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enables many 植物 to grow on it, and covers most of the above ground landscape. There are six types of grass: Normal, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom, Jungle and Hallow.

Grass types[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Image Name Color Soil Type Location Plants
Grass.png Green Dirt Block.png Surface of 森林, 漂浮岛 s, 魔菇, wild grass, 太阳花, 黄万寿菊
Corrupt grass.png Corrupt Grass Purple Dirt Block.png Surface of 腐化之地 Corrupt Trees, 魔菇s, wild corrupt grass, 死亡草, 多刺灌木
Crimson grass.png Crimson Grass Red Dirt Block.png Surface of 猩红 Crimson Trees, 毒蘑菇s, wild crimson grass, 死亡草, 多刺灌木
Mushroom grass.png 蘑菇草 Blue Mud Block.png 蘑菇生物群落 Glowing Mushrooms, 巨型发光蘑菇s
Jungle grass.png 丛林草 Lime green Mud Block.png 丛林, 地下丛林 Jungle Trees, wild jungle grass, 月光草
Underground Jungle: 多刺灌木, 丛林孢子, 丛林玫瑰, 月光草, 大自然的恩赐
Hallowed grass.png 神圣草 Cyan Dirt Block.png Surface of 神圣之地 Hallowed Trees, Regular 魔菇, flowery grass, 太阳花
  • Normal grass spreads over 土块s. Above ground grass blocks will grow 蘑菇, 太阳花, flowers, and weeds, all of which can be cut with any tool or weapon. If a grass block has room below it, 蔓藤 will grow downward from it. Grass is necessary in order to plant s. Grass does not spread below level elevations, but can be placed in lower layers block by block using the 再生法杖 or 草种子. This grass will not grow flowers and tall grass, and trees planted on it will never mature. Grass occurs naturally above ground, but it may also be planted by using grass seeds bought from the 树妖.
  • Corrupted grass spreads over 土块s and normal grass. Above ground corrupt grass blocks will grow 魔菇s, 死亡草, corrupted flowers, and weeds, all of which can be cut with any tool or weapon. In addition, corrupted thorns will grow from corrupted grass in any condition. Vines do not grow from corrupted grass. Like normal grass, it does not spread below level elevations. This type of grass occurs naturally in corrupted areas and may also be planted with 腐化种子 dropped by the 克苏鲁之眼. A large enough amount of corrupted grass will turn the area into a 腐化 biome. In hardmode, corrupted grass will convert blocks that are up to three squares away into their corrupted variants. This includes turning jungle grass and normal grass below level elevations into corrupted grass. It also gives off particles.
  • Crimson grass spreads over 土块s and normal grass. It can sprout 毒蘑菇s, the counterpart to 魔菇s. It acts similar to corrupt grass, but instead of the corrupted thorns, red, flesh-like vines will grow from the bottom of crimson grass and also spread the crimson (both act like 多刺灌木). It can be grown with 猩红种子, and can be spread with the 环境改造枪 or crimson blocks.
  • 蘑菇草 spreads over 泥块s and will grow 发光蘑菇s and 巨型发光蘑菇s and can be found underground at a depth of 0 feet or below. Patches of mud seeded with mushroom grass can be found in some caverns underground, generally with several tall giant glowing mushrooms. 蘑菇草种子 are an uncommon drop from glowing mushrooms and giant glowing mushrooms. Mushroom grass glows faintly and can be used as a natural light source. Mushroom grass blocks are unaffected by corruption, but the uncovered mud is. When above ground, Mushroom Grass and the Mushrooms on it actually grow faster.
  • 神圣草 spreads over 土块s and normal grass. Above ground hallowed grass blocks will grow 蘑菇, 太阳花, and flowers, similar to normal grass. Like regular grass, hallowed grass does not spread below 0 feet elevation. Hallowed grass does not occur naturally until a world enters 困难模式, and may be created with 圣种 sold by the 树妖 in hardmode or with 圣水. A large enough amount of hallowed grass will turn the area into a 神圣 biome. At hardmode hallowed grass will convert blocks that are up to three squares away into their hallowed variants, although it does not turn jungle grass into hallowed grass. It gives off a sparkle particle effect.

Growth[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Grass of any type spreads from existing blocks to other blocks of the correct soil type. The block to receive grass must be within 2 blocks of another grass block, and exposed on at least one side or corner. If it is surrounded by solid blocks, grass cannot spread there, although normal grass can be placed on unexposed blocks on world creation. The Corruption's 多刺灌木 count as grass for purposes of spreading. The bushes can grow up to 4 blocks in height and width, as long as there is open space.

If painted grass spreads to adjacent dirt/mud blocks, it will spread the paint too.

小知识[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Examples of the two unused grass graphics.
  • There are unused graphics for two other grass types in the game's files. One is a yellow-green grass akin to Jungle Grass, although it is tiled on dirt. Its internal name "Tiles_2_Beach.png" implies that it was originally intended for the 海洋. The second is a variation of 血肉块s, tiled to work as a grass.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Mushroom Grass also provides some light.
The light provided from Mushroom Grass.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.2.4: Replaced grass graphics for when they are surrounded. Grass is now removed when a player covers it in solid tiles.
  • 1.2.3: You can now place 树苗s on all grass types. Corruption Grass, Crimson Grass, and Hallow Grass wall spreads further. Fixed bug where you couldn't pick up crimson grass and hallowed grass with 土魔杖.
图格Stone Block.png 物块 ( Red Brick.png ) • Wood Wall.png ( Cobalt Brick Wall.png 砖墙)