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  • 圣诞树的物品外观
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
可放置是 4 格宽 × 8 格高
使用时间14 很快速度
买入25 银币
卖出5 银币

The 圣诞树 is a 装饰 家具 item purchased from 圣诞老人 for 25 银币. The Christmas Tree can be decorated with the Toppers, Garlands, Bulbs and Lights, that alter its appearance.

Decorations[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

主文章:Christmas Decorations

Decorations can be placed on a Christmas Tree. There are 4 types of decoration and each tree may only have one of each type. To remove a decoration, you can either replace the decoration with another of the same type, or take down the whole Christmas tree with a pickaxe to get it and the decorations upon it.

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • In the console version of 泰拉瑞亚, there are additional tree topper items called the Star Topper 4 and the 505 Topper.

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