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  • 花靴的物品外观
  • 花靴装备后
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工具提示Flowers grow on the grass you walk on
卖出8 金币
The player is standing on two grass blocks with any Flail lying at their feet, instantly breaking the grass generated by the Flower Boots. Any 悠悠球, 连枷 or a 照明弹 will also work.
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花靴是一种不常见的配饰,当玩家踩在上时它可以在这里生成花. 这些花和高草一样可以自然生成,这意味着它们可以被破坏以生成种子鱼饵生物,也可以用镰刀 收获来生产干草. 在腐化, 猩红蘑菇 草,花靴不会生成任何东西。

花靴可以被偶然地在丛林神龛 宝箱生命红木树 宝箱中发现。

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • When combined with the Sickle, they can be used to quickly generate large amounts of 干草 for quick building.
  • The Flower Boots can also be very effective for farming critters such as 蠕虫s and 蚱蜢s, thus, making money is easy, since 金蠕虫s and 蚱蜢s often appear. If used on Jungle grass, it will be effective for farming jungle grass seeds and the jungle critters such as 蚜虫, 鼻涕虫, and 蛆虫.
  • It is possible to remain stationary. Plants harvested from your current spot will be immediately regenerated by the boots.

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • True to their name, the Flower Boots will always cause flowers to grow, never ordinary tall grass. This effect is purely aesthetic.

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