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Release date May 15th, 2014[1]
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The patch added some missing recipes and fixed a number of bugs.

新添加[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

修正 Bug[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 南瓜梳妆台s now properly take 南瓜s to craft.
  • Fixed a bug where 乌木时钟 would require wood rather than 乌木.
  • Fixed a bug where the 蓝玉法杖 would require 银矿 instead of 银锭s.
  • 熟鱼 and 熟虾 are now crafted at a 烹饪锅 rather than a 熔炉.
  • Fixed crafting exploit when you right click items in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with 脚蹼药水s grammar.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the 商人’s first names.
  • 和风鱼 now has a proper tooltip.
  • Fixed bug where “飞龙tail” was named “Whyverntail.”
  • 渔夫’s quests now show when using other languages. The text is still in English...translations should be happening soon.
  • Fixed the bug where the wiring system was not activating Doors, 八音盒es and Fountains properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Smart Cursor wall would not ignore doors pillar when open.
  • Made Smart Cursor smarter when placing 矿车轨道s.
  • Fixed bug where the player would stay rotated when leaving a Minecart.
  • Fixed bug where the 矿车s could go ultra-speed using boosters.
  • You can now turn when placing 矿车轨道s.
  • 增速轨道s and 矿车轨道 intersections can no longer be triggered as rapidly.
  • 压力板轨道s will no longer change to regular tracks in certain setups.
  • Fixed an issue where some cloaks were drawing over the 矿车.
  • 猪鲨链球’s chain will now go back faster if it is too far and disappear if it still cannot catch up.
  • Fixed bug where Wing time would go into infinity if you held the jump button while standing and having 火箭靴 equipped.
  • Fixed bug where 棕榈木 and 针叶木 wouldn’t merge with other wood types.
  • Fixed bug where 棕榈木 and 针叶木 were not blocking light.
  • Fixed bug where 棕榈木 weapons could not get prefixes.
  • Fixed a bug where 灯柱s would emit blue light when they are off.
  • Fixed a leak in the net code.
  • 船帆s now cost 50 copper a piece.
  • The proper items will now drop on 中核/硬核 deaths.
  • Fixed bug where pressing “Reset to default” in controls would reset the quick mana key to M rather than J.
  • Fixed bug where the players hand would draw behind the head when wearing 蜜蜂盔甲.
  • 活火块s no longer die if they are dropped in 熔岩.
  • The weapon now comes back to the player if it gets too far away.
  • Fixed bug that made the game crash when using the under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where 困难模式 地牢 casters would shoot more than 1 projectile in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the 黄蜂法杖, 小鬼法杖, and 史莱姆法杖 minion buffs did not disappear upon leaving a world.
  • 海洋 mobs can now spawn on biome oceans, this applies to the Sleeping 渔夫 Kid as well.
  • Fixed bug where Sleeping 渔夫 Kid would move slowly on tiles if attacked by monsters.
  • Fixed bug where 优质钓鱼线 accessory did nothing. It now makes sure the line won’t snap.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to use a 钓竿 while pulling a snapped line would make the bobber appear again.
  • Fixed bug where fishing bobbers would not disappear when you die.
  • Fixed issues where the 松露虫 would be consumed without summoning 猪龙鱼公爵.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to use multiple 松露虫s while line is pulled would make numerous Fishrons appear.
  • Now only one 猪龙鱼公爵 can be summoned at a time.
  • Fixed a bug where 猪龙鱼公爵 did not drop 强效治疗药水s when dying.
  • All of 猪龙鱼’s weaponry now sells for 5 gold 钱币s. This will fix the low prefix costs.
  • Reverted a floating character fix. Platform elevators will work again.
  • Fixed bug where 荧光棒s will not be selected when the mouse is near the player in a dry area.
  • You can now place Fishing Rods, 混沌传送杖, and the 钱币枪 in the 武器架.
  • Topaz Gemspark Blocks now emit yellow light rather than purple.
  • 海龟 and 蜘蛛盔甲s now dye properly.
  • Fixed a crash when using 团队染料 with a 飞毯.
  • 猩红斧旗 has a new (fixed) look.
  • 人体模型 and 女模特 have a new item icon.
  • Fixed the 乌木/暗影木时钟 mixup.
  • Using 喷漆器 with 砖层 or Cement Mixer now places at the proper speed.
  • Fixed bug where 霜月 waves 14 to 19 had "Santank" instead of "圣诞坦克" for the name.
  • Fixed bug where upon loading the player might sometimes have empty spaces between their 增益s.
  • 寒霜盔甲 now correctly plays a special sound when hit.
  • 珊瑚石块s now show up on the map.
  • All summoning weapons now cost 10 魔力 to use. This will allow them to get the Mythical prefix.
  • Fixed a bug that would make recently summoned 仆从s vanish in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where Twin Minion pairs could go uneven / re-summoning would fail.
  • Fixed bug where s won't grow behind biome 木栅栏s.
  • Right-clicking to open a 宝箱, 猪猪存钱罐 or 保险箱 will no longer pick up an item from the stack where the cursor is.
  • 血肉块s now have a squish sound when hit.
  • Fixed bugs where swinging 钱币s could do damage.

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