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  • 灌注站物品栏外观
  • 灌注站放置状态
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
大小3格宽 × 3格高
使用时间14 很快速度
买入/卖出7 金币 / 1 金币 40 银币

The 灌注站 is a 制作站 used to craft 药剂. Flasks temporarily "imbue" melee weapons with the ability to inflict a bonus 减益 on 敌怪 (with the exception of the 派对瓶, which only causes visual effects). Only one Flask can be in effect at any given time, and using another will cancel the last. Weapon imbuements last after death. Flasks affect all weapons that inflict melee damage, including 回旋镖s and projectile melee weapons. The Imbuing Station is purchased from the 巫医 for 7 金币.

While the Imbuing Station is available for purchase before 困难模式, most Flasks require Hardmode ingredients. Only the 毒药瓶, 派对瓶, and 烈火瓶 will be available before Hardmode.

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