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See also: 沙漠.
A world view of an underground desert with a Pyramid.
A Corrupted Underground Desert
A Hallowed Underground Desert

The 地下沙漠 is a 生物群落 found directly under a 沙漠 Biome.

The entrance can be found on the surface in the form of a deep funnel shape, opening into the biome at the bottom. The entrance is always within one of the desert biomes created upon world generation. Each world will have only one Underground Desert, despite potentially having multiple 沙漠s.

The Underground Desert is made primarily of tunnels of 沙岩块s. The Underground Desert can also have 地下小屋s made of its biome-specific materials. It is very large when fully explored, rivaling even the dungeon in size. It has either a circular or oval shape.

The Underground Desert is home to several species of 蚁狮, some of which are able to move and even fly. Due to their high life, defense, and damage, it is advised the player avoid this area until equipped with 金盔甲 or better. Additionally, the enemies found here have high knockback resistance, which can prove difficult for players who do not possess strong weapons. Early players will often meet a swift death at the hands of one of the 墓穴爬虫s, which can kill a new player in three hits.

In 困难模式, the Underground Desert becomes significantly more challenging. Along with harder enemies, the Underground Desert is extremely vulnerable to conversion by the 腐化, 猩红, and 神圣 due to the biome being made of Hardened Sand and Sandstone, both of which being susceptible to conversion. Conversion further strengthens the Underground Desert's enemies, and in the 腐化 and 猩红 Underground Deserts, causes the spawn of 沙漠幽魂s.

Removing the Sandstone background wall will essentially remove the biome, same as with the Spider Caves.

内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Note: Additional Desert items can be found in the 地下沙漠 and in 金字塔s.

角色 掉落物
Antlion.png 蚁狮
Antlion Swarmer.png 蚁狮蜂 Desktop only.png
Antlion Charger.png 蚁狮马 Desktop only.png
Tomb Crawler.png 墓穴爬虫 Desktop only.png

During 困难模式:

Basilisk.png 蛇蜥怪 Desktop only.png
Sand Poacher.png 沙贼 Desktop only.png
Lamia.pngLamia2.png 拉弥亚 Desktop only.png
Dune Splicer.png 沙虫 Desktop only.png
Ghoul.png 食尸鬼 Desktop only.png
Vile Ghoul.png
Tainted Ghoul.png
Dreamer Ghoul.png
Desert Spirit.png
沙漠幽魂 Desktop only.png
(Corrupted, Crimson)

From 蚁狮s and 蚁狮蜂s:
Antlion Mandible.png 蚁狮上颚

From 蚁狮马s:

Antlion Mandible.png 蚁狮上颚
Mandible Blade.png 颌骨剑 Desktop only.png

From all 食尸鬼s in Hardmode:

Ancient Cloth.png 远古布匹 Desktop only.png

From 腐恶食尸鬼s in Hardmode:

Cursed Flame.png 诅咒焰
Dark Shard.png 暗黑碎块

From 红染食尸鬼s in Hardmode:

Ichor.png 灵液
Dark Shard.png 暗黑碎块

From 神梦食尸鬼s in Hardmode:

Light Shard.png 光明碎块

From 沙漠幽魂s in Hardmode:

Desert Spirit Lamp.png 沙漠幽魂灯 Desktop only.png
Djinn's Curse.png 神灵诅咒 Desktop only.png
From 拉弥亚s in Hardmode:
Moon Mask.png 月亮面具 Desktop only.png
Sun Mask.png 太阳面具 Desktop only.png
Lamia Mask.png 拉弥亚面具
Lamia Wraps.png 拉弥亚披肩
Lamia Tail.png 拉弥亚蛇尾裤

From 蛇蜥怪s in Hardmode:

Sturdy Fossil.png 坚固头盔 Desktop only.png
Ancient Horn.png 远古号角 Desktop only.png

From the terrain:

Hardened Sand Block.png 硬化沙块 Desktop only.png
Sandstone Block.png 沙岩块 Desktop only.png
Desert Fossil.png 沙漠化石 Desktop only.png
Sand Block.png 沙块
Ebonsand Block.png 黑檀沙块
Hardened Ebonsand Block.png 硬化黑檀沙块
Ebonsandstone Block.png 黑檀沙岩块
Crimsand Block.png 猩红沙块
Hardened Crimsand Block.png 硬化猩红沙块
Crimsandstone Block.png 猩红沙岩块
Pearlsand Block.png 珍珠沙块
Hardened Pearlsand Block.png 硬化珍珠沙块
Pearlsandstone Block.png 珍珠沙岩块

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The enemies are very dangerous early on, so it is advised to have ample 手榴弹s on hand as well as some form of movement-based 配饰 to make it less difficult to deal with them. /铂金 armor is recommended due to the high damage dealt by the 蚁狮蜂s and Chargers.
  • It seems that the underground desert always spawn as a circle or an oval.
  • While artificial Underground Deserts can be created by placing their respective blocks, no unique enemies will ever spawn due to lack of specialized back walls. It shares this trait with the 地牢.
  • It seems that the Underground Desert has more Iron or Lead (Depending on what it spawns in the world) than other metals.

小知识[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • In real life, larval antlions create funnel-like pits in the ground and fling sand at prey that pass by. The entrance to this biome may be based on it.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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