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The 视频政策 describes when and how a video can be included in an article on the Terraria Wiki.

Official Curse videos[编辑源代码]

Twitch-hosted videos from the official Curse channel are placed by our staff and should never be removed (except in extenuating circumstances, and then only after having first been discussed with the staff).

Mainspace videos[编辑源代码]

When to use them[编辑源代码]

Embedded videos are only permitted in articles when an animation is necessary to illustrate some of the mentioned concepts, and a static image cannot fulfill this role alone. Examples of this would include the movement or attack patterns of enemies, the particle effects of certain game elements, the run distance before the Boots of Hermes kick in, etc.

Video Contents[编辑源代码]

Embedded videos should be completely neutral, entirely for illustrative purposes, preferably without voiced (or written) comments, and re-usable on the alternative-language Wikis. The video at Parallax is a good example of an article that follows these specified guidelines.

Other scenarios[编辑源代码]

As a general rule, no other videos are allowed on mainspace articles. There are two exceptions though:

  • References: If a video is the direct reference to the content of an article, then it may appear in the references (as a textual external link).
  • Strategies: A lot of our pages have a "Strategies" section. These section should actually be transformed into a proper Guide. However, until that is done, as a convenience and to help start the guide, videos can be allowed in that section.

How to Embed Videos[编辑源代码]

This is a short usage description. A more complete description can be found here: Extension:EmbedVideo

  • {{#ev:service|id}} <-- Recommended
  • {{#ev:service|id|width}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width|align}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width|align|desc}}
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc}} <-- Recommended
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc|align}}
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc|align|width}}

Guide videos[编辑源代码]

Videos in the Guide: namespace are permitted but should still be used only where the demonstration of a point or tactic warrants them. As with images, videos merely depicting individual achievements will be removed. Multiple videos posted from the same Youtube account will be treated with suspicion, and may be removed, as guide pages are also not to be used for promotional purposes. The same applies to videos that are long, heavily produced, narrated, and/or contain an account's promotional title screen or logo.