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本文是关于the version of Terraria that older consoles run的。 关于the current-generation console version page,参见console version。 关于history for both the console version and old-gen console version,参见Console Version history。 关于the desktop version of the game,参见Desktop Version history。 关于the mobile version,参见mobile version。 关于more details about the 3DS version,参见3DS version

The old Console version of Terraria was published by 505Games and developed by Engine Software. It is a port of the 电脑版 电脑版, which is developed by Re-Logic. This version contains exclusive content not available on other versions, including enemies, achievements, music tracks and music boxes, armors, weapons, pets, and an exclusive boss.

The old console version is currently available on 4 different console systems: the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The 3DS version of Terraria is published by 505Games and developed by Codeglue. The 3DS version is a port of the 电脑版 电脑版, which is developed by Re-Logic. This is considered a separate version on this wiki, as it is lacking a few features, but has a few extra exclusive features, relative to the Old-gen console version. For its page, click here.

Due to hardware requirement issues and memory constraints, old gen platforms will not receive significant updates past the 1.2.4 PC equivalent, and the original 3DS won't receive significant updates past the 1.2 PC equivalent (updates for the New 3DS have not yet been discussed).[1][2][3]

Console Date of Last Update Version Desktop Equivalent
PS.svgPlayStation 3 August 26, 2016 1.09
Xbox 360.svgXbox 360
PS.svgPlayStation Vita
Wii UWii U September 2, 2016 1.08

Exclusive content[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Many items also appear in the 3DS版 3DS.

Weapons and Ammunition
Sharanga弓Sharanga弓主机版移动版3DS版 灵能箭灵能箭主机版移动版3DS版 Tizona剑Tizona剑主机版移动版3DS版
蜻蛉切蜻蛉切主机版移动版3DS版 火神弩箭火神弩箭主机版移动版3DS版 火神连弩火神连弩主机版移动版3DS版
龙盔甲龙盔甲主机版移动版3DS版 (as armor, not vanity) 灵能盔甲灵能盔甲主机版移动版3DS版 (as armor, not vanity) 泰坦盔甲泰坦盔甲主机版前代主机版3DS版 (as armor, not vanity)
Sparkly Wings.png
闪耀翅膀 前代主机版移动版3DS版
(added in small pre-1.2 patch)
Vanity items
Hero's set (exclusive variant).png
(different look)
Plumber's set (console).png
(different look)
Ocram Mask.png
绝妙套装绝妙套装 George的西装George的西装
Horned God set.png
白化蚁狮白化蚁狮前代主机版移动版3DS版 大恶魔大恶魔前代主机版移动版3DS版
Arch Wyvern Head Horizontal.png
大飞龙 前代主机版移动版3DS版
龙黄蜂龙黄蜂前代主机版移动版3DS版 龙骷髅头龙骷髅头前代主机版移动版3DS版 龙抓人草龙抓人草前代主机版移动版3DS版
逆戟鲸逆戟鲸 奥库瑞姆之仆奥库瑞姆之仆主机版移动版3DS版 暗影锤暗影锤前代主机版移动版3DS版
暗影木乃伊暗影木乃伊前代主机版移动版3DS版 暗影史莱姆暗影史莱姆前代主机版移动版3DS版 灵能精灵能精前代主机版移动版3DS版
灵能腹足怪灵能腹足怪前代主机版移动版3DS版 灵能木乃伊灵能木乃伊前代主机版移动版3DS版 吸血鬼矿工吸血鬼矿工前代主机版移动版3DS版
蝙蝠宠物蝙蝠宠物主机版移动版3DS版 ( 血液瓶血液瓶主机版移动版3DS版 ) 土蜂土蜂前代主机版移动版3DS版 ( 蜜蜡蜜蜡前代主机版3DS版 )
豚鼠豚鼠 ( 卷心菜卷心菜前代主机版3DS版 ) 狼人宠物狼人宠物主机版移动版3DS版 ( 狼牙狼牙主机版移动版3DS版 )
史莱姆宠物史莱姆宠物前代主机版移动版3DS版 ( 培养皿培养皿主机版移动版3DS版 ) 僵尸宠物僵尸宠物 ( 脑子脑子主机版移动版3DS版 )
Ocram Trophy.png
白化蚁狮旗白化蚁狮旗前代主机版 大恶魔旗大恶魔旗前代主机版
大飞龙旗大飞龙旗前代主机版 龙抓人草旗龙抓人草旗前代主机版 逆戟鲸旗逆戟鲸旗前代主机版
暗影锤旗暗影锤旗前代主机版 暗影木乃伊旗暗影木乃伊旗前代主机版 灵能腹足怪旗灵能腹足怪旗前代主机版
灵能精旗灵能精旗前代主机版 吸血鬼矿工旗吸血鬼矿工旗前代主机版 史莱姆旗史莱姆旗
Other Items
八音盒(教程)八音盒(教程)前代主机版 枯萎之魂枯萎之魂前代主机版移动版3DS版 可疑骷髅可疑骷髅前代主机版3DS版

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Additions Update:

  • June 4, 2015 on all console platforms
  • All content from the Desktop version through 1.2.3 (Does not give fishing, or any other entity that includes fishing).
  • Added console exclusive Ocram Mask and Horned God set.


References[编辑 | 编辑源代码]