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Use this template where {{doc}} won’t work for code or wiki reasons (e.g. {{Ps version}}). Can also work to document {{Test}} or its alternatives (e.g. {{Test2}}).

Parameter Usage[编辑源代码]

{{empty doc|


Here, put the exact documentation for the template. Feel free to use sections and other wiki codes, as the template won’t break with most of these.

One huge exception: You must always nowiki = signs, as the template normally reads it as an extra parameter.
(Like so: <nowiki>=</nowiki>)

Bypass=1 (or yes) (Optional)[编辑源代码]

Use this on templates which have a /doc, but you still want to put an empty doc on it. Put this when you are adding this to Template:Test.

Nocat=yes (or y) (Optional)[编辑源代码]

Put this if you don’t want it to add a page into Category:Templates with no documentation. This may happen in demonstrations of the template, where you don’t want to put documentation.