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以下列出了本文章请求添加或更改的地方。整个泰拉瑞亚 Wiki 上当前所有的请求参见Category:文章信息请求


满足了一个请求时,编辑此页面将其移除。当所有请求都已满足时,从此页面上移除 {{info request}} 模板。
Template-info.svg 文档 以下文档内容来自模板:Info request/doc。 (edit | history)

Use this template to indicate that information is missing from an article, or that it requires some other form of work.

For new pages lacking substantial information, use {{stub}} instead.

This template adds pages to Category:Article info requests.


Always add this template to the end of an article, above any navigation templates (like {{Master Template Weapons}}).

{{info request|
* One request
* Another request
Unnamed parameter 1

A bulleted list of requests for the current article.