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宝匣钓鱼时有机会钓到的摸彩袋类物品,包含着随机的战利品,比如矿石药水配饰和其他物品。此外,生物群落特定的宝匣中还可能包含生物群落特定的战利品。可以用 打开/激活来取出其中的内容物。电脑版、主机版、和移动版 它们也可以被放置。

有些种类的宝匣可以在任何地方钓到,其余的只能在特定生物群落钓鱼时钓到。木匣、铁匣和金匣(电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版的困难模式下则分别对应珍珠木匣、秘银匣和钛金匣)可以在任何地方被钓到,其中木匣和珍珠木匣是最常见的,而金匣和钛金匣是最稀有的。一般来讲,更稀有的宝匣类型意味着更有价值的战利品。电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、和移动版 移动版专有的生物群落宝匣,比金匣更少见并且包含了只能在生物群落宝箱中找到的物品。当在有多个生物群落的地方钓鱼时,只会钓到一种生物群落宝匣;举例来说,当漂浮岛被腐化并转变为腐化之地时,天空匣就无法再被钓到。参见钓鱼以获得更详细的生物群落优先级的细节。

平均来讲,每 1~10 个渔获中就有一个宝匣;喝了宝匣药水的话,这个几率会翻倍到 1/5。玩家获得的宝匣的种类取决与他们的渔力,更高的渔力增加了获得更稀有的宝匣的可能性。举例来说,以 100 渔力在有至少 300 格有效水体的腐化之地的湖中钓鱼时,获得各种宝匣的几率如下:金匣:1/150 (0.67%)、腐化匣:7/750 (0.93%)、铁匣:7/250 (2.8%)、木匣:7/125 (5.6%)。宝匣药水会让几率翻倍。[1]

种类[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Pre-Hardmode Type Hardmode Type 电脑版和移动版 卖出 稀有度 生物群落 Catch Quality 宝箱
内部物品 ID:2334
内部物品 ID:3979
10 01*稀有度级别:1 任意 丰富 地表、地下
内部物品 ID:2335
内部物品 ID:3980
50 02*稀有度级别:2 任意 不常见
内部物品 ID:2336
内部物品 ID:3981
2 03*稀有度级别:3 任意 Very Rare
Extremely Rare
内部物品 ID:3208
内部物品 ID:3987
1 02*稀有度级别:2 丛林 罕见 常春藤箱
内部物品 ID:3206
内部物品 ID:3985
1 02*稀有度级别:2 天空 罕见 天域箱
内部物品 ID:3203
内部物品 ID:3982
1 02*稀有度级别:2 腐化之地 罕见 暗影珠
内部物品 ID:3204
内部物品 ID:3983
1 02*稀有度级别:2 猩红之地 罕见 猩红之心
内部物品 ID:3207
内部物品 ID:3986
1 02*稀有度级别:2 神圣之地 罕见
内部物品 ID:3205
内部物品 ID:3984
1 02*稀有度级别:2 地牢 罕见 Locked Golden Chest
内部物品 ID:4405
内部物品 ID:4406
1 02*稀有度级别:2 Snow/ Ice 罕见 Frozen Chest
内部物品 ID:4407
内部物品 ID:4408
1 02*稀有度级别:2 沙漠 罕见 Sandstone Chest
内部物品 ID:4877
内部物品 ID:4878
1 02*稀有度级别:2 任意(捕获于熔岩熔岩 Plentiful [c 1] Shadow Chest
内部物品 ID:5002
内部物品 ID:5003
1 02*稀有度级别:2 海洋 罕见 Water Chest
  1. 黑曜石匣电脑版和移动版 and 狱石匣电脑版和移动版 are technically a Plentiful catch, but occur only 1 in 5 successful crate catches. This makes the lava crates technically 5x rarer than other crates, but because there are no lava catches in the Plentiful, Common, or Uncommon quality slots, lava crates are not actually much more rare than (and, depending on the player's Fishing Power, they could be much more common than) other crates in their respective environments.

Mutually Exclusive Items[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Like all chests, crates use the concept of mutually exclusive items. This means that a single crate will never contain, for example, both an Enchanted Sundial and an Anchor, or an Aglet and a Radar. However, while some calculations made by the game are as simple as making a roll on whether or not to choose a set of items, and then choosing one item in that set, other items work a bit differently. Using a Wooden Crate in pre-Hardmode as an example, the Sailfish Boots are rolled first, and if it is selected, then nothing else in that box on the table will be selected. If it isn't selected, then the game moves on to the Tsunami in a Bottle, and if it isn't selected, then it finally rolls for the Extractinator. Therefore, the chance of getting the Extractinator adds up to be the chance written in the code, multiplied by the chance of NOT getting the other two items (39/40 × 39/40 × 1/50), which drops the chance from 1/50 to about 1/53. Because of this, many of the fractional chances aren't perfectly accurate, as 1/53 is a much easier number to read than 1521/80000, and being perfectly accurate is the purpose of the percentages, not the fractions. There is also a third set of mutual exclusivity, which was introduced in As of this update, ores and bars are mutually exclusive in the 6 non biome-exclusive Crates. The game now makes a roll on whether to drop an ore, and if that isn't the case, then it makes the check on whether to drop a bar. Using Wooden Crates as an example again, this means that the chance of getting a bar is multiplied by the chance of NOT getting an ore (1/8 × 6/7), and so the chance of getting a bar in practice is roughly 1/9. On this wiki, items in both crates and chests that are mutually exclusive with each other are displayed inside the same box.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Xbox 360Xbox OneXbox上,按照宝匣的提示信息所说,用Left Trigger打开宝匣(而非等价于电脑版 电脑版的右键点击的360 B.png 按钮)。
  • 有一些独有物品在宝匣中出现:
  • For pre-Hardmode metals, and separately for Hardmode metals, all metals possible to a given crate type will appear with equal chances and numbers. This applies to both ore and bar forms.
    • This also applies to the alternate metals in each pair, regardless of which ore generated in the world. For instance, a Wooden Crate can yield Copper Ore, even if the world is generated with Tin instead of Copper.
    • 在困难模式中,这同样适用于困难模式金属,无论是否已经破坏了祭坛来在世界中放置矿石。
    • The tiers of the metals provided rise with the crate tier: Wooden and Iron crates omit the top tiers, biome crates omit Copper and Tin Bars (but not ores), Golden and Titanium omit the bottom tiers.
    • Crates do not contain "advanced" metals such as Meteorite or Chlorophyte.
  • Crates always contain at least one item, as empty crates are re-rolled. The Golden Crate, for instance, has a 2.44% chance of requiring a reroll.
  • There is a pre-Hardmode version of the Divine Crate even though the Hallow is a Hardmode biome. The Hallowed Crate doesn't drop any unique items when compared to every other Biome Crate, so its only practical uses are for decoration and to satisfy completionists.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • On the 主机版 主机版、 前代主机版前代主机版、和3DS版 3DS, it can be beneficial to fish for crates during pre-Hardmode, save them for later, and then open them up in Hardmode, in order to get Hardmode ores without breaking any Altars. This has the added benefit of not spawning random Ebonstone/Crimstone or Pearlstone in the world, which can be a side effect of breaking Altars.
  • Crates can also supply a few other Hardmode items:
  • 渔力越高,得到宝匣的几率就越大。有关如何提高渔力的信息与推荐,请参阅渔力钓鱼 § 小贴士
  • The chance to catch a Iron or Wooden Crate increases if the player is not in a biome where a biome chest can be caught (i.e., not Corruption/Crimson, Hallow, Dungeon, or Jungle, and below sky level – an example could be the pure caverns). With a Fishing Power of 100 and a lake of at least 300 valid water tiles, Iron Crates are then caught with a chance of 7/225 (3.1%; instead of 7/250 or 2.8%) and Wooden Crates with a chance of 14/225 (6.2%; instead of 7/125 or 5.6%).[1]
  • For a deep look at the sale value of crate contents, see here.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 电脑版
    • New biome crates introduced: Ocean, Desert, Snow, and Underworld Crates.
    • All fishing crates now come in pre-Wall of Flesh and post-Wall of Flesh variants. Pre-Wall of Flesh variants do not contain Hardmode Ores.
    • Wood, Iron, and Gold Crates now drop better quality ore depending on which level of crate it is.
    • Many drop chances and amounts adjusted.
  • 电脑版
    • 引入新的生物群落宝匣:丛林匣、天空匣、腐化匣、猩红匣、神圣匣、以及地牢匣。
    • 现在可放置。
  • 主机版 1.0.750.0:(PS4
    • 引入新的生物群落宝匣:丛林匣、天空匣、腐化匣、猩红匣、神圣匣、以及地牢匣。
    • 现在可放置。
  • 移动版
    • 引入新的生物群落宝匣:丛林匣、天空匣、腐化匣、猩红匣、神圣匣、以及地牢匣。
    • 现在可放置。

参考[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  1. 1.0 1.1 信息来自电脑版 电脑版 源代码,function FishingCheck_RollItemDrop() in Terraria.Projectile.cs; assuming actual FP is 100, not displayed FP, which is different on 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版这可能已经不准确,因为电脑版 电脑版的当前版本已经是。