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Spider Nests are mini-生物群落s located underground, noted by the black background wall and the numerous 蛛网s filling the area. The Cobwebs rapidly grow back, which is a unique feature of the biome. Spider Nests can rarely contain 蛛丝箱s, which they may generate with during world creation. The bound 发型师 NPC can spawn here.

内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

角色 宝物 掉落物
Wall Creeper.png 爬墙蜘蛛

In 困难模式:

Black Recluse.png 黑隐士
Web Slinger.png 蛛丝吊索

From 黑隐士s:

Poison Staff.png 剧毒法杖
Spider Fang.png 蜘蛛牙

Through plundering:

Web Covered Chest.png 蛛丝箱

成就[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Achievement Jeepers Creepers.png 毛骨悚然"摸索进入地下蜘蛛洞。"
Enter your first underground Spider Nest. Desktop only.png

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Cobwebs in a Spider Nest as seen while using a Dangersense Potion.
  • The spider and cobweb spawning properties of the biome are a result of the special wall tile present. Removing all the wall tiles with a will effectively remove the biome.
  • While the cobweb here is infinite, not every one that you destroy drops a Cobweb item; rather, only 1/4 will drop Cobwebs (25% chance).
  • Rarely, the corpse of a dead human can be found, covered in webs.
  • Spider Caves seem to be more common near a 蘑菇生物群落. (Verify)

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The 危险感药水 can be useful in locating Spider Nests, because the Cobwebs inside sparkle in a unique pattern.
  • Creating three-block high diagonal tunnels into a Spider Nest using a hammer to slope the floor and ceiling will prohibit spiders from exiting (or entering, if they spawn outside), but not the player, this can be a good tactic to trap and easily kill spiders. Similarly, spiders can not fit into two-block wide vertical tunnels, and can be used the same way.
  • May be conducive to farming, as when the player and all possible enemy spawn points are within 蜘蛛墙s, only one enemy type (spiders — 爬墙蜘蛛/黑隐士) will spawn.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

地表层 森林 • 沙漠 • 海洋 • 雪原 • 丛林 • 蘑菇 • 邪恶生物群落腐化之地 • 猩红之地) • 神圣之地 • 太空
地下层 地下 • 洞穴 • 地下雪原 • Desktop only.png 地下沙漠 • 地下丛林 • 地下蘑菇 • 地下腐化之地 • 地下猩红之地 • 地下神圣之地 • 地狱
特殊生物群落 陨石 • Desktop only.png 花岗岩洞穴 • Desktop only.png 大理石洞穴 • 蜘蛛巢 • 蜂巢 • 地牢 • 丛林蜥蜴神庙
其他 生命树 • Desktop only.png 附魔剑冢 • 漂浮岛 • 地下小屋 • 裂隙 • 金字塔 • 丛林神龛 • Desktop only.png 生命红木树 • Mobile only.png 丛林神殿 • 废墟建筑