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  • 锚的物品外观
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击退5 (普通击退力)
使用时间29 普通速度
卖出1 金币
  • Anchor
不要将 锚 与 墙锚 装饰混淆.

是一种 困难模式 下的 近战武器 使用时锚会发射出去,并通过链子与玩家保持连接。 It is heavily affected by gravity, firing in an arc. It returns upon reaching a maximum distance or impacting, and damages any 敌怪 in its return path. It functions similarly to the 鱼叉枪. 打开 钓鱼 时获得的 木匣 可以获得, 打败 血肉墙 之后解锁该武器。

它最好的 修饰语神级,伤害达到 35。

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Since the projectile itself is quite large, and its return trip can pierce unlimited enemies, throwing it past a group of enemies and pulling it through them is an effective strategy, making the Anchor very useful for controlling large groups of enemies.
  • It is possible to receive it as a reward from the Angler pre-hardmode on mobile.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 3DS 1.05:No longer behaves like the 铁链血滴子, firing multiple projectiles at once that all traveled in a straight direction. The projectile no longer spins during flight, returning to the player slower than when fired.
  • Anchor weapon now comes back to the player if it gets too far away. Fixed bug that made the game crash when using the Anchor under certain circumstances.