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A minimalist helper template to quickly create a "pc" (Platinum Coin).

Standard Usage

{{pc}} 铂金币
{{pc|1}} 1
{{pc|5}} 5

Multiple coins

If you want to create a price with multiple type coins, please insert a single non-breaking space (   ) between each coin:

{{gc|5}} {{sc|50}} 5 50

Or, just use template:coin, which is optimized for multiple currencies.

Without a parameter

Using the template without any parameters will simply generate a Platinum Coin, without anything other text.

Render and link

  • The pc template will not generate a link, and will not be linkable (neither the text, nor the coin).
  • However, mousing over the template will create a hover text with the full English rendering, for readability:
铂金币 Platinum Coin
1 1 Platinum Coin
5 5 Platinum Coins

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