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Spears are a type of melee weapon that attack in a stabbing motion (电脑版和移动版 like shortswords, but much slower and with much greater range) rather than a swinging motion. They are able to hit burrowing entities inside walls, including enemies and bosses such as the Wraith and the Eater of Worlds. Due to their slow animation, they can also hit more than once and penetrate enemies, making them quite powerful against large or clustered enemies. Because of this property, they are very effective against segmented worm-like enemies.

The best modifier for all spears is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase their average damage output by the same amount.

类型[edit | edit source]

目前在泰拉瑞亚中一共有 18 种不同的Template:Pagename2en矛可用,其中 13 种是困难模式独有的。

名称 伤害 射速 使用时间 击退 暴击率 自动挥舞 困难模式 稀有度 卖出 来源

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