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  • 猩红石块的物品外观
  • 猩红石块放置后
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猩红石 is a 物块 type found in 猩红之地. Before 困难模式, it is most prominent in the lining of 裂隙s. It requires at least a 死亡使者镐 or 炸药 to mine. The 掠夺鲨 offers a pre-Hardmode option.

Crimstone is the Crimson version of (similar to 黑檀石 in 腐化之地, or 珍珠石 in 神圣之地). As with Ebonstone, Crimstone can be converted into ordinary Stone via 净化粉 (Pearlstone requires a Vile Powder instead).

In 困难模式, the spread of Crimson converts ordinary Stone blocks into Crimstone. Crimstone itself also spreads Crimson to susceptible blocks nearby.

Unlike its 腐化 counterpart (Ebonstone), Crimstone can't be used to make s. Instead, it can be crafted into 血肉块s at a 绞肉机, which can then be crafted into 家具 (neither Ebonstone nor 黑檀石砖 can be used to craft furniture).

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  • "Crimstone" is a portmanteau of the words "Crimson" and "Stone."

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.2:引入。