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In-game sprinting animation.

冲刺配饰 是一种 配饰 ,可以让玩家在连续跑动一定距离后获得加速。你的速度会持续增长直到达到最大值。只要你不转向,即使跑动过程中悬空也不会失去加速效果,但在空中的距离不会被视为助跑或加速过程,直到你落地或使用能让你在空中加速的道具为止。 Grappling hooks 以及其他道具可以被用于触发加速效果。

除非你正装备钴护盾 (或是其他阻止击退的物品),攻击敌怪 会打断加速。However, using an enemy's knockback to kickstart your sprint is an impractical but effective method, particularly with a 恐慌项链.

These are the items which will provide this effect:

Accessory Source Other Effects
赫尔墨斯靴赫尔墨斯靴 地下 金箱s Allows fast sprinting.
疾风雪靴疾风雪靴 冰雪箱s in the 雪原生物群落 Allows fast sprinting.
航鱼靴航鱼靴电脑版主机版移动版 木匣s via 钓鱼 Allows fast sprinting.
幽灵靴幽灵靴 Crafted with Hermes, Flurry or Sailfish boots and 火箭靴 at a 工匠作坊 Allows flight.
闪电靴闪电靴 Crafted with 幽灵靴, an 金属带扣, and an 疾风脚镯 at a 工匠作坊 Allows flight and incredibly fast movement.
霜花靴霜花靴 Crafted with 闪电靴 and 溜冰鞋 at a 工匠作坊 Allows flight and incredibly fast movement. Provides extra mobility on ice. Ice will not break when you fall on it.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.2:Added Flurry Boots and Lightning Boots.
  • 1.1:Added Spectre Boots.