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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngPurple Stained Glass.png Yellow Stained Glass.png Blue Stained Glass.png Green Stained Glass.png Red Stained Glass.png Multicolored Stained Glass.png
Purple Stained Glass (placed).png Yellow Stained Glass (placed).png Blue Stained Glass (placed).png

Green Stained Glass (placed).png Red Stained Glass (placed).png Multicolored Stained Glass (placed).png
使用时间 14(很快速度)
稀有度 稀有度级别:0
卖出 5 银币 (Mobile only.png 20 铜币)
内部物品 ID1267-1272
内部墙 ID88-93

Stained Glasses are a group of s made from combining 宝石s with 玻璃墙s. They work like the normal glass wall besides changing the color of the sunlight to match that of the stained glass.

制作[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

配方[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

产物 材料制作站
Purple Stained Glass.png
紫花窗玻璃 (20) 
内部物品 ID:1267
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (20)Work Bench.png 工作台
Yellow Stained Glass.png
黄花窗玻璃 (20) 
内部物品 ID:1268
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (20)
Blue Stained Glass.png
蓝花窗玻璃 (20) 
内部物品 ID:1269
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (20)
Green Stained Glass.png
绿花窗玻璃 (20) 
内部物品 ID:1270
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (20)
Red Stained Glass.png
红花窗玻璃 (20) 
内部物品 ID:1271
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (20)
Multicolored Stained Glass.png
五彩花窗玻璃 (50) 
内部物品 ID:1272
Glass Wall.png玻璃墙  (50)

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The recipe for Multicolored Stained Glass is half as efficient as those for its single-colored counterparts: you end up using one gem for every ten glass walls, as opposed to one gem for every twenty.
  • It can be very profitable to turn gems into stained glass and sell that instead of selling the gems outright due to the low value of the materials required.
  • One can achieve a stained glass look on foreground Glass Blocks by simply 喷漆 glass in a deep color.
  • 钻石s and 琥珀 are the only gems without a Stained Glass variant.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.3.1: Inventory sprites updated.
  • 1.2: 引入。
图格Stone Block.png 物块 ( Red Brick.png ) • Wood Wall.png ( Cobalt Brick Wall.png 砖墙)