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  • [[File:Sandstone Block.png Ebonsandstone Block.png Crimsandstone Block.png Pearlsandstone Block.png|沙岩块的物品外观|link=]]
  • [[File:Sandstone Block (placed).png Ebonsandstone Block (placed).png Crimsandstone Block (placed).png Pearlsandstone Block (placed).png|沙岩块放置后|link=]]
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Sandstone Blocks are found naturally-placed in the 地下沙漠 生物群落. Sandstone 物块 don't affect whether an area qualifies as an Underground Desert biome. The only qualification for such a biome is a naturally generated sandstone wall. Like and Hardened Sand it has 腐化, 猩红, and 神圣 counterparts: Ebonsandstone, Crimsandstone, and Pearlsandstone respectively.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Even though sandstone will not create an Underground Desert biome, its biome-specific counterparts will create and spread their respective biomes.
  • Oddly enough, it can't be used to make 沙岩砖 and 沙岩板, despite the similarity in names.

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