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房屋框架[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


  • 房屋的侧壁(垂直墙壁)可以由任意方块平台大门构成。
  • 房屋的地板和天花板(水平墙壁)可以由任意方块、天窗平台构成。
  • NPC需要至少一个实体方块(不能是平台)站在上面来度过夜晚,而且这个实体方块不能与侧壁直接相邻。

入口[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


尺寸[编辑 | 编辑源代码]




不包含侧壁、地板和天花板 包含侧壁、地板和天花板
宽度3格x高度10格 宽度5格x高度12格
宽度4格x高度8格 宽度6格x高度10格
宽度5格x高度7格 宽度7格x高度9格
宽度6格x高度6格 宽度8格x高度8格
宽度7格x高度5格 宽度9格x高度7格
宽度8格x高度4格 宽度10格x高度6格
宽度10格x高度3格 宽度12格x高度5格

背景墙[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


一个合格的房屋必须要有 背景墙 。任何由玩家拾取或制造出的墙均可称之为合格的背景墙。然而蓝色板墙却是个例外(由 地牢处获得)。

  • 那些由地图自动生成,且用锤子敲击之后就会消失掉而无法被拾起的“伪”墙面并不能算作背景墙。(比如初期地表下就会看到的“伪”淤泥墙。)
  • 背景墙可以有缝隙。只要这个缝隙小于4*4的大小就行。
    • 当背景墙有缝隙时,将有可能导致怪物生成在房间内部。所以若想在保留“窗户”的同时考虑安全因素,还请使用玻璃墙

家具[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

一个房屋必须拥有至少一个光源, 桌子, 以及椅子. 以下列出的物品均可满足该条件。

  • 并不是所有会发光的物品都可以称之为光源。仅以下列表中之发光物为合格的光源。
  • 同一类别中的任意物品均可满足房屋条件。例如任何颜色的火把,或任意主题的椅子
  • 请注意火把 摆放在家具上时并不满足房屋条件。
Light Source
Torch.png 火把 Torch
Tiki Torch.png 提基火把 Tiki Torch
Candle.png 蜡烛 Candle
Skull Lantern.png 骷髅头灯笼 Skull Lantern
Candelabra.png 烛台 Candelabra
Dynasty Lamp.png 王朝灯 Lamp
Mushroom Lantern.png 蘑菇灯笼 Lantern
Chandelier.png 吊灯 Chandelier
Fireplace.png 壁炉 Fireplace
Chinese Lantern.png 中式灯笼 Chinese Lantern
Jack 'O Lantern.png 杰克南瓜灯 Jack 'O Lantern
Blue Light.png 蓝灯 Christmas lights
Heart Lantern.png 红心灯笼 Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png Heart Lantern
Star in a Bottle.png 星星瓶 Star in a Bottle
Flat Surface Items
Table.png 桌子 Table
Dresser.png 梳妆台 Dresser
Work Bench.png 工作台 Work Bench
Bathtub.png 浴缸 Bathtub
Bookcase.png 书架 Bookcase
Piano.png 钢琴 Piano
Alchemy Table.png 炼药桌 Alchemy Table
Bewitching Table.png 施法桌 Bewitching Table
Comfort Items
Chair.png 椅子 Chair
Throne.png 王座 Throne
Bench.png 长椅 Bench
Bed.png Bed
Sofa.png 沙发 Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png Sofa

选址[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

当一个房间靠近 腐化或者猩红生态时,将不再适宜居住,从而不满足合格房屋的条件。当腐化或猩红生态蔓延到现有房间时,该房间NPC将搬出房间并在附近走动,直到你为他安排新的合格房屋为止。

A House is considered corrupted based on its "Corruption rating," which calculates all tiles in a 45-block "radius" around the house; a house's Corruption rating must be 250 or less. This is about half the blocks in the radius.

  • Each tile of Ebonstone, Ebonsand, and Corrupted vines/plants increases a House's Corruption rating by 1
  • Each tile of Hallowed grass, Pearlsand, and Hallowed vines/plants reduces the rating by 1.
  • Each Sunflower reduces a House's Corruption Rating by 5.

Simplest valid option[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Simplest and smallest valid house.

Materials required:

Summary raw materials:

  • 33 Dirt Block
  • 19 Wood (if using door) or 14 Wood (if using a single wood platform)
  • 1 Gel

This works, but if you don't want house to be occupied by vines, replace dirt with wood, stone, or mud. While this is the simplest option, it's susceptible to Corruption or Crimson.

Notes[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Houses may be attached together and share common walls, floors, ceilings, and doors.
  • If a House with an assigned NPC is destroyed or any of its requirements are invalidated, the NPC will wander the area until a valid House becomes available again. If killed, the NPC will respawn once a valid house is restored.
  • An NPC will not spawn within its House if that House is on the visible screen at the time, and may walk around the area outside instead. Quitting and restarting in single-player mode will place the NPC in its house. At night, NPCs will be automatically placed inside their Houses if the player travels several screens away, or if the player uses a Magic Mirror or Teleporter.
  • In single-player, a total of 19 NPCs (20 during the Christmas season) will eventually become available to a player in an ordinary biome who fully advances through the game. It may be worth building a structure containing 19 rooms (or 20 if during the Christmas season) that meet the House requirements when planning a headquarters. The Truffle is an additional 20th NPC (or 21st, if during the Christmas season), but must be in a surface mushroom biome, and will likely need to be housed separately from the player's main structure.
  • The side, top, and bottom of the world do NOT count as walls.
  • If a stone wall has been converted into Pearlstone Wall, the House will become invalid.
  • If building a house at a world's original spawn point, it is best to not place any foreground objects or blocks where characters appear. This will remove the object(s) and place them in the new player's inventory.
  • You can replace doors with platforms of any kind if you have 3 where a door should be. Good if you have large rooms or hallways that you want to have NPCs in, or if you hate the sound of NPCs opening and closing doors constantly.

Tips[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Placing a light source in a Living Tree room or Floating Island structure will cause it to become suitable housing, unless you have removed its furniture.
  • If you wish to prevent NPCs from wandering around, place a torch on the ground on each side of the door (it does not necessarily have to be on the ground since 1.2). It will not only count as a light source but also prevent the NPC from leaving. Keep in mind this will also complicate opening the door for the player, as you will need to face away from the door to open it or right-click the torch and re-place it when you want to enter. Wooden Beams and Platforms can work just as well.
  • You can also use the Green, Brown, Blue, Grey and Lihzahrd pressure plate to prevent the NPC from leaving the house, because those pressure plates activate only when players step on them.

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Living Leaf Walls can now be used as a background for houses.
  • Opening doors will once again cause a room to be unsuitable, but only if two doors are opened into the same room. (Depends on size of room)
  • 1.2: Fixed a bug that would cause a suitable house to be unsuitable.
  • 1.1: There is now a built in interface for checking if a house is valid for being moved into and designation the specific house for the specific NPC.
  • 1.0.6: Requirements modified; may now use a bed, toilet, throne or bench instead of a chair, and may use a dresser, bathtub or bookcase instead of a table or workbench.