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  • 毒刺矢的物品外观
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
伤害17 电脑版 / 15 Console only.png Mobile only.png远程
击退1 (极弱击退力)
工具提示Explodes into deadly shrapnel
买入75 铜币 (军火商 & 巫医)
10 铜币 (爆破专家) Mobile only.png
卖出//2 铜币

毒刺矢s are the 弹药 used solely by the 毒刺发射器, and have a 100% of dropping from the 石巨人 if the Stynger is dropped. Additional bolts can be purchased from the 巫医 and 军火商 (75 铜币 each), and on 移动版 移动版, the 爆破专家 (10 铜币 each, once Golem has been defeated.), as long as the Stynger is in the player's 物品栏.

Stynger Bolts explode on impact and release up to 5 pieces of explosive shrapnel that deal regular damage. The initial blast has a radius of 5 tiles (comparable to 三级火箭 at 6 tiles), while the shrapnel explosions have a radius of 3 tiles. The explosions do not damage the player.

1000 Stynger Bolts cost 7 金币 50 银币 to purchase, or 1 金币, if purchased from the 爆破专家.

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  • increased from 15 to 17.
  • 1.2:引入。