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事件[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Name Time Description
Mobile only.png 中國新年 January/February Mythical Costume (vanity set), 鞭炮s (consumable weapon), 紅包s (grab bags containing coins)
Mobile only.png 情人節 February 碎心水晶, 心箭s, 情人節戒指
Mobile only.png 聖帕特里克節 March 彩虹片s, 黃金鍋
Mobile only.png 3DS.svg 復活節 April Diseaster Bunnies, which drop 可疑蛋s, spawn if 天兔 has not yet been defeated in that world. 腐化兔兔 will also drop 可疑蛋s if 天兔 hasn't been defeated.
Mobile only.png 十月啤酒節 September 27 - October 31 New 時裝 items become available from the 服裝商, and the 商人 sells the Wiesnbräu啤酒, a 藥水.
萬聖夜 October 20 - November 1 New enemies spawn and some existing enemies wear costumes. All enemies have a 1/80 chance to drop 禮袋s, which contain various items. s and 星星s are replaced by 焦糖蘋果s and 靈魂蛋糕s, respectively.
Mobile only.png 3DS.svg 感恩節 November The Merchant sells the 土雞羽毛, and all enemies have a 1/7 chance to drop 詛咒填料, which can be used to summon 不感恩的火雞, a Boss, if the Turkey Feather is active.
聖誕節 December 15 - 31 All enemies have a 1/7 chance of dropping 禮物s, which contain various items (including the 水晶雪球, used to summon the 雪人軍團). s and 星星s are replaced by 糖棒s and 蜜糖李s, respectively.

小貼士[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • Changing the system date on your computer, console, or mobile device can allow you to activate seasonal events. However if you wish to not change your device's time to avoid messing up scheduled programs you can use RunAsDate to launch Terraria with a changed time/date.

歷史[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 1.2.1:Halloween introduced.
  • 1.1.1:Introduced Christmas.