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Eternia Crystal (NPC).png
AI 类型埃特尼亚水晶 AI
最大生命值T1: 1000
T2: 3000
T3: 5000
防御T1: 14
T2: 18
T3: 45
Eternia Crystal.png
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The Eternia Crystal NPC is a background object in the Old One's Army event. Right-clicking the Eternia Crystal Stand with an Eternia Crystal in inventory will place the Eternia Crystal on the Eternia Crystal Stand, and spawn the Eternia Crystal NPC. After a 5-second countdown, the Eternia Crystal NPC must be protected from waves of enemies from the Old One's Army who will be seeking to destroy it. If the Crystal is destroyed, the event terminates. If it is kept "alive" until all waves are cleared, the event is defeated.

Both the Eternia Crystal and its Stand are purchased from the Tavernkeep NPC for coins. A long, flat surface is required in order to place the Eternia Crystal successfully and summon the event; otherwise, the Eternia Crystal will reject the area and pop away, returning to the player's inventory.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • "You'll want to place your Eternia Crystal stand in a pretty open, flat area. Lots of walls and stuff might make it pretty difficult to protect!" – Tavernkeep.
  • You need to have a minimum of 61 blocks flat on either side of the Eternia Crystal Stand (as measured from its center).
  • If adequate space hasn't been provided to either side of the Eternia Crystal Stand, the spawn will fail, with the status message: The eternia crystal rejects this area and pops away instantly, the Tavernkeep mentioned it should rest in a large flat open area...
  • Once the Eternia Crystal NPC is spawned, players are inflicted with the Creative Shock debuff for the duration of the Old One's Army event, which prevents the removal or placement of blocks during the entire event. All players within 180 horizontal blocks and approximately 55 vertical blocks of the center of the Eternia Crystal Stand will be affected by this debuff.
  • The Eternia Crystal NPC's life and defense are dependent on the player's tier: pre-any Mechanical Boss, post-any Mechanical Boss, and post-Golem. It should be noted that although the life and defense increase with each tier, so does enemy attack damage, as the enemies become increasingly more difficult with each tier.
  • The Old One's Army event will commence with the status message: The old one's army is approaching!
  • The Old One's Army event will end (if the player is victorious) with the status message: The old one's army has been defeated!
  • Though the Crystal NPC is immune to explosive damage, the Stand and the blocks beneath it can be deconstructed due to the explosion. This will cause the Crystal NPC to fall into the resulting hole.
  • The Eternia Crystal NPC can be damaged by Rotten Eggs, so care should be used if they are utilized around the Crystal NPC as a weapon.

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