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  • 埃特尼亚水晶的物品外观
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
买入T1: 2500*25
T2: 10000*1
T3: 40000*4
卖出T1: 500*5
T2: 2000*20
T3: 8000*80
研究需要 3 份
不要与埃特尼亚水晶(NPC) 相混淆。

Eternia Crystals are purchased from the Tavernkeep for 2500*25 (pre-Mechanical Bosses), 10000*1 (post-Mechanical Bosses) or 40000*4 (post-Golem). The Discount Card and Greedy Ring have no effect on its price. Because of the price increase, you may wish to stock up before defeating the mechanical bosses. When used in the Eternia Crystal Stand, the Old One's Army event begins.

Due to the price increasing after Golem/mechanical bosses have been defeated, it is possible to buy Eternia crystals beforehand and sell them after the battles, netting a total profit of 55 silver per crystal.

  • This is not possible on the Switch version; they sell for 500*5 even post-Golem when the full T3 DD2 item selection is unlocked..


一开始的波数比较容易,逐渐变得更加困难,直到最后一波(石巨人前后是第 7 波),在入侵生物之外还有一个 Boss。不过,打败此 Boss 会结束这一波。

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 电脑版名称由“Elder Crystal(上古水晶)”改为“埃特尼亚水晶(Eternia Crystal)”。