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Classic mode icon.png 经典
Expert mode icon.png 专家
Master mode icon.png 大师
AI 类型被动 AI
伤害111619 (combat wrench) [1]
Bound Mechanic.png
AI 类型无 AI

The Mechanic is an NPC who sells various mechanisms, as well as Wire Cutters and Wrenches, allowing the player to construct and activate wired devices like traps and critter engines. She can be found in the Dungeon after killing Skeletron, where she spawns randomly as the stationary Bound Mechanic, similar to the Goblin Tinkerer, Stylist, Tavernkeep, and Wizard. Talking to her will free her, after which she will respawn as long as a vacant house is available, even if killed.

On the 电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、和移动版 移动版, the Mechanic will attack nearby enemies by throwing her Combat Wrench like a boomerang to defend herself, dealing 11 / 16 / 19 damage at the start of the game, and (on the 电脑版 电脑版) as players progress she will gain various stat increases.[1] Also on 电脑版 电脑版, she may also drop this weapon upon death.


出售物品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

注:所有物品的价格都可以通过装备优惠卡贪婪戒指电脑版、主机版、和移动版来降低。在电脑版 电脑版上,价格还会基于 NPC 的快乐度程度而升降。
物品 花费 何时有售

红扳手红扳手 2 一直有货。
蓝扳手蓝扳手 2 一直有货。
绿扳手绿扳手 2 一直有货。
黄扳手黄扳手电脑版和主机版 2 一直有货。
钢丝钳钢丝钳 2 一直有货。
电线电线 5 一直有货。
控制杆控制杆 30 一直有货。
开关开关 20 一直有货。
红压力板红压力板 50 一直有货。
绿压力板绿压力板 50 一直有货。
灰压力板灰压力板 50 一直有货。
棕压力板棕压力板 50 一直有货。
蓝压力板蓝压力板 50 一直有货。
黄压力板黄压力板 50 一直有货。
Orange Pressure PlateOrange Pressure Plate电脑版 50 一直有货。
青绿压力垫板青绿压力垫板电脑版和主机版 2 一直有货。
增速轨道增速轨道 50 一直有货。
制动器制动器 10 一直有货。
分线盒分线盒电脑版和主机版 2 一直有货。
机械标尺机械标尺电脑版、主机版、和移动版 1 一直有货。
机械晶状体机械晶状体电脑版和主机版 1 一直有货。
工程头盔工程头盔电脑版和主机版 1 一直有货。
彩线灯泡彩线灯泡电脑版和主机版 5 一直有货。
机械师钓竿机械师钓竿 20 During Waning Crescent, when the Angler is present, in Hardmode.
1秒计时器1秒计时器 1 Always available. 3DS版
3秒计时器3秒计时器 1 Always available. 3DS版
5秒计时器5秒计时器 50 Always available. 3DS版
1/2秒计时器1/2秒计时器电脑版 2 一直有货。
1/4秒计时器1/4秒计时器电脑版 2 一直有货。
任意晶塔任意晶塔电脑版 10 当在特定生物群落中且足够快乐时。

生活偏好 电脑版[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


更多信息,参见 NPC 快乐度

名字[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

机械师 可能使用以下名字中的任何一个:

  • Amy
  • Autumn
  • Brooke
  • Dawn
  • Ella
  • Ellen
  • Ginger
  • Jenny
  • Kayla
  • Korrie
  • Lauren
  • Marshanna
  • Meredith
  • Nancy
  • Sally
  • Selah
  • Selene
  • Shayna
  • Sheena
  • Shirlena
  • Sophia
  • Susana
  • Terra
  • Trisha

话语[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

互动话语[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • “一定要多买些电线!”
    • “你确定你的设备插好电源了?”(可能是指《IT狂人(The IT Crowd)》,也可能引用了很多 IT 人碰到“故障”设备时常说的话。)
    • “哦,你知道这个房屋需要什么?需要更多的闪光灯。”


    • "嗨,<Name of Player>,你是不是刚刚从<Name of Goblin Tinkerer>家过来?他有没有提到过我?


    • “<军火商的名字>一直在说怎么按我的压力板。我告诉他,这是用脚踩的。”


    • “<酒馆老板的名字>给了我一杯根汁饮料,我告诉他将饮料倒在方形的杯子里拿给我。”(参考了一个数学笑话;数学上根(root)和平方(square)是互相抵消的,因此根汁饮料(Root Beer)倒进方形(square)的杯子就只剩下啤酒(Beer)。)


    • “谢谢!迟早有一天,我的结局也会和这里的其他骷髅一样。”


    • “嗨,当心脚下!我刚刚走过!”
    • “等一下,我在这下面快要接收到wifi了。”
    • “但我快要把闪光灯放到上面了!”
    • “别动。我的隐形眼镜掉了。”(这里的“隐形眼镜”英文是“contact”,这是个双关语,既可以指让电流通过的装置(contact 有“触点”之意),也可以指隐形眼镜(contact lens))


    • “我要做的就是找个开关...干嘛?!”
    • “哦,让我猜猜。买的电线不够。白痴。”
    • “你能不能...求你了?好吗?好吧。唉。”(可能参考了《老爸老妈的浪漫史(How I Met Your Mother)》
    • “我不喜欢你这样看着我。我在工作呢。”


    • “你觉得会有人介意我把蛋糕上的蜡烛换成灯泡吗?”


    • "My wires are getting tangled in this cyclone. Watch where you step!"
    • "Oh no! There are pockets of low pressure rolling in, I must secure the power grid."


    • "Oh Fudge! Shorted out another outlet! I hate this weather."
    • "If it doesn't stop raining, my wrench is going to get all rusty!"

    During a 雷雨电脑版:

    • "Great! There goes another pump. When will the lightning stop frying my equipment?!"
    • "Don't go outside right now while holding any of my products, you'll attract an unwanted dose of electrical power!"


    • "I should light up this dark and scary place to keep the monsters away."
    • "I'd run some wire here, but the spooky dead things are in the way!"
  • 快乐度话语 电脑版[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 无家可归时:

    • "I need some sort of structure to run these wires through."


    • "Oh, it seems I’m out of signal range! Hmm."


    • "Perfect, no one is in the way for building infrastructure."


    • "The flickering lights are bothering me. Is there a load on the grid?"
    • "I’m going to need a way bigger power source for THIS MANY people, I hate it!"

    When in the Snow biome:

    • "I like the Snow, machines don't overheat here, and the energy flow is efficient."

    When in the Underground:

    • "I don't like the Underground, it reminds me of a traumatic experience!"


    • "I feel extremely uncomfortable in the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon, as if creeping eyes are always watching me."

    When near the Goblin Tinkerer:

    • "Umm... [Name of Goblin Tinkerer] the Goblin Tinkerer makes my heart flutter, I need to get that checked!"

    When near the Cyborg:

    • "I feel like I understand <Name of Cyborg> better than anyone else."

    When near the Arms Dealer:

    • "I really don't like that [Name of Arms Dealer] the Arms Dealer won't leave me alone!"

    When near the Clothier:

    • "I hate how [Name of Clothier] the Clothier doesn't know how to treat a woman!" (Reference to the Clothier leaving her in the Dungeon)

    When neutral:

    • "Everything’s working correctly - oh, me? Yeah I’m fine!"
  • 备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 虽然地牢的最上面一部分可以在打败骷髅王之前就进入,但机械师只会出现在零深度以下,因此,要碰到她总是需要先打败骷髅王,因为在零深度以下生成的地牢守卫会覆盖所有地牢生成物。

    花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    Mechanic (Party).png
    The Mechanic during a Party
    • There appears to be conflict between the Mechanic and Nurse during a Blood Moon. During this time, the Merchant has a chance of saying, "哦,太好了。我在这儿就能听到<name of Mechanic>和<name of Nurse>的争吵声。"
    • 机械师暗恋着哥布林工匠,正如她的话语所指。同时,根据哥布林工匠的一些话语判断,他也同样暗恋着她。
      • This is also proven by her happiness quote, "Umm... <Name of Goblin Tinkerer> the Goblin Tinkerer makes my heart flutter, I need to get that checked!"
    • 罕见情况下,护士和机械师可能拥有相同的名字,Kayla 或 Amy。这可能导致商人在血月时说:“哦,太好了。我在这儿就能听到Kayla/Amy和Kayla/Amy的争吵声。”
    • 那句话:“<军火商的名字>一直在说怎么按我的压力板。我告诉他,这是用脚踩的。”可能含糊的涉及到性。军火商显然是在用暗讽挑逗机械师,但是她并没明白这个委婉的说法,而是按字面去解读他的话。
      • 这可能是护士和机械师发生冲突的原因,因为护士暗恋军火商。
    • During a party, when the Mechanic dons a party hat, her hairstyle is different: she wears it down instead of up in a bun. This makes sense as wearing a party hat while having hair in a bun would be cumbersome.
    • 她那自卫时像投掷回旋镖一样投掷她的扳手的能力可能参考了游戏《Ratchet & Clank》中的 Ratchet,他能做出相同的动作。
    • 她的一些名字,“Autumn”、“Dawn”和“Ginger”都指的是橙色,也就是指她的红头发。
    • 官方泰拉瑞亚传说 – 根据官方游戏传说,the Mechanic was being forced to rebuild Cthulhu piece by piece by the Cultists. This is most likely the origin of the mechanical bosses.
    • The Mechanic hates the Clothier, most likely because he was the one who tied her up and left her in the Dungeon, as referenced by one of his quotes.
      • Although she and the Clothier have a mutual hatred for each other, they do not appear to know why, as she only vaguely mentions that he "doesn't know how to treat a woman", while the Clothier cannot remember leaving her in the Dungeon, possibly due to curse being lifted.
      • Her dislike of the Underground due to "a traumatic experience" likely refers to this incident as well.
    • 机械师的 怪物图鉴怪物图鉴条目:“The Mechanic was imprisoned for her aptitude in engineering. She sells wiring and tools for putting together anything imaginable.”

    历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    参考[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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