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魔法武器 are 武器 that use 魔力, a resource that regenerates. They can produce several different types of attacks, many of which are more unusual, rather than simply firing a directed projectile, which makes them more capable of unexpected or strategic attacks. They are notably more subtle than melee and summon, requiring more strategy than head on combat.

In addition to magic weapons, 召唤武器 also use negligible amounts of mana to spawn helpful minion characters. They can also do a lot of damage using specific accessories and armor. Note: All weapons on mobile/3DS can auto fire except the 狙击步枪 and 凤凰爆破枪— see 自动挥舞 for more details.

类型[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Damage Mana Use Time Knockback 自动挥舞 稀有度 Sell

Terra Blade.png 近战武器Gungnir.png其他) • Pulse Bow.png 远程武器Stynger.png 其他) • Spectre Staff.png 魔法武器  • Pygmy Staff.png 召唤武器 • Holy Water.png 投掷武器