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类型 NPC
AI 类型 被动
最大生命值 250
防御 15
击退抗性 50%
物品(数量) 出率
Paintball Gun.png

Map Icon Painter.png
内部 NPC ID227
这是一个城镇 NPC。他可能需要一间 房屋 才会出现。

The 油漆工 is an NPC who sells 油漆 and painting 工具s, as well as 喷漆s and Wallpaper. He will arrive after at least 7 other NPCs have been acquired, and a suitable 房屋 is available. The 老人 and 骷髅商人 will not count towards the current NPC total however the 旅商 will.

Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg In the 移动 and 3DS版s, only 4 NPCs are required for him to move in.

The paintings that the Painter has for sale change based on the biome he is living in, and based on the 月亮 phase. During the 圣诞节 season, the Painter sells a variety of holiday-themed wallpaper. Note that for the biome requirement, all that is needed is that the Painter NPC be present in said biome, it is enough to move him there with a 国王雕像. This is especially useful for the Deadland and Chasms paintings since NPCs will not want to live in a corrupt environment, though it is still advised to at least create a safe room where the summoned NPCs will not be hassled by monsters or fall into chasms.

On the Desktop only.png 电脑版, the 油漆工 will attack nearby enemies with his 彩弹枪 to defend himself.

出售物品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


出售物品 售价 购买条件
Paintbrush.png 漆刷 Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png 1金币 Always available.
Paint Roller.png 涂漆滚刷 Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png 1金币 Always available.
Paint Scraper.png 漆铲 Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png 1金币 Always available.
Red Paint.png 红漆 25铜币 Always available.
Orange Paint.png 橙漆 25铜币 Always available.
Yellow Paint.png 黄漆 25铜币 Always available.
Lime Paint.png 橙绿漆 25铜币 Always available.
Green Paint.png 绿漆 25铜币 Always available.
Teal Paint.png 青绿漆 25铜币 Always available.
Cyan Paint.png 青漆 25铜币 Always available.
Sky Blue Paint.png 天蓝漆 25铜币 Always available.
Blue Paint.png 蓝漆 25铜币 Always available.
Purple Paint.png 紫漆 25铜币 Always available.
Violet Paint.png 蓝紫漆 25铜币 Always available.
Pink Paint.png 粉漆 25铜币 Always available.
Black Paint.png 黑漆 25铜币 Always available.
Gray Paint.png 灰漆 25铜币 Always available.
White Paint.png 白漆 25铜币 Always available.
Brown Paint.png 棕漆 25铜币 Always available.
Shadow Paint.png 暗影漆 50铜币 Only in Hardmode
Negative Paint.png 反色漆 75铜币 Only in Hardmode


出售物品 售价 购买条件
Daylight.png 黎明 1金币 Always available.
First Encounter.png 初次邂逅 1金币 月相 1-2 (full moon)
Good Morning.png 早安 1金币 月相 3-4
Underground Reward.png 地下馈赠 1金币 月相 5-6 (new moon)
Through the Window.png 窗外 1金币 月相 7-8
Deadland Comes Alive.png 死地复生 1金币 While in 猩红.
Lightless Chasms.png 阴暗幽谷 1金币 While in 腐化.
The Land of Deceiving Looks.png 浮华假象的大地 1金币 While in 神圣.
Do Not Step on the Grass.png 请勿践踏草坪 1金币 While in 丛林.
Cold Waters in the White Land.png 冰雪寒溪 1金币 While in 雪原生物群落.
Secret of the Sands.png 沙漠的秘密 1金币 While in 沙漠.
Evil Presence.png 恶灵现世 1金币 During a 血月.
Place Above the Clouds.png 云之上 1金币 While in 太空.
Sky Guardian.png 天空守卫 1金币 Hardmode, while in 太空.

Wallpaper[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


出售物品 售价 购买条件
Bubble Wallpaper.png 泡泡壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Copper Pipe Wallpaper.png 铜管壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Ducky Wallpaper.png 黄鸭壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Fancy Gray Wallpaper.png 别致灰壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Ice Floe Wallpaper.png 浮冰壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Music Wallpaper.png 音符壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Purple Rain Wallpaper.png 紫雨壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Rainbow Wallpaper.png 彩虹壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Sparkle Stone Wallpaper.png 烁石壁纸 1银币 Always available.
Starlit Heaven Wallpaper.png 星光天堂壁纸 1银币 Always available.


出售物品 售价 购买条件
Christmas Tree Wallpaper.png 圣诞树壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Candy Cane Wallpaper.png 糖棒壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Stars Wallpaper.png 星星壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Snowflake Wallpaper.png 雪花壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Bluegreen Wallpaper.png 蓝绿壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Ornament Wallpaper.png 装饰壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Festive Wallpaper.png 节日壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Squiggles Wallpaper.png 波浪条纹壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Krampus Horn Wallpaper.png 坎卜斯犄角壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节
Grinch Finger Wallpaper.png 格林奇手指壁纸 1银币 Only during 圣诞节

名字[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Painter may have the following names: 油漆工/Names

对话内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • "I'm all out of titanium white, so don't even ask."
  • "I know the difference between turquoise and blue-green. But I won't tell you."
  • "Try swirly pink and purple, it works, I swear!"
  • "I hope it doesn't rain again until this paint dries. That would be a disaster!"
  • "No, no, no... There's TONS of different grays! Don't get me started..."

When 派对女孩 is present:

  • "Check out [Name of Party Girl]. Now that's a girl who can paint the town red!

During a 派对

  • "I tried having a paintball fight, but everyone wanted food and decorations instead."

During 困难模式

  • "Once you enter hallowed land, you will see a rainbow in the sky. I can help you with painting that if you want."

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • An NPC's shop window can display a maximum of 39 items. During 圣诞节, the number of items the Painter can sell at once increases above 39, which can push some items off the bottom of the shop window, making them technically unobtainable during Christmas. Assuming the Painter is in a Pre-Hardmode world and living in a Forest Biome, the Sparkle Stone Wallpaper and Starlit Heaven Wallpaper will be affected by this. More wallpapers will become unavailable, going up the list, if the world is in Hardmode or the Painter is living in different Biomes.
  • If the Painter lives in a converted snow Biome or a Desert Biome, he will sell two Biome exclusive paintings at once. For example: If the Painter lives in a Hallowed Desert, he will sell the Painting "The Land of Deceiving Looks" and "Secrets of the Sands" at once.
  • Even with Blood and Gore off, his paintbrush and paint bucket will ALWAYS drop as if they were body parts.
  • On the 3DS logo.svg 3DS版, the painting tools and paint he would normally sell are unavailable.
  • It is possible to utilize 传送机s to teleport him to different Biomes in order to obtain all of his paintings.

小知识[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • It is apparent that most of his names are references to famous artists.
  • Two of the names, Mario and Luigi, are the two main characters of the Super Mario Brothers video games.
  • He is most likely Italian, considering most of his names and some of his dialogue is Italian.
  • Sprited by former artist William "Waffles" Data.
  • The name "Darren" is a reference to a letter sent to Red by a person whose friend "Darren" passed away. Red then put "Darren" in the pool of possible painter names.
  • The name "Luigi" is a possible reference to Luigi Nono, who is a famous painter.
  • His quote "No, no, no... There's TONS of different grays! Don't get me started..." is a reference to the book Fifty Shades of Grey and the movie Fifty Shades of Grey
  • The quote about being out of Titanium White is a direct reference to famous artist and television show host Bob Ross.
  • Like the 军火商, 机器侠 and 哥布林工匠, his quotes may reference him having a crush on a female NPC, in this case, the 派对女孩.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 老人, 旅商, and 骷髅商人 are now excluded from NPC count for move-in requirement.
    • Now attacks enemies with a paint gun, drops paintball gun if killed.
    • The Painter now shows up after 8 other NPCs have moved in, instead of 4.
  • 1.2.3: Now sells Brown Paint and various Wallpapers. Sells Shadow Paint and Negative Paint in Hardmode worlds.
  • 1.2.2: Now sells Christmas-Wallpapers during 圣诞节.
  • 1.2: 引入。
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