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Classic mode icon.png 经典
Expert mode icon.png 专家
Master mode icon.png 大师
AI 类型被动 AI
伤害152226 (spiky balls) [1]
Bound Goblin.png
AI 类型无 AI

The Goblin Tinkerer is an NPC that sells several unique items, as well as providing the Reforge function. He can be acquired after a Goblin Army has been defeated, spawning randomly in open areas in the Cavern layer. He will appear to be bound at first, and like the Mechanic, Wizard, Golfer, Tavernkeep, Angler, and Stylist, talking to him in this state will free him. He will then respawn as long as a vacant House is available.

The Goblin Tinkerer's reforge option allows the player to randomize the Modifier for a weapon or accessory, which can make the item better or worse than it was originally. Reforges cost one-third of the item's current value, which can also be affected by its current modifier. The reforge cost is also affected by the Goblin Tinkerer's 快乐度电脑版和移动版, and can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy Ring.[2]


On the 电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、和移动版 移动版 when threatened by enemies, the Goblin Tinkerer will defend himself by throwing Spiky Balls, which behave like those thrown by the player and deal 15 / 22 / 26 damage at the start of the game, and (on the 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版) as players progress he will gain various stat increases.[1]

The Goblin Tinkerer prefers to be in the Underground layer or with the Mechanic.


出售物品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

注:所有物品的价格都可以通过装备优惠卡贪婪戒指电脑版、主机版、和移动版来降低。在电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版上,价格还会基于 NPC 的快乐度程度而升降。
物品 花费 何时有售

火箭靴火箭靴 5 一直有货。
标尺标尺电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 10 一直有货。
工匠作坊工匠作坊 10 一直有货。
抓钩抓钩 2 一直有货。
工具腰带工具腰带电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 10 一直有货。
尖球尖球 80 一直有货。
任意晶塔任意晶塔电脑版和移动版 10 当在特定生物群落中且足够快乐时。

生活偏好 电脑版和移动版[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


更多信息,参见 NPC 快乐度

名字[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

哥布林工匠 可能使用以下名字中的任何一个:

  • Arback
  • Dalek
  • Darz
  • Durnok
  • Fahd
  • Fjell
  • Gnudar
  • Grodax
  • Knogs
  • Knub
  • Mobart
  • Mrunok
  • Negurk
  • Nort
  • Nuxatk
  • Ragz
  • Sarx
  • Smador
  • Stazen
  • Stezom
  • Tgerd
  • Tkanus
  • Trogem
  • Xanos
  • Xon

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 在哥布林工匠被救出之前,当玩家在洞穴层中移动时受缚哥布林会周期性地在玩家附近生成,而当距离太远时又会消失。因此,没必要花费大量时间去清理地图、搜索每个通道。
  • 使用狩猎药水会让受缚哥布林亮起来,使其更容易找到。
  • 虽然受缚哥布林可以在地下开放区域找到,不过在地牢中寻找受缚 NPC 对玩家而言可能会更容易,因为它是个宽阔且易于通行的地下空间。NPC 也可以在丛林神庙中找到。

话语[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

互动话语[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 机械师在场时:

    • "嗨...<name of Mechanic>在做什么?你有没有...你有没有和她谈过?"


    • "有一次,我试过去拜访<name of Stylist>。她看了我一下 就说“不行。”"


    • “谢谢你解救我,人类。其他哥布林把我捆了起来,然后扔在这里。可以说,我们关系不太好。”


    • "我说他们走的方向不是东边,我们就把我捆起来扔在这里了!"
    • "我无家可归了,那我能扔掉这些尖刺球吗?我的口袋扎得疼。"
    • “想找一个工具大师?我是你要找的人!”
    • "谢谢你的帮助。现在,我不想再这些无缘无故地走来走去了。我相信我们会再见面的。"
    • "你没我想象中的那么高。"


    • "哥布林太容易生气了。事实上,他们能为了一些破布发动战争!"
    • "老实说,大部分哥布林都不是真正的火箭科学家。而有一些是。"
    • "你知不知道为什么大家到哪儿都带着这些尖刺球?因为我不知道。"
    • “我刚刚完成了最新的作品!如果你用力对着它吸气,这个新作品也不会猛烈爆炸。”
    • "哥布林盗贼不太擅长偷东西。没上锁的箱子都不会偷!"


    • “嗨,需要为你那顶帽子配个马达吗?我想我有一个马达和那顶帽子很配。”
    • “唷,我听说你喜欢火箭和跑鞋,所以我在你的跑鞋上加了一些火箭。”(参见下面的花絮
    • "沉默是金。导管胶布是银。"
    • "是的,黄金比铁坚硬。如今的人类都在学些什么知识?"
    • "你知道吧,理论上,潜水帽和脚蹼应该配套使用。"


    • "哥布林的派对和人类的差不多。都有像“把责任推给人类”的游戏,呃...我从不在我的派对上玩这种游戏。"


    • “要知道,这些天国哥布林与我的人完全不同。真是一伙粗暴之徒。这并不是说我的人要优秀很多...”


    • "This weather is the reason why I wear goggles! I can’t have dirt and sand blowing in my eyes."
    • "Now would be a great time to tinker a pinwheel accessory!"

    During Rain 电脑版和移动版:

    • "All this rainfall makes it hard to see. I should tinker my goggles with a pair of windshield wipers."
    • "Humans are a lot taller than goblins. When it floods, we are always in big trouble!"

    During a 雷雨电脑版和移动版:

    • "Most goblins hate thunderstorms. Probably because they carry so many spiky balls."
    • "I'm working on an invention that will harness the energy being released around us!"


    • "I'm working on a Photon Sack. It's an invention to trap all the ghosts lurking around outside!"
    • "The constant moaning and ear-piercing screeching noises are distracting me from my work!"
  • 快乐度话语 电脑版和移动版[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 没有影响快乐度的东西时:

    • "Feelings are currently nominal."


    • "Goblins don’t normally need nice homes, but I’m not like most goblins."


    • "I want to work on my new invention, but my house is way over there!"


    • "Perfect, the lack of annoying neighbors adequately meets my needs."


    • "There appears to be an unlikable amount of humans gathering around me, hm?"
    • "This crowding triggers bad memories of goblin war camp, I really hate it."

    When in the Underground:

    • "Ahh, the Underground is a nice, quiet place to construct more gadgets. Major like-age!"

    When in the Jungle:

    • "I don’t like the Jungle, it is filled with loud, annoying pests that get in the way of my work!"


    • "I hate the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon, I cannot put merge these trinkets into one piece if I’m fighting to keep myself that way!" []

    When near the Mechanic:

    • "[Name of Mechanic] the Mechanic makes my cardiac core function improperly, it appears I love how it feels!"

    When near the Dye Trader:

    • "[Name of Dye Trader] the Dye Trader understands how fun it is to mix things together, I can respect that!"

    When near the Clothier:

    • "I detect eerie vibes from [Name of Clothier] the Clothier, as if they contain dark secrets. I don’t like the feeling."

    When near the Stylist:

    • "I really hate how [Name of Stylist] the Stylist humiliated me, all because male goblins cannot grow real hair!"
  • 花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 他是唯一没有尖耳朵的哥布林。
    • 他的一些话可以证明,哥布林工匠暗恋着机械师,同时,根据她的一些话,她也暗恋着他。
      • This is also proven by his happiness quote, "<Name of Mechanic> Makes my cardiac core function improperly, it appears I love how it feels!"
    • The quote, "唷,我听说你喜欢火箭和跑鞋,所以我在你的跑鞋上加了一些火箭。" is a reference to the Xzibit "Yo Dawg" meme. It is also a reference to how the Tinkerer's Workshop can combine Rocket Boots with running boots (Hermes Boots, Flurry Boots, 沙丘行者靴电脑版和移动版, or 航鱼靴电脑版、主机版、和移动版).
    • 他的名字之一,“Dalek”,参考英国电视剧《神秘博士(Doctor Who)》。Dalek 是一个敌对种族,以其科技先进性而闻名,并想要消灭所有“劣等”生物。
    • 他的名字之一,“Gnudar”,可能参考了《飞出个未来(Futurama)》,在其中一部电影里有一个同名的敌对外星人。
    • The quote "YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?" is a reference to that gold is stronger than iron in Terraria, despite that iron is more durable in real life.
    • Unlike other goblins, the goblin tinkerer doesn’t drop his weapon (spiky balls) if he dies. Ironically, he's also the only goblin to actually use spiky balls as a weapon.
    • The quote, "Goblins are surprisingly easy to anger. In fact, they could start a war over cloth!" is a reference to how you start the Goblin Invasion event.
    • 哥布林工匠的 怪物图鉴怪物图鉴条目:“Exiled from the rest of goblinkind for being an intelligent pacifist, the Tinkerer sells tools for combining accessories into stronger versions.”

    历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 电脑版 1.3.5:修正了哥布林工匠比预期的小了一号的问题。

    参考[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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