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光標模式 是一種 在 泰拉瑞亞遊戲機制. 自動選擇和智能光標是可實現的兩種光標模式,使使用工具和放置對象更加方便。

自動選擇[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

電腦版主機版 電腦版/主機版獨有內容:此的信息適用於電腦版主機版泰拉瑞亞

使用自動選擇將自動選擇一個項目,根據光標的位置指出。項目不需要在熱鍵上。默認情況下,電腦自動選擇激活按「shift」,在PS3 / PS4按「R3」,或在Xbox 360按下「右搖杆」。

Target Item Selected
方塊 和一些 家具
, 巨型蘑菇, 或 仙人掌
祭壇, 暗影珠猩紅之心 錘子
提煉機 泥沙雪泥
大炮 炮彈
兔兔炮 爆炸兔
光標離玩家很遠 螢光棒, 洞穴探險螢光棒信號槍
玩家和光標在 (或其他液體) 火把, 詛咒火把, 螢光棒信號槍
玩家在 但光標不在時 詛咒火把螢光棒
如果以上都不適用 任何 火把


智能光標[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

智能光標selects a target based on the active item. 電腦版它默認由按"ctrl"激活/禁用;Mobile only.png按住並拖動右虛擬搖杆。在通用設置也有一個選項來讓它只當按鍵按下時啟用。智能光標由一個更寬一些的光標標明,並且被選中的方塊is shown with a yellow box。在3DS版 3DS,智能光標is on by default unless the D-Pad or Touch Screen is used to target an area.

Active Item Behavior
Digs a passage wide enough to pass through in the direction indicated be the cursor. A tunnel going diagonally upwards will often have to be widened to go back down.
Chops the base of the tree nearest the cursor. It will target branches when the base is out of range. An item that functions like an axe/pickaxe will target trees first then blocks. This can be easily seen with the Laser Drill (1.3+).
錘子 Removes the wall nearest the cursor.
方塊 Places a block at the nearest legal space to the cursor. If the space under the cursor already contains a block or other object, it will do nothing. However if the cursor is over an NPC or player, it will encase them in multiple layers. This is currently the only way to automatically fill a large area with blocks. On the 移動版 移動版, this is quite unreliable.
Places a wall at the nearest legal space to the cursor. Unlike other items, walls will only be placed by Smart Cursor within line of sight of the player. This makes it easy to fill a room without the walls "spilling" out.
平台 Adds to existing platforms (in any direction, including vertical).
礦車 Extends existing tracks horizontally or diagonally.
扳手 Extends existing wires of the same color.
鋼絲鉗 Removes the wire nearest the cursor.
橡實 Places an acorn on top of grass if two blocks beside it are free.

Using Smart Cursor with a multi-function tool, like 斧鑽 or a 錘斧, may have unexpected results. These tools will behave as an axe by default, meaning they always target a tree if one is in range.

電腦版 Enabling Smart Cursor for common blocks on Desktop version (Terraria 1.3 and later)[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

A fresh installation of Terraria 1.3 or later will start with Smart Cursor disabled for placing common blocks. This setting applies to foreground blocks that you would use during construction, such as dirt, wood, and stone. The Smart Cursor will continue to behave as per the 1.2 standard for platforms and walls.

If you wish to use Smart Cursor for common blocks, you will need to edit Terraria's config.json file manually.

Edits to config.json must be performed while the game is not running, or else the new setting will not take effect. You may want to create a backup copy of the config.json file before editing, which will allow you to restore your original configuration later, if needed.

  1. Browse to your config.json file location (see config.json for common locations).
  2. Right-click config.json and choose Open With...
  3. Select Notepad (or your favorite text editor).
  4. Use the 'Find' option in your text editor and search for this:
    "UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks": false,
  5. Edit the line so it now reads:
    "UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks": true,
  6. Save your config.json file.
  7. Launch Terraria.
  8. Now you will have SmartCursor On

電腦版Mobile only.png3DS.svg Lock on[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Merge 有人建議該條目或其部分與Combat Targeting合併。

Lock on is a cursor mode that can be used on 電腦版 電腦版 while playing with a controller, on the 3DS版 3DS, or on the 移動版 移動版. While holding a weapon, a small yellow triangle appears above the enemy to be targeted. 電腦版Depending on the chosen setting, Clearest Line or Target Closest, the yellow triangle will appear on the monster closest to the cursor's pointing direction or closest to the player (independently of line of sight). By pressing 電腦版3DS.svgSteam X.png or Mobile only.pngtapping the enemy, the enemy will be locked on to, 電腦版3DS.svgindicated by three triangles rotating around the enemy or Mobile only.pngby a single yellow triangle above the enemy. From then on, all attacks are automatically directed at that enemy (in the 移動版 移動版, all attacks initiated by hold tapping the center of the right thumb stick are directed at the target). Pressing Steam X.png again releases the lock (in the 移動版 移動版, the lock is released upon the enemy's defeat or movement offscreen).

This cursor mode can be especially effective while using weapons that require accurate aim, like Yoyos, Ranged Weapons, or Magic Weapons. Lock-on mode makes strafing (dodging while firing) an effortless task.

Left: Triangle indicates the enemy that will be targeted. Right: Enemy is now locked on.