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  • 杀怪计数器的物品外观
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工具提示Displays how many monsters have been killed
卖出1 金币
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杀怪计数器 是一種 信息 配饰,主要顯示這個世界到目前為止怪物被殺掉的數量。 杀怪计数器生命体分析机 以及 雷达可以合成 R.E.K.3000。 另外和其他材料可以用來製作 手机. When equipped or left in one's 物品栏, the Tally Counter will first display "Kill count unavailable" underneath the map/health area. After an enemy has been attacked, the text will display how many times that enemy has ever been killed by players in that world. The kill count will only display the last enemy struck by you or your minions. It will count deaths from world creation rather than from when it was equipped. It can be very useful when trying to acquire a specific monster banner, which drop in increments of 50.

It has a 1/100 (1%) chance of being dropped from 愤怒骷髅怪, 诅咒骷髅头s, and 暗黑法师s, all of which are found in the 地牢.

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  • 每一个敌人的死亡计数甚至在获得计数计数器之前就被记录下来了。
  • This device works based on the world's kill count of each enemy, not the individual character's. This can be observed when travelling to a different world, as well as during multiplayer, each kill counts towards the total.
  • Enemies without a respective 旗帜, such as Bosses, do not have a kill count, and the Tally Counter will instead display that no kill count is available.
  • Certain 困难模式 versions of pre-Hardmode enemies do not have a kill count, and will instead share the kill count and banner of their pre-Hardmode counterpart.

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