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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png泡泡的物品栏图标
Bubble (placed).gif
类型 家具物块
使用时间 14(很快速度)
稀有度 稀有度级别:0
买入 / 卖出 2 银币 / 40 铜币
内部物品 ID3214
内部图格 ID379
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Bubble blocks holding all three liquids. Note that it doesn't need to be fully enclosed. It also works if you uncap the bubbles.

Bubbles are animated background 家具 blocks purchased from the 派对女孩 for 2 银币 each, after the world enters 困难模式. They are unique in the fact that 液体s will collide with them as if they were solid tiles, while nothing else will. The only blocks that can be attached to placed Bubbles are other Bubbles (unless there is a background wall present). When Bubbles are placed together in groups, they connect to make a seemingly single larger bubble block.

Bubbles can also keep 液体s directly inside them as if they were a solid block. The liquid cannot be seen inside the Bubble, so empty Bubbles and filled Bubbles appear the same. Clicking on an empty Bubble with a full will place the Bucket's contents into the Bubble (the liquid can be removed again with an empty Bucket). Removing the filled Bubble will free the liquid, causing it to fall.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Bubbles with a liquid inside of them will act just as if they were their respective liquid. For example, it is possible to swim and drown in a water filled Bubble.
  • Bubbles cannot be ed into half-blocks, and are thus unable to produce Waterfalls.
  • Liquid stored in Bubbles will be released (and allowed to fall) upon leaving the world, so care should be taken when storing 熔岩 in Bubbles. Liquid that is wrapped in bubbles (but not within a bubble itself) will remain in place.
  • If you use Bubbles to create a Lava pool, coins will be destroyed when contacting the Lava, no matter how thin the Lava is.
  • Although Bubbles are not solid blocks, they are still considered valid blocks for 房屋. Although NPC's can be assigned housing that use Bubble blocks, the NPC will move out of their own accord. (this bug/anomaly has been reported in the forums)[1]
  • Although NPC's will walk through empty Bubbles, and Bubbles filled with or 蜂蜜, they don't appear to walk through 熔岩-filled Bubbles. Critters and enemies will walk through Lava-filled bubbles, though.
  • You can use perma-solid blocks and bubble blocks together to contain liquids.
  • 制动器s do not affect bubbles.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Once placed, surrounding 物块 and background can be removed, leaving a free-standing bubble.
  • 蜂蜜-filled Bubbles are perfect for honey buff pickups for arenas. Care should be taken with 熔岩 traps (for flying enemies), as the Lava will kill 小动物s as well. will give 玩家s the "wet" buff when mounting 可爱猪龙鱼.
  • Players can walk on Water-filled or Honey-filled Bubbles using any 水上漂靴.
  • In adventure-themed Terraria maps, bubbles can be used as a filter to any liquid, including 熔岩 (for any particular part of the map where you have to get away from an incoming lava stream).
  • The next two tips show how liquid stored in a Bubble can be affected by liquid that comes into contact with the Bubble:
    • If two adjacent (side-by-side) Bubbles are filled each with a different liquid, it is possible to 制作 contact-created blocks (蜂蜜块, 黑曜石, or 松脆蜂蜜块). When the Bubble filled with the slower-moving liquid is removed with a , a contact-created block will be crafted (consuming both liquids). For example, if one Bubble is filled with Honey, and an adjacent (to the left or right) Bubble with Water, and the Honey-filled Bubble is then removed with a , a Honey Block will be crafted. Keep in mind that Honey moves slower than Lava, and Lava moves slower than Water.
    • If a 蜂蜜桶 is poured over a Water-filled Bubble, a 蜂蜜块 will appear to the left of the Bubble, and the Water inside the Bubble will be consumed. Only a portion of the Honey is consumed, the remainder will fall to either side of the Bubble. In a similar manner, 松脆蜂蜜块 will be formed if a 熔岩桶 is poured over a Honey-filled Bubble, and 黑曜石 will be formed if a 熔岩桶 is poured over a Water-filled Bubble. In each case, only the liquid inside the Bubble is fully consumed. Also, the slower-moving liquid must be poured over the filled Bubble... if a 水桶 is poured over a Honey-filled Bubble, no block is created, and no liquid is consumed.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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