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The 呼吸条 appears when a player's head is under either or 蜂蜜, representing the time the player has until they begin drowning. The Breath Meter consists of ten air bubbles (five on the 移动版 移动版) that fade and disappear gradually as long as the character's head is submerged. When the Breath Meter is depleted, the player begins to drown and health is depleted. The Breath Meter refills quickly when the player emerges from liquid.

For breathing purposes, the player is considered "under water" when the pixel right above their eye is under water. This roughly correlates to just a pixel above where the water will be if the player stands in two full tiles of water with a tile of air in the third tile they occupy. Half-blocks can leave players drowning. In older versions and 主机版 主机版s, this was actually the very top pixel of the head. It was changed to prevent players from drowning when their head bumped water-filled blocks.

If the 鱼缸 is worn in the equipment slot, the Breath Meter appears because the player's head is technically underwater. Breathing equipment and 药水 can still be used to counter this effect.

Breathing time[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Breath Meter's duration changes depending on which breathing equipment or potions are used. Times shown below are in real-world time (not game time):

  • Without equipment, the breath meter lasts around 22 seconds.
  • With a 芦苇呼吸管, breathing time is doubled to 44 seconds.
  • While wearing a 潜水头盔, the breath meter lasts 1 minute 34 seconds.
  • When both the Breathing Reed and Diving Helmet are used, the breath meter lasts 3 minutes and 8 seconds.
  • 海神贝壳 and its craftings — 月亮贝壳 and 天界壳 — eliminate the Breath Meter while under Water, making breathing time unlimited.
  • The 鱼鳃药水 eliminates the Breath Meter while under Water while the buff is in effect (2 minutes total).

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • to above the player's head, from under the Map.
  • 1.2熔岩 no longer activates the breath meter, allowing players using 黑曜石皮 potions or other means to survive under it indefinitely.