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电脑版主机版移动版 电脑版/主机版/移动版独有内容:此的信息适用于电脑版主机版、和移动版泰拉瑞亚
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AI 类型被动 AI

The Skeleton Merchant is an NPC vendor that randomly spawns in the Cavern layer. Enemies will not spawn near him (same in 1.4) . He will not move into a vacant house if one is available, similar to the Traveling Merchant and the Old Man. He will despawn when off-screen, unlike the others, making him the only NPC that despawns once off-screen.

The Skeleton Merchant's stock changes at dawn (4:30 AM) daily, and he does not need to respawn for it to do so. His inventory is dependent on the current moon phase.


Unlike other NPCs, the Skeleton Merchant does not have a map icon. A Hunter Potion will highlight him.

He是少数能被生命体分析机电脑版、主机版、和移动版探测到的实体之一。 In 电脑版 电脑版, his current name will be displayed (e.g. Gloomy Mays) rather than "Skeleton Merchant".


出售物品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

注:所有物品的价格都可以通过装备优惠卡贪婪戒指电脑版、主机版、和移动版来降低。在电脑版 电脑版上,价格还会基于 NPC 的快乐度程度而升降。
物品 花费 何时有售

诡药诡药电脑版、主机版、和移动版 500*5 在以下月相期间:月相 1 (满月) 月相 3 (下弦月) 月相 5 (新月) 月相 7 (上弦月)
弱效治疗药水弱效治疗药水 300*3 在以下月相期间:月相 2 (亏凸月) 月相 4 (残月) 月相 6 (娥眉月) 月相 8 (盈凸月)
洞穴探险荧光棒洞穴探险荧光棒电脑版、主机版、和移动版 150*150 夜晚,或以下月相期间全天:月相 1 (满月)
荧光棒荧光棒 10*10 在以下月相期间的白天:月相 2 (亏凸月) 月相 3 (下弦月) 月相 4 (残月) 月相 5 (新月) 月相 6 (娥眉月) 月相 7 (上弦月) 月相 8 (盈凸月)
骨头火把骨头火把电脑版、主机版、和移动版 100*1 在游戏内每一分钟(现实世界中的每一秒)的前半段。
火把火把 50*50 在游戏内每一分钟(现实世界中的每一秒)的后半段。
骨箭骨箭电脑版、主机版、和移动版 15*15 在以下月相期间:月相 1 (满月) 月相 2 (亏凸月) 月相 5 (新月) 月相 6 (娥眉月)
木箭木箭 5*5 在以下月相期间:月相 3 (下弦月) 月相 4 (残月) 月相 7 (上弦月) 月相 8 (盈凸月)
蓝平衡锤蓝平衡锤电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50000*5 在以下月相期间:月相 1 (满月) 月相 5 (新月)
红平衡锤红平衡锤电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50000*5 在以下月相期间:月相 2 (亏凸月) 月相 6 (娥眉月)
紫平衡锤紫平衡锤电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50000*5 在以下月相期间:月相 3 (下弦月) 月相 7 (上弦月)
绿平衡锤绿平衡锤电脑版、主机版、和移动版 50000*5 在以下月相期间:月相 4 (残月) 月相 8 (盈凸月)
炸弹炸弹 300*3 一直有货。
绳 10*10 一直有货。
渐变球渐变球电脑版、主机版、和移动版 200000*20 困难模式中,在以下月相期间:月相 1 (满月) 月相 2 (亏凸月) 月相 3 (下弦月) 月相 4 (残月)
好胜球好胜球电脑版、主机版、和移动版 200000*20 In Hardmode, during the following moon phases: 月相 5 (新月) 月相 6 (娥眉月) 月相 7 (上弦月) 月相 8 (盈凸月)
悠悠球手套悠悠球手套电脑版、主机版、和移动版 500000*50 困难模式中。
拍拍手拍拍手电脑版、主机版、和移动版 250000*25 困难模式中,血月期间。
魔法灯笼魔法灯笼电脑版、主机版、和移动版 100000*10 在夜晚,以下月相期间:月相 1 (满月)

名字[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

骷髅商人 可能使用以下名字中的任何一个:

  • Billy Marrows
  • Bones McGee
  • Gloomy Mays
  • Jack Sellington
  • Mandible Calavera
  • Mika 电脑版和主机版
  • No-Eyed Wiley
  • Rattles Magoo
  • Skellington
  • Tom

话语[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • “还有多余的骨头卖吗?我的髋骨断了,我想再...换一次。”
    • “太好了!终于有人来拿掉我手上的蛆虫了。”
    • “没有我家史莱姆油治不好的病!相信我,很管用,看看我这生龙活虎的身板就知道了!”
    • “真正的脊骨就快到货了,你要不买点什么?”
    • “你肯定想不到大家扔了些什么给我...想买点?”
    • “我会帮你一把,但这是最后一次,我一个月都没把它弄回来”
    • “离蜘蛛远点。它们会吸掉你的内脏,留下一副空壳。这次一定要信我。”
    • “这个世界上永恒不变的就只有死亡和税收,我两样都有!”

    When it’s raining:

    • "Up there? Heard it's pretty wet. Don't want my bones getting soggy and mushy..."

    During a 雷雨电脑版:

    • "The surface above is overabundant with destructive weather. Singed bones would be bad for my complexion!"


    • "The world above is turbulent and chaotic. I like my bones to stay attached, as it were!"
  • 备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    Impact on Enemy Farming[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • Despite similar mechanics, the Skeleton Merchant is not considered a town NPC in regards to reducing enemy spawns. He does, however, count as seven NPCs for the sake of enemy spawn limits when spawning NPCs, mechanically similar to bosses. In most cases this effectively blocks virtually anything from spawning, including critters. This creates a problem when the player is preparing to farm monsters in the Underground or Cavern layers. It is necessary to have a strong external damage source (lava, Boulders, Lihzahrd traps) to kill him to continue farming, or just go far enough for him to despawn. This may not apply to 1.4- needs further testing (recluse farm, expert, corruption biome still spawns spiders when skeleton merchant is in the safe box, at least.)
    • If a player notices a suspiciously low number of enemies on their radar it could be a sign that the Skeleton Merchant has spawned.
    • If a player speaks to the Skeleton Merchant, he will stop attacking enemies around himself and stand still. This will allow most non-skeletal enemies to kill him.

    Miscellaneous[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 不像其他 NPC,他无法用传送枪国王雕像传送,也不会溺死。有时他会在水塘里生成。
    • The Skeleton Merchant does not attack skeletal enemies, nor will they harm him via contact damage. Skeleton Archers, however, may shoot him by accident if the player is behind the Skeleton Merchant. This will only deal one damage to the Skeleton Merchant (or two if it is a critical hit). Some other enemies, such as bosses like the Golem, will also not cause him to attack, though they can still damage him via contact. If he gets cornered by a Biome Mimic, he will be quickly killed.
      • Skeletron is an exception as both will attack each other.
    • He cannot be killed by explosives deployed by the player. However, he may spawn in front of a Detonator or pressure plate explosive trap. Because of his bulkier appearance, players interacting with him may unwillingly hit the plunger on the detonator trap, killing both him and the player.

    • If there is a bunny in the caverns it is a sign that the skeleton merchant is near.验证

    小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 将物品卖给他有助于玩家在长时间的洞穴探索中清空物品栏。

    花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 名字 Jack Sellington 和 Skellington 参考了 1933 年的美国动画幻想万圣节-圣诞节电影《圣诞夜惊魂(The Nightmare Before Christmas)》中的骷髅杰克(Jack Skellington)。
    • The name "Bones McGee" is a reference to Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek.
    • No-Eyed Wiley is a reference to One-Eyed Willy from the 1985 American adventure comedy film The Goonies.
    • 名字“Mandible Calavera”参考了冒险游戏《冥界狂想曲(Grim Fandango)》中的曼纽(曼尼)·卡拉贝拉(Manuel "Manny" Calavera)。
    • The names "Billy Marrows" and "Gloomy Mays" are a reference to the late American television salesperson Billy Mays.
    • 名字“Tom”可能引用了Tom "Bones" Malone|汤姆·马龙(Tom "Bones" Malone),他是美国蓝调和灵魂复兴乐队《蓝调兄弟(Blues Brothers)》的成员。
    • “Tom”也可能指的是敌怪蒂姆
    • 关于史莱姆油的话参考了 19 世纪卖“奇迹补品”的小贩,他们通常被人叫做卖蛇油的。
    • 话语“这个世界上永恒不变的就只有死亡和税收,我两样都有!”参考了本杰明·富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)的名言:“这个世界上没有什么是确定的,除了死亡和税收。(In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.)”
    • 话语“你肯定想不到大家扔了些什么给我...想买点?(You would not believe some of the things people throw at me... Wanna buy some of it?)”引用了动作角色扮演游戏《暗黑破坏神3(Diablo III)》中的一个叫做小贩斯奎特(Squirt the Peddler )的年轻拾荒者。斯奎特会周期性的用这个问题的一个接近完全一样的变体询问玩家,其中只是把“人们扔给我的东西(things people throw at me)”改成了“人们不要的东西(things people throw away)”。(注:在《暗黑破坏神3》中,这句对话确切的官方英文与简体中文分别为“I can't believe what people throw away. Wanna buy some of it?”和“人们连这种好东西都丢掉不要,太离谱了,想不想买一点啊? ”)
    • 话语“离蜘蛛远点。它们会吸掉你的内脏,留下一副空壳。这次一定要信我。”暗示了骷髅商人是被蜘蛛杀死的。
    • 虽然他并不是城镇 NPC,但在派对期间他会抛洒彩纸。
    • 他是两个没有地图图标的 NPC 之一,另一个是老人
    • 如果骷髅商人在附近,兔兔就可以在地下生成。
    • Despite the fact one of his quotes says so, the skeleton merchant does not sell maggots.
    • If the Skeleton Merchant is slain, no message would pop up to announce his death, unlike most NPCs.
    • 骷髅商人的 怪物图鉴怪物图鉴条目:“Most skeletons are out for blood, but not the Skeleton Merchant. He just wants to sell supplies, such as rare torches and yo-yo gear.”

    历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

    • 电脑版 shows its name in the Lifeform Analyzer rather than "Skeleton Merchant".