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A typical Floating Island
 Floating Island|漂浮岛是一个独立的在天空上的森林体系,通常远在世界的主要陆地上方。每个世界至少含有两个漂浮岛,在大世界里最多可能有8个。他们的位置容易使它们与普通模式下的鹰身女妖伴随,同时还有困难模式中的虚空白龙,或主机pe版的困难模式中的大飞龙。到了一定高度,当飞行时,玩家通常会感受到减少的重力


  • 漂浮岛湖除了大量水和白云以及雨云块什么也没有,并且在一个世界中通常较少。
  • 漂浮岛上的水很少,相反,坐落在白云块上的是森林土地,和自然生成的建筑。

漂浮岛上的建筑是用日耀砖块, 舞厅彩墙玻璃墙建造的。里面总会有一个天空宝箱,与其他任意的漂浮岛家具一起。每个天空宝箱子中包含幸运马蹄铁群星之怒闪亮的红气球锯云台,以及其他典型的森林中的箱子中的物品。由于在至少在真正的特殊物品出现在任何余下的岛屿之前,所有的四个特殊物品一定会生成的限制,所以特殊的物品随机出现在天空宝箱子中。

地图大小 岛屿的最大值 大概的高度
小型 3 250 - 600 英尺. (125 - 300 格)
中型 5 450 - 800 英尺. (225 - 400 格)
大型 8 650 - 1000 英尺. (325 - 500 格)

内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

角色 宝物 掉落物 待售物品
40px 鸟妖


120px 飞龙

困难模式中: Console only.png Mobile only.png

120px 大飞龙


20px 幸运马掌
20px 星怒
15px 闪亮红气球
20px 天磨 Desktop only.png


20px 天域箱
20px 天域桌
15px 天域椅
File:重力旗帜.png 重力旗
File:太阳旗帜.png 太阳旗
File:世界旗帜.png 世界旗
From terrain:
File:雨云.png 雨云
File:日耀砖块.png 日盘块
File:白云墙.png 云墙
File:舞厅彩墙.png 飞盘墙

From Harpy:

Feather.png 羽毛
Giant Harpy Feather.png
Harpy Banner.png 鸟妖旗

From Wyvern:

Soul of Flight.png 飞翔之魂
Wyvern Banner.png 飞龙旗

From Arch Wyvern: Console only.pngMobile only.png

Soul of Flight.png 飞翔之魂
Arch Wyvern Banner.png
Shadow Key.png 暗影钥匙 Mobile only.png

From Fishing: Desktop only.png

Damselfish.png 雀鲷
Sky Crate.png 天空匣 Desktop only.png

From Painter:

Place Above the Clouds.png
Sky Guardian.png

Floating Lake[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

A typical Floating Lake.

A Floating Lake is a mass of isolated Cloud and Water found in the sky, generally well above the surface. Unlike floating islands, they do not have Sunplate Block structures, nor any of their contents.

Floating Lakes consist of a large body of water atop Cloud and Rain Cloud blocks with background Cloud Walls. The body of water is usually quite large, making it viable for Fishing. Some fish exclusive to the elevation can be fished from these, like the Damselfish. Floating Lakes can rarely contain Water Chests.

Notes[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • It is possible for an island to spawn without a skyware building on them.
  • Floating Islands are randomly placed somewhere in the upper sixth of the map, but very rarely occur within the center 160 lateral tiles. They also don't seem to spawn above oceans.
  • Floating Islands can be located using a long-range weapon with a ricocheting projectile. The projectile's return will signify a landmass above.
  • Gravitation Potions make locating and accessing Floating Islands much easier.
  • Floating Islands will catch Fallen Stars. Areas on the overworld in which Fallen Stars rarely or never fall may have a Floating Island above.
  • Upon entering Hardmode, Floating Islands can become Corrupted or Hallowed if they fall within the path of the initial transformation. See Hardmode for more information.
  • The cabins found on Floating Islands contain a table and chair, and so are valid homes for NPCs once a light source is added.
  • Though meteors endeavor to avoid striking within 25 blocks of chests and NPCs, they may still sometimes impact Floating Islands.
  • It is possible to locate floating islands by activating camera mode, taking a snapshot of the top of the world, and increasing the brightness of the snapshot with an image editor. This could be considered cheating by some players though, akin to using an external map viewer.
  • Very rarely, the player may spawn on a floating island. This may prove hazardous, as it makes it difficult for them to safely reach the surface, as well as making them susceptible to attack by harpies during early-game.

Trivia[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Floating Islands were originally made out of Dirt and Stone Blocks. The house was either made of Gold, Silver or Copper Bricks with a single Gold Chest inside, causing it to resemble a shrine. Grass vines hanging below the island could be used to locate it as projectiles would make noise when destroying them.
  • It is possible for a natural world spawn to be on a floating island.

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Sky Lakes introduced to make sky fishing easier.
  • 1.2: Chests no longer require keys and islands have been revamped.
  • 1.0.6: Gold Chests are now replaced with locked chests.
  • 1.0.5: Common Chests are now replaced with Gold Chests.
  • 预发行版: 引入。
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