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This template is similar to {{Exclusive icons}}, except instead of icons it outputs versions. {{Eversions}} can be used as a shortcut for this template.

Parameter Usage[编辑源代码]

{{exclusive versions|page|short|invert=yes|nl=yes|nlicons=yes|raw=yes|delimit=delimiter|upper3ds=yes}}

Short(2nd unamed paramter) or short=y
Use short to make all of the versions have the short parameter. Example:
{{eversions|Traveling Merchant|short}} —> 电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、 前代主机版前代主机版、和移动版 移动版
{{eversions|Traveling Merchant|short=y}} —> 电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、 前代主机版前代主机版、和移动版 移动版
{{eversions|Traveling Merchant|short|nl=yes}} —> 电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版
raw=yes, delimit=delimiter, and upper3ds=yes (code and replace are partially deprecated)
Use raw=yes to output raw text.
This text will output with "/" character in-between each version name by default, but another delimiter may be specified with delimit=delimiter.
If 3ds outputs, "ds" is lowercase by default. Change this to uppercase by using upper3ds=yes (upper3DS=yes is also acceptable).
{{eversions|Horned God set|3DS=y|raw=y|delimit=-}} —> console-3ds
nl/nolink=yes and nlicons=yes
Use nl=yes to output version names without links or icons. Example:
{{eversions|Palm Wood|nl=yes}} —> 电脑版、主机版、和移动版
Use nlicons=yes to re-add the version icons when using nl.
{{eversions|Ocram Mask|nl=yes|nlicons=yes}} —> 主机版 主机版和 前代主机版 前代主机版
Use invert=yes to output the opposite of the page's exclusivity. Example:
{{eversions|Traveling Merchant|invert=yes}} —> 3DS版 3DS
Important Note: This disables the sensor of Japanese Console content.
desktop/dsk=y/n, console/cns=y/n, old-gen/oldgen/old = y/n, mobile/mbl=y/n, and 3DS/3ds=y/n
Override options. For example, {{eversions|Zapinator|desktop=y}} outputs 电脑版 电脑版3DS版 3DS. See {{exclusive}} and {{eicons}}


The Ocram Mask is available on the 主机版 主机版和 前代主机版前代主机版. (displayed with {{eversions|Ocram Mask}})

Ocram is available on the  前代主机版前代主机版3DS版 3DS. (displayed with {{eversions|Ocram}})

1.3 is on the 电脑版 电脑版主机版 主机版、和移动版 移动版. (displayed with {{eversions|}})

前代主机版前代主机版3DS版 3DS. (displayed with {{eversions||invert=y}})

The Monokuma costume is exclusive to the 日本主机版 日本主机版. (displayed with {{eversions|Monokuma set}})