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AI 类型战士
伤害60 / 90
最大生命值400 / 800
击退抗性85% / 86
减益持续1 - 4 秒
钱币10-16 银币
Medusa Stare.gif
Medusa's attack
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蛇发女妖 is a 困难模式 敌怪 found near 大理石洞s. While being a relatively fast-moving melee attacker, Medusa also has the ability to inflict the 恍惚 减益 through her gaze. This debuff turns the player to stone:

  • The player will be unable to move or use weapons for the duration of the debuff, similar to being 冰冻.
  • Fall damage-negating accessories are disabled, 掉落伤害 is increased, and the minimum distance for fall damage is reduced.

The debuff's onset is marked by Medusa's snake hair lashing out red tongues, as well as a unique noise and particle effect, giving players notice before they are petrified. Players can avoid getting stoned by facing the other direction when the animation completes, or by having the Medusa's line of sight blocked by solid blocks.

The lower HP Medusa has, the faster she will move.

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • While Stoned, the player can still consume health items.
  • If Stoned while 抓钩 or riding a 矿车, the player will disengage and fall.
  • During the day on the 地表 layer, Medusa will become passive and despawn instantly once off screen.
  • Only one Medusa can spawn in the world at a time, unless a 蛇发女妖雕像 is used.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Getting Stoned is very dangerous: If the initial fall doesn't kill you, the few seconds of stun time could be long enough for hoplites, cave bats and other 洞穴 敌怪 to finish the job.
    • Be wary of large, vertical areas in the caverns (such as the 地下丛林 and player-made hellevators), especially when there's a marble cave nearby. The potential fall damage by itself can easily mince an endgame player.
  • Note that attacking the Medusa with most weapons will cause you to turn towards her. Try not to engage her until she is within range or you have a very accurate ranged weapon, so that you may stun-lock her before she has a chance to petrify you.
  • Facing away from Medusa while fighting off other enemies is recommended.
  • 悠悠球s, the 魔法导弹, and the 飞刀 make great weapons against Medusa as you can use them behind you, and around corners, out of her line of sight. 白绳 also helps if you decide to use yoyos.
  • Ironically, the 蛇发女妖头 is also a great weapon against Medusa as you can use its "stare" while looking the other way.
  • Using the Feather Fall Potion can still protect you from taking fall damage, even when you are Stoned.

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Medusa is the name of the most well-known of the Gorgons of Greek mythology: a species of creatures who look like women, have living serpents for hair, and Medusa was able to cause humans who looked into her eyes to turn into stone. According to Greek mythology, Medusa was turned into a gorgon by the goddess Athena.
  • The word "marble" is of Greek origin, as is "Medusa" and "hoplite" (which means "soldier/infantryman"). In Terraria, Medusa and 装甲步兵s both spawn in 大理石洞s.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.3.1
    • Max Life was increased from 200 to 400 (in 专家模式 from 400 to 800).
    • Can no longer petrify players above her.
    • Is now exclusive to 困难模式 but still spawnable on pre-Hardmode by wiring and activating Medusa Statues but will not drop loot.
    • Now requires unobstructed line of sight to petrify, preventing hidden or offscreen Medusa from petrifying players.
    • Now makes sound and emits particles when attempting petrification.