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The 地下腐化之地 is a 困难模式 生物群落. It is the underground version of the 地表-level 腐化, and is initially created at and below the 洞穴 layer once the 血肉墙 is defeated. It operates similarly to surface 困难模式 Corruption, being comprised of 黑檀石 and 黑檀沙, though it spawns different enemies.

Underground Corruption spreads just like surface Corruption, and similarly can not spread through 神圣. Additionally, small pockets of Underground Corruption can be created through the breaking of 恶魔祭坛s, which can convert a single random stone block in the world into 黑檀石 upon their destruction.

Underground Corruption does not suppress the spawn of other 地下 and 洞穴 enemies. All enemies killed in the Underground Corruption have a 1/5 (20%) chance to drop a 暗影之魂. In 专家模式 this chance increases to a 1/3 (33%) chance.

On the 3DS版, the Underground Corruption has the 地下猩红之地 Music.

Note: Most characteristics of surface Corruption also apply to the Underground Corruption. See 腐化之地.

内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

角色 掉落物
Devourer.png 吞噬怪
World Feeder.png 吞世怪
Cursed Hammer.png 诅咒锤
Shadow Hammer.png 暗影锤 Console only.png Mobile only.png
Clinger.png 爬藤怪
Corruptor.png 腐化者
Corrupt Slime.png 腐化史莱姆
Slimer.png 恶翅史莱姆
Corrupt Mimic.png 腐化宝箱怪 Desktop only.png

From killed 腐化史莱姆/Shadow Slime:

Slimeling.png 小史莱姆 (3 spawn at once)
From 腐化史莱姆s, 小史莱姆s:
Blindfold.png 蒙眼布
Gel.png 凝胶

From 诅咒锤s:

Nazar.png 邪眼

From 暗影锤s: Console only.png Mobile only.png

Cobalt Bar.png 钴锭
Mythril Bar.png 秘银锭
Adamantite Bar.png 精金锭

From 吞世怪s and 爬藤怪s

Cursed Flame.png 诅咒焰
From 腐化者s:
Rotten Chunk.png 腐肉
Vitamins.png 维生素

From 吞噬怪s:

Worm Tooth.png 蠕虫毒牙

From 腐化宝箱怪s: Desktop only.png

Dart Rifle.png 飞镖步枪
Worm Hook.png 蠕虫钩
Chain Guillotines.png 铁链血滴子
Clinger Staff.png 爬藤怪法杖
Putrid Scent.png 腐香囊
Greater Healing Potion.png 强效治疗药水
Greater Mana Potion.png 强效魔力药水
From any enemy:
Corruption Key.png 腐化钥匙 (1/2500 chance) Desktop only.png
Corruption Key Mold.png 腐化钥匙模具 (1/2500 chance) Console only.png Mobile only.png
Soul of Night.png 暗影之魂 (1/5 chance)

From vegetation:

Deathweed.png 死亡草

From terrain:

Ebonstone Block.png 黑檀石块
Ebonsand Block.png 黑檀沙块

From 钓鱼:

Ebonkoi.png 黑檀锦鲤
Purple Clubberfish.png 紫挥棒鱼

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Corruption chasms that extend into the underground layer are now classified as the Underground Corruption, complete with music. Unique enemies will not spawn pre-hardmode.
  • 1.2.3: Added biome specific stalactite variations.
  • 1.2: Now has its own music.
  • 1.1: 引入。
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