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移动版 移动版独有内容:此信息适用于移动版泰拉瑞亚


对于the mobile version history,参见Mobile Version History

The 移动版 of Terraria is ported by 505 Games in collaboration with Codeglue and RakNet and runs on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. This version is currently equivalent (roughly) to the desktop version. It also has some content that is not included in the desktop or 主机版s, including exclusive 敌怪, Bosses, pets, and other items.

The mobile version is available for purchase on iOS, Android (via Google Play Store), Android (via Amazon Appstore), and Windows Phone devices for $7.99 (€4.48 / £3.99.)

See the mobile FAQ maintained by 505 Games for some technical tips.

Mobile-exclusive content[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Some items may also appear in the 主机版 主机版 and the 3DS版 3DS版. The mobile version also includes items introduced in Console 1.2.

武器s and 弹药
Mobile and Console Mobile Only
Sharanga.pngSharanga弓主机版移动版3DS版 Spectral Arrow.png灵能箭主机版移动版3DS版 Egg Cannon.png蛋炮移动版3DS版 Heart Arrow.png心箭移动版3DS版
Tizona.pngTizona剑主机版移动版3DS版 Tonbogiri.png蜻蛉切主机版移动版3DS版 Holy Hand Grenade.png神圣手榴弹移动版3DS版 File:Roman Candle.png罗马焰火筒移动版3DS版
Vulcan Bolt.png火神弩箭主机版移动版3DS版 Vulcan Repeater.png火神连弩主机版移动版3DS版
Mobile and Console
Sparkly Wings.png闪耀翅膀
盔甲s and 时装物品
Mobile and Console Mobile Only
Dragon armor.png龙盔甲主机版移动版3DS版
Alpine Hat.png
皮裤 移动版3DS版
Spectral armor.png灵能盔甲主机版移动版3DS版
Oktober Locks.png
Dirndl Blouse.png
Dirndl Skirt.png
Titan armor.png泰坦盔甲主机版移动版3DS版 File:Festive Top Hat.png节日大礼帽移动版3DS版
Hero's set (exclusive variant).png
(different look)
Plumber's set (console).png
(different look)
Ocram Mask.png奥库瑞姆面具主机版 Boots of Ostara.png奥丝塔拉之靴移动版3DS版
神仙装 移动版
(currently unobtainable)
Mobile and Console Mobile and 3DS
Albino Antlion.png白化蚁狮移动版3DS版 Arch Demon.png大恶魔 Arch Wyvern Head Horizontal.png大飞龙移动版3DS版 Diseaster Bunny.png病兔移动版3DS版
Dragon Hornet.png龙黄蜂 Dragon Skull.png龙骷髅头 Dragon Snatcher.png龙抓人草
Orca.png逆戟鲸 Servant of Ocram.png奥库瑞姆之仆主机版移动版3DS版 Shadow Hammer.png暗影锤
Shadow Mummy.png暗影木乃伊 Shadow Slime.png暗影史莱姆 Spectral Elemental.png灵能精
Spectral Gastropod.png灵能腹足怪 Spectral Mummy.png灵能木乃伊 Vampire Miner.png吸血鬼矿工移动版3DS版
Mobile and Console
Ocram Trophy.png奥库瑞姆纪念章 Albino Antlion Banner.png白化蚁狮旗 Arch Demon Banner.png大恶魔旗 Arch Wyvern Banner.png大飞龙旗
Dragon Snatcher Banner.png龙抓人草旗 Orca Banner.png逆戟鲸旗 Spectral Elemental Banner.png灵能精旗 Spectral Gastropod Banner.png灵能腹足怪旗
Shadow Hammer Banner.png暗影锤旗 Shadow Mummy Banner.png暗影木乃伊旗 Vampire Miner Banner.png吸血鬼矿工旗
Mobile and Console Mobile Only
Ocram.png奥库瑞姆主机版移动版3DS版 Lepus.png天兔移动版3DS版 Turkor the Ungrateful.png不感恩的火鸡移动版
Mobile Only
Mythical Lion Mask.png
Pot o' Gold.png
Suspicious Looking Egg.png
Pet Turkey.png
Mobile and Console Mobile Only
Bat Pet.png蝙蝠宠物 ( Vial of Blood.png血液瓶主机版移动版3DS版 ) Cupid.png丘比特 ( File:Broken Heart Crystal.png碎心水晶 )
Guinea Pig.png豚鼠 ( Cabbage.png卷心菜主机版移动版3DS版 ) Elfa.pngElfa ( Holiday Bauble.png节日装饰品移动版3DS版 )
Slime Pet.png史莱姆宠物 ( Petri Dish.png培养皿主机版移动版3DS版 ) Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png爱尔兰小矮妖 ( Pot o' Gold.png黄金锅移动版 )
Tiphia.png土蜂 ( Beeswax.png蜜蜡主机版移动版3DS版 ) Old Lady Pet.pngOld Lady Pet ( Old Walking Stick.png老手杖移动版3DS版 )
Werewolf Pet.png狼人宠物 ( Wolf Fang.png狼牙主机版移动版3DS版 ) Pet Turkey.png宠物土鸡 ( Turkey Feather.png土鸡羽毛移动版3DS版 )
Zombie Pet.png僵尸宠物 ( Brain.png脑子主机版移动版3DS版 ) Worm Pet.png天虫宠物移动版3DS版 ( Suspicious Looking Apple.png可疑苹果移动版3DS版 )
Android.png安卓 ( Shiny Black Slab.png闪亮黑板移动版 ) (found only on Android devices)
Pet Golden Turtle.png宠物金海龟移动版 ( Golden Seaweed.png金海草移动版 ) (found only on Amazon Fire TV)
Pet Drone.pngPet Drone移动版 ( Mysterious Package.png神秘包裹移动版 ) (removed)
Other 物品s
Mobile and Console Mobile Only
Music Box (Tutorial).png八音盒(教程) File:Cursed Stuffing.png诅咒填料移动版3DS版 File:Horn 'o' Plenty.png丰饶之角移动版3DS版 Rainbow Piece.png彩虹片移动版
Soul of Blight.png枯萎之魂主机版移动版3DS版 Red Envelope.png红包移动版 Strange Looking Tombstone.png奇怪的墓石 Suspicious Looking Egg.png可疑蛋移动版3DS版
Suspicious Looking Skull.png可疑骷髅主机版移动版3DS版 Valentine Ring.png情人节戒指移动版3DS版 Wiesnbräu.pngWiesnbräu啤酒移动版3DS版
Heart Shrine.png 心之神龛s Jungle Sanctum.png 丛林神殿

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Depending on the device, the screen size is slightly or much smaller than the Desktop version's screen size, which makes spotting 小动物s and 敌怪 from far away slightly more difficult.
  • The Spectre hood still has its old stats on this version (increased maximum mana by 80, reduced mana usage by 17%, and 10% increased magic damage and 暴击 chance).
  • Players can choose from a normal world (1750 x 1000 blocks), or an expanded world (4200 x 1200 blocks, which is equivalent to a small world on the Desktop version.)
  • Local 多人模式 with up to four players is supported on iOS and Android.
  • There is no housing menu because of UI limitations, making it impossible to check if a house is suitable and choose a house for an NPC.
  • All characters are 软核 characters.
  • New characters spawn with a 木剑 instead of a 铜短剑 on the Desktop and 主机版 versions.
  • All weapons have 自动挥舞, excluding the 凤凰爆破枪 and 狙击步枪.
  • Unlike other versions, weapons are never crafted with 修饰语s already on the weapon.
  • It is impossible to write on 标牌s because of UI limitations.
  • In 困难模式, the 日夜更替 is the same length as the Desktop version, but in Pre-Hardmode, it is much shorter.
  • After beating 世纪之花, all 地牢 enemies have a 1/13 chance of spawning a 地牢幽魂 when killed regardless of health; while on Console and Desktop, only enemies with 100 health or higher have a chance of spawning a Dungeon Spirit upon death.
  • During at 夜晚, there is lightning.
  • 火把es look slightly different than on the Desktop version.
  • There are Torches in 生命树s.
  • 八音盒es are not fully functional.
  • It is impossible for a player to set visibility of an 配饰.

图库[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

武器弹药 蛋炮移动版3DS版 • Sharanga弓 • Tizona剑 • 蜻蛉切 • 火神连弩 • 灵能箭 • 火神弩箭 • 心箭移动版3DS版 • 神圣手榴弹移动版3DS版 • 罗马焰火筒移动版3DS版 • Zapinator枪3DS版
盔甲/时装套装 龙盔甲 • 泰坦盔甲 • 灵能盔甲 • 绝妙套装 • George的西装套装 • 十月啤酒节套装移动版3DS版 • 角神套装主机版
Flag jp.svg 日本主机版 时装套装 黑白熊套装PS3Wii U • 士人套装PS3Wii U • 粉白美套装PSVita • 多乐套装PSVita
配饰 & 时装物品 奥丝塔拉之靴移动版3DS版 • 情人节戒指移动版3DS版 • 闪耀翅膀 • 节日大礼帽移动版3DS版
宠物 蜜蜡 • 脑子 • 碎心移动版3DS版 • 卷心菜 • 金海草移动版 • 节日装饰品移动版3DS版 • 老手杖移动版3DS版 • 培养皿 • 黄金锅移动版 • 闪亮黑板移动版 • 可疑苹果移动版3DS版 • 土鸡羽毛移动版3DS版 • 血液瓶 • 狼牙
八音盒 前代主机版 八音盒(海洋) • 八音盒(雪原) • 八音盒(太空) • 八音盒(教程)
旗帜 前代主机版 白化蚁狮 • 大恶魔 • 大飞龙 • 龙抓人草 • 逆戟鲸 • 暗影锤 • 暗影木乃伊 • 灵能精 • 灵能腹足怪 • 吸血鬼矿工
其他 奥库瑞姆纪念章 • 枯萎之魂 • 可疑骷髅 • Wiesnbräu啤酒移动版3DS版 • 奇怪的墓石 • 彩虹片移动版 • 诅咒填料移动版3DS版 • 丰饶之角移动版3DS版
无法获取/已移除 移动版 红包 • 鞭炮 • 神仙装 • 神秘包裹
困难模式前 白化蚁狮 • 大恶魔 • 龙黄蜂 • 龙骷髅头 • 龙抓人草 • 逆戟鲸 • 吸血鬼矿工
困难模式 大飞龙 • 暗影锤 • 暗影木乃伊 • 暗影史莱姆 • 灵能精 • 灵能腹足怪 • 灵能木乃伊
Boss 奥库瑞姆奥库瑞姆之仆) • 天兔移动版3DS版病兔) • 不感恩的火鸡移动版
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