Staff in inventory and Plantera has been defeated.

(As of 电脑版1.4.0.1 Pygmy Staff no longer required to purchase)

  • +15% 仆从伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 2
Sold by Witch Doctor in Jungle when Pygmy Staff in inventory and Plantera has been defeated.

(As of 电脑版1.4.0.1 Pygmy Staff no longer required to purchase)

  • +1 哨兵容量
  • +10% 仆从伤害
  • +1 哨兵容量
  • +10% 仆从伤害
  • +1 哨兵容量
  • +10% 仆从伤害
  • +1 哨兵容量
  • +10% 仆从伤害
  • +1 仆从容量
  • +10% 仆从伤害
Dropped by Mourning Wood.
  • +1 仆从容量
  • +15% 仆从伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 2
Crafted: 1 大力士甲虫 / 1 死灵卷轴
  • +15% 仆从伤害
Dropped by Wall of Flesh.
  • +12%(所有)伤害

(电脑版、主机版、和移动版) 1 战士徽章 or 1 召唤师徽章 or 1 游侠徽章 or 1 巫士徽章 / 5 力量之魂 / 5 视域之魂 / 5 恐惧之魂
(前代主机版3DS版) 1 战士徽章 / 1 游侠徽章 / 1 巫士徽章

  • +10%(所有)伤害
Crafted: 1 复仇者徽章 / 1 石巨人之眼
  • +10%(所有)伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 0.5
  • (bonuses only activate during the day)
Dropped by Golem.
  • +10%(所有)伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 0.5
  • (bonuses only activate during the night or a Solar Eclipse)
Dropped by Vampire.
  • +10%(所有)伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 0.5
Crafted: 1 太阳石 / 1 月亮石
  • +10%(所有)伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 0.5
Crafted: 1 天界石 / 1 月亮贝壳

增益[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

增益 来自 仆从强化
吃得好吃得好 食物
  • +5%(所有)伤害
  • 仆从击退提高 0.5
Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied电脑版 Foods
  • +7.5% (All) damage
  • +0.75 minion knockback
Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed电脑版 Foods
  • +10% (All) damage
  • +1 minion knockback
怒气怒气 怒气药水怒气药水
  • +10%(所有)伤害
可爱猪龙鱼坐骑可爱猪龙鱼坐骑电脑版、主机版、和移动版 虾松露虾松露电脑版、主机版、和移动版
  • +15%(所有)伤害 -(水中 / 低于 50% 生命值)
野性咬噬野性咬噬电脑版、主机版、和移动版 一些蝙蝠蝙蝠猪龙鱼公爵猪龙鱼公爵
  • +20%(所有)伤害
伤害星云伤害星云电脑版、主机版、和移动版 伤害强化焰伤害强化焰电脑版、主机版、和移动版
  • 8秒内 +15%/30%/45%(所有)伤害
召唤(增益)召唤 召唤药水召唤药水
  • +1 仆从容量
着魔着魔电脑版、主机版、和移动版 施法桌施法桌电脑版、主机版、和移动版
  • +1 仆从容量

成就[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Achievement You and What Army.png
你和哪路神仙啊? • “同时控制九个召唤仆从。”

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 尽管所有召唤武器都能获得神话修饰语,但无情通过单独最大限度提升仆从的伤害而成为最有效的修饰语。神话所提供的降低魔力花费,增加速度、暴击率、和击退都不太有用,因为召唤武器只需要使用一次魔力(在一开始召唤时,而非仆从自身攻击时),仆从又不能造成暴击,且它们的击退即使算上了修饰语也依然是微不足道的。史莱姆法杖是个例外,因为四舍五入让它们的伤害加成完全一样。
    • Weapon speed is not very useful for minion or sentry-summoning weapons, as it will only decrease the time it takes to summon something. Minions/sentries won't attack faster with a speed-boosting modifier.
  • 仆从永远不会攻击其他玩家,这使其在 PvP 中毫无用处。如果指定目标(寒霜九头蛇、七彩水晶法杖),或如果造成偶然接触伤害时(乌鸦),一些仆从武器依然可以伤害到其他玩家。
  • All mounts that can attack are classified as summon damage. This includes the following: Painted Horse Mount, Majestic Horse Mount, Dark Horse Mount, Goat Mount, Pirate Ship Mount, Tree Mount, Santank Mount, Slime Mount, Winged Slime Mount, Basilisk Mount, Unicorn Mount, and Scutlix Mount.
  • Only some minions have piercing attacks: Slime, Imp, Twins, the Stardust Dragon, Terraprisma, and all three Ballistas. This may be relevant if a player is using other piercing weapons.
  • 主机版前代主机版3DS版 Once summoned, the minion's attack will not change even if the player adds or removes damage enhancing equipment (or buffs). It is worthwhile to load up all available damage bonuses and buffs (for both minion damage and damage in general) before summoning minions, even if you have no intention of using that equipment in the field. (No longer applies as of 1.4)
  • 对于仆从伤害的目的来说并不需要将复仇者徽章升级为毁灭者徽章,因为仆从无法造成暴击。但是,毁灭者徽章还可以让仆从以外你所使用的所有其他武器受益。当然,如果你两个徽章都有,它们的伤害奖励会叠加。
  • 如果在地牢邪教徒因为另一个攻击而尚未对玩家有敌意,仆从就不会攻击它们。造成接触伤害的仆从依然可能在没有专门瞄准邪教徒的情况下对它们造成偶然的接触伤害,这将导致它们变为敌对状态。
  • 注意当尝试取得“你和哪路神仙啊?”成就时,蜘蛛会被计为完整的仆从,但双子魔眼不会。
  • 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版 As of 1.4, the strategy of summoning minions with accessories that have 'Menacing' prefixes applied and then switching to 'Warding' accessories to efficiently maximize damage and defense no longer works, as minions will now update their damage according to the accessories the player is wearing. This can, however, be useful in some situations.
  • Whips are affected by Melee Speed increases, and can be autoswung with the Titan Glove equipped.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 仆从不会区分由雕像召唤的敌怪和正常生成的敌怪。这导致它们有时会干扰基于敌怪的引擎,因为它们会跑去屠杀任何出现在射程内的雕像召唤的敌怪(星尘之龙特别容易出现这种行为)。
  • 主机版前代主机版3DS版 Summon weapons are the only weapon type that is not regularly available in the first parts of the game. While the first summon weapon, the Slime Staff is technically the earliest obtainable weapon, it is extremely rare, and is likely to go unseen until far later in the game. It can, however, be farmed by the use of a Slime Statue as soon as the Mechanic shows up.
  • 即使并不以召唤师职业来玩,也最好总是带着个仆从来协助解决较弱的或者被削弱的敌怪。游荡在夜间地表、洞穴、丛林等地方时,有个仆从去处理路过的蝙蝠、史莱姆、僵尸之类可以大大改善生活质量。如果你正在试着建造、收集鱼饵、砍树、或在做其他非战斗事宜时,这效果就有点存疑——的确,对于此类计划,可能值得增加第二个仆从来帮助抵御侵扰。
  • Note that minions will attack Slimes even during the day, when the Slimes are nominally "neutral". In areas where King Slime can spawn in place of a regular slime ( surface layer, outer thirds of the map ), the turnover can lead to repeat visits from the King.
  • 所有酒馆老板的哨兵都可以持续重新召唤来自动地刷新其攻击。但是,这比使用其他职业的武器的效率低。
  • 主机版前代主机版3DS版 In an Expert mode world, summoners can usefully wire a Bat Statue to a switch near the base or spawn zone. Spawning a bat and tanking a few hits (to contract the Feral Bite) lets the player summon their minions with an extra 20% damage bonus, but that's best done while safe at home.
  • 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版 The Kaleidoscope whip can prove to be more useful than the Morning Star, as the Kaleidoscope has higher drop rates from a specific boss than the Morning Star, the summon tag damage is higher and it's faster with more critical strike chance, which is better than simply a slightly longer range and more damage. The Morning Star, however, has high knockback and can be useful in events to keep enemies back.

仆从最大化[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

仆从数[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

电脑版、主机版、和移动版 The maximum possible minion capacity is 11. It requires equipping Stardust Armor that also gives you a Stardust Guardian, and the Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, and Pygmy Necklace accessories. It also requires being under the temporary effects of the Summoning Potion and the Bewitching Table.

仆从伤害[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


主机版前代主机版3DS版Damage bonuses only need to be active while actually summoning the minions. This allows summoning some minions at maximum damage, and then unequipping some of the damage bonus for limit increases, to summon more minions at slightly lower damage.

电脑版和移动版Update changes the damage bonus to be calculated concurrently, meaning any damage bonus that is removed while a minion is active will be removed from the minion. Thus, the following loadout is no longer useful as a "setup" procedure, though it remains a powerful summoner build.

仆从召唤法杖上的无情修饰语会先给予 +18% 奖励。


总最大值:+224%(+273%)。加上无情武器的奖励,这会得到大约 +282%(+340%)。

范例[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 一根普通的星尘细胞法杖会召唤每击 60 召唤伤害的星尘细胞。在将此法杖重铸为拥有无情修饰语后,此法杖将召唤出每击有 60 + 18% = 71 召唤伤害的星尘细胞。在穿着以上装备、吃下食物、喝掉怒气药水、骑着可爱猪龙鱼浸入水中、让自己被蝙蝠咬(在专家模式中)、并在多人模式中拾取叠加 3 层伤害强化焰增益,此法杖将会召唤出每击 265 伤害的星尘细胞。
  • 无情星尘龙修正后的伤害为 47。用了召唤药水施法桌后,以上配置最多可允许六个召唤物(188 基础伤害)。加上以上伤害奖励,最终的龙每击平均能造成 609(701)伤害。

流程[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

To achieve "maximum minion power" in single-player, follow the following procedure. (auto-pause will help a lot; comments about extra spiders should be ignored as of 1.4.):

  1. 先确定已将所有要用到的配饰重铸成险恶、所有召唤武器重铸成无情。
  2. 在封闭区域内备好一到两个连接到(交错的)1秒计时器的蝙蝠雕像
    • Expert mode: Set up a water pool next to the Bat generator. Make sure you can trigger the statue(s) from within the pool. Select a Shrimpy Truffle as your mount.
  3. 在热键栏上将想要用的召唤武器安排好。
  4. 佩戴上配饰甲虫莎草纸大力士甲虫召唤师徽章复仇者徽章死灵卷轴。再准备好一个矮人项链,后面要用到。
    • 对于专家模式的{{Expert|第六个配饰},只要从上文列表中取任意一个其他“10%”配饰即可。反正接下来要“锦上添花”的时候还需要将它换成矮人项链。
  5. 盔甲:从星云盔甲开始,并准备好混合套装(星尘头盔暗黑艺术家长袍/英灵殿骑士胸甲红色骑术护腿)。同样将星尘盔甲套装的其他部分也准备好。
  6. 使用药水食物怒气药水召唤药水。使用施法桌
  7. 启动计时器来生成一些蝙蝠
    • 在专家模式中:让蝙蝠咬你直到造成了野性咬噬再继续下一步。
    • 击杀蝙蝠直到达成 3 级伤害强化焰。如果可能,多留一些伤害强化焰在旁边。
  8. Rush:这之后的所有步骤必须在伤害强化焰失效之前完成。如果 8 秒持续时间用完,穿回星云盔甲击杀更多蝙蝠来进行补充。(仆从会有所帮助。)然后再次继续以下操作。
  9. 切换到上述混合盔甲套装
  10. Summon your desired minions. This should result in six minions (or pairs of twins, or Dragon segments, 主机版前代主机版3DS版or 7 spiders and a ¾ slot) at the maximum of +224% (+273%) damage over the Ruthless damage rating.
    • 仆从来源:默认、星尘头盔、Papryus Scarab、死灵卷轴、召唤药水、施法桌。
  11. 主机版前代主机版3DS版 To ice the cake with five more minions at slightly lower damage:
    1. 将复仇者徽章(or in Expert mode, the sixth accessory)替换为矮人项链。这会让伤害降低到 +212%(+263%)。(如果你还有 ¾ 栏位,现在就召唤那只蜘蛛。)召唤另一个仆从。
    2. 穿上星尘护腿,以 +209%(+260%)伤害召唤另外两个仆从。
    3. 穿上星尘板甲,掉到+201%(+252%)伤害。(如果前面最后 3 个仆从是蜘蛛,此时就再召唤一只蜘蛛。)召唤最后两个仆从。
    4. 注意:如果玩家稍后失去了一部分使用中的这一堆额外栏位奖励(移除配饰或盔甲、让增益失效),所消失掉的仆从是随机选定的。每个仆从都会单独保持召唤它时所拥有的伤害加成效果。
    5. Results: If your chosen summons are all Stardust Dragon segments, the "icing the cake" phase will likely reduce the damage bonus for the dragon as a whole,验证 but even so this will yield diminishing returns rather than an actual drop in damage. An 11-segment Dragon will end up doing an average of 893 (1045) damage per hit. If all your minions were spiders, you will have 14 of them, half doing the max of 100 (115), the rest trailing down to 93 (109)

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • All minion summoning items (with the exception of the Terraprisma) and the Tavernkeep's tier three sentry summoning items have the word "Staff" in their names.
    • 酒馆老板的级别 2 的哨兵召唤物品在名字中都有“手杖”。同样的,级别 1 的物品都有“魔杖”。这可用于帮助区分各个哨兵级别。
    • 也就是说,有许多其他魔法武器和工具也叫做“法杖”或“魔杖”。
  • 暴风雨法杖召唤出来的鲨鱼旋风在穿过物块时会变得半透明,类似于猪龙鱼公爵猪龙那样。