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Death occurs when a player's health reaches zero. A death message is displayed dependent on how the player died. For example, "<Player name>试图在熔岩中游泳。" is one that is displayed if the player died from lava damage.

When a player dies, a Tombstone is dropped at the location of their death. When it finds a suitable space, it will become a 2×2 tile. It stores text, much in the way the Sign functions, with the player's death message and 电脑版和移动版 the real-world date. Being affected by physics, a Tombstone will fall after the player's death if they were moving at the time. If there is no flat 2-block space for a Tombstone, it will get stuck before it despawns.

电脑版、主机版、和移动版 If the player holds more than 10 when they die, the spawned Tombstone will be one of the five following golden Tombstones: Golden Tombstone.png Golden Headstone.png Golden Gravestone.png Golden Grave Marker.png Golden Cross Grave Marker.png

Upon death, a large red text saying "你被杀死了..." will be displayed on the center of the screen. 电脑版、主机版、和移动版 The amount of dropped coins will be shown underneath, 电脑版和移动版 and a timer will display showing how long until the player respawns.

死因[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


难度间差异[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

软核角色会掉落带着的物品栏槽中每叠钱币的一半、3/4全部(向上取整)。[1] 存放在收纳物品中的钱币不受影响。



Death messages[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


    • "<Player name>被杀死了."
    • "<Player name>被取出内脏."
    • "<Player name>被谋杀了."
    • "<Player name>的脸被撕烂了."
    • "<Player name>的内脏被扯掉了."
    • "<Player name>被毁了."
    • "<Player name>的头骨被压碎了."
    • "<Player name>被屠杀了."
    • "<Player name>被刺穿了."
    • "<Player name>被撕成两半了."
    • "<Player name>被斩首了."
    • "<Player name>的胳膊断了."
    • "<Player name>看着自己的内脏变成了“外脏”."
    • "<Player name>被野蛮地解剖了."
    • "<Player name>被截肢了."
    • "<Player name>的身体血肉模糊了."
    • "<Player name>的重要器官毁了."
    • "<Player name>变成了一滩肉."
    • "<Player name>被踢出了<world name>."
    • "<Player name>被折成两半了."
    • "<Player name>的腰被斩断了."
    • "<Player name>被千刀万剐了."
    • "<Player name>求死的愿望实现了."
    • "<Player name>被削肉去骨了."
    • "<Player name>的鞭刑终于停止了."
    • "<Player name>的脑袋搬家了."
    • "<Player name> lost his/her head." (主机版)
PvP swords crossed.png



  • "<Player name 1>的脸被撕烂了,凶手是<player name 2>的Ball O' Hurt。"
Demon Eye.png

敌怪死亡讯息运作方式和 PvP 死亡讯息类似。


  • "<Player name>被踢出了<world name>,凶手是Hellbat。"
  • "<Player name>的内脏被扯掉了,凶手是Phantasmal Deathray。"
Featherfall Potion.png

  • "<Player name>摔死了。"
  • "<Player name>没有反弹。"
  • "<Player name> fell victim of gravity." (主机版)
  • "<Player name> faceplanted the ground." (主机版)
  • "<Player name> left a small crater." (主机版)

  • "<Player name>忘了呼吸。"
  • "<Player name>与鱼同眠。"
  • "<Player name>溺死了。"
  • "<Player name>成了鲨鱼的食物。"
Lava Bucket.png

  • "<Player name>被熔化了。"
  • "<Player name>被烧成了灰。"
  • "<Player name>试图在熔岩中游泳。"
  • "<Player name>喜欢在岩浆中玩耍。"
On Fire!.png

  • "<Player name>无法把火扑灭。"
  • "<Player name>无法找到解药。"


  • "<Player name>无法呼吸。"


  • "<Player name>无法控制瓦数。"

恍惚恍惚(fall damage)电脑版、主机版、和移动版

  • "<Player name>碎成渣了。"
  • "<Player name>再也不能复原了。"
  • "<Player name>需要被清走了。"
  • "<Player name>变成了另一个土堆。"

混乱状态混乱状态(using the Rod of Discord)

  • "<Player name>未能成形"
  • "<Player name>的腿长到他的脑袋那儿了。" (male character)
  • "<Player name>的腿长到她的脑袋那儿了。" (female character)


  • "<Player name>被舔了。"


  • "<Player name>"


  • "<Player name>试图逃跑。"


  • "<Player name>被杀死了..."


  • "<Player name>被刺伤了。"

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 如果玩家死于远程攻击,死亡讯息中不会包含发射此射弹的实体的名称,而是使用射弹名字,比如“<玩家名字>被杀死了,凶手是希腊烈火。”
  • There is a 15-second delay between death and respawn, which is doubled in duration during 专家模式电脑版、主机版、和移动版 and 大师模式电脑版和移动版 boss fights.
  • PvP 死亡会使玩家重生时生命值全满。这也应用于用诸如爆炸物之类的物品自己造成的死亡。
  • Because the number of dropped coins in Softcore is computed for each inventory slot, it may not be equal to 50% / 75% of the added total number of coins. For example, carrying a total of 40 as 1 in each inventory slot will always result in 40 being dropped (as 50% / 75% of 1 rounded up is 1), instead of 20 / 30.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 墓石机制在定位死亡后掉落的物品/钱币时会很有用,因为墓石通常落在玩家死亡之处附近。
    • 电脑版、主机版、和移动版 On the minimap, a Map Death.png cross symbol will display where the player died most recently, allowing the player to quickly find the location again.
  • 多人模式 Boss 战期间,最后一个活着的玩家应当防守以等到其他玩家重生后重返战斗。如果所有玩家都距离太远,Boss可能会消失。
  • 3DS版 If the Worm Pet is active at death, it will say "Bye bye!", and will drop a Strange Looking Tombstone.

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 死亡后出现的“你被杀死了...”文字在游戏的  前代主机版前代主机版3DS版 3DS中不会出现。
    • 主机版 主机版上,“你被杀死了...”讯息在不透明的文本背后还会有一个褪色且半透明的版本在以一种吓人的方式闪烁着。
  • 一些来自 1.3电脑版、主机版、和移动版 的实体的死亡讯息没有明确提及原因。
  • 死于恍惚电脑版、主机版、和移动版减益时的死亡讯息之一,“<玩家名字>再也不能复原了。(<Player name> can't be put back together again.)”引用了童谣“Humpty Dumpty(矮胖子)”,其中有一句是:All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.(国王呀,齐兵马,破镜难圆没办法。)(据维基百科相应页面
  • 当玩家锤力不足的情况下试图摧毁恶魔祭坛或猩红祭坛而死亡时,曾经显示的是玩家被圣骑士护盾所杀死的死亡讯息。
  • The death message "<Player name>试图在熔岩中游泳。" may be a reference to a death message in the sandbox video game Minecraft, which says the same thing when the player dies in lava.
  • Most death messages obtained in PvE circumstances are grammatically incorrect - there is no preceding "a" before the name of the killing monster or object, and the killer's name is always capitalized.

另见[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 电脑版 a message typo: "<Player name>'s plead for death was answered" to "<Player name>'s plea for death was answered".
  • 电脑版
    • Tombstones now display the real-world date of the related death.
    • Fixed a message typo: "<Player name> cant be put back together again." to "<Player name> can't be put back together again."
  • 电脑版 1.3.5
    • Fixed petrification death messages being broken for a long while now.
    • Death screen now has a timer until the player respawns.
  • 电脑版 death messages only showing player names under certain circumstances.
  • 电脑版现在会在“你被杀死了”下面显示掉落的钱的数量。
  • 电脑版 1.2.4:修正了你可能在进入世界时死于掉落伤害的 Bug。
  • 电脑版 1.2.3
    • Fixed dying by Demon Altar having no message.
    • Players have a longer respawn delay after a non-PVP death with a boss alive in multiplayer.

参考[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  1. 信息来自电脑版 电脑版 源代码,Terraria.Player.cs中的DropCoins()方法。这可能已经不准确,因为电脑版 电脑版的当前版本已经是。