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  • 寒霜九頭蛇法杖的物品外觀
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擊退8 (很強擊退力)
使用時間29 普通速度
工具提示Summons a powerful frost hydra to spit ice at your enemies
賣出20 金幣


Frost Hydra.png
Not to be confused with 寒霜法杖.
File:Frost Hydra Animation.gif
Frost Hydra firing.

The 寒霜九頭蛇法杖 is a 困難模式 post-世紀之花 召喚武器 that summons a unique stationary creature (the "Frost Hydra") for two minutes at the cost of 20 魔力. Once summoned, the Frost Hydra autonomously fires a magic ice ball when enemies are within its roughly 60-tile range, acting as a stationary turret. It will automatically angle its head up and down, and turn left and right, to target enemies in any direction. The Staff of the Frost Hydra is always found in the 冰凍箱 within the 地牢, which must be unlocked with its corresponding 冰凍鑰匙.

The summoned Hydra inflicts 僕從 damage, but is different from traditional Minions in that it does not count toward the maximum Minion count, does not move, and only lasts for two minutes.

The Frost Hydra can be summoned anywhere on the visible screen, even if 物塊s completely separate the player from the point clicked. It cannot, however, be summoned in the air, and will instead appear on the closest block or platform below the summoning point.

As the Frost Hydra does not count toward the Minion cap, it will not cause any traditional minions to despawn. Mobile only.png Console only.png Summoning a second Hydra will always cause the first to disappear, even if the player has 僕從 bonuses. 電腦版 The Frost Hydra counts as a standard sentry minion as of 1.3.4 and multiple can be summoned when using the armor or accessories from the 撒旦軍隊 event.

Its best 修飾語 is 無情. The 神話 modifier presents a wider array of stat bonuses, but most of these apply to the initial summoning, and not to the resulting Frost Hydra. Additionally, Minions cannot deal 暴擊s. The only significant advantage a 神話 Staff of the Frost Hydra has over a 無情 one is 擊退.

備註[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • Once cast, the player can switch to another weapon and the Hydra will remain and still do damage.
  • The Frost Hydra provides a large burst of light on its initial appearance. Its projectile also produces moderate light.
  • When first summoned, the Frost Hydra will move any overlapping enemies out of the way with knockback, but will not do damage until a few moments have passed.
  • The Hydra can be summoned within solid blocks, which can be used to find ores and caves.
  • It will not shoot at players in PvP, but if summoned on top of a player, or if a player runs into one, it will deal full damage and disappear.
  • Its projectiles do not pierce.
  • The Frost Hydra inflicts 召喚 damage, so only Minion bonuses apply to it, rather than magic weapon bonuses; though magic bonuses will affect the Staff's initial summoning (eg. decreased 魔力 use).
  • The Frost Hydra creature measures approximately 4 tiles wide by 3 high and is semi-transparent.
  • The Frost Hydra remains even if the player dies.
  • The Staff of the Frost Hydra can be used without impacting the player's normal minion total.

小貼士[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • The high damage, versatile remote placement capability, and lighting effect makes this Staff a valuable auxiliary weapon.
  • The remote capabilities of the Frost Hydra make it useful for battles and invasions, since it can be placed and left alone to slay enemies while the player does other things, such as making purchases, hiding, or fighting enemies in a different location.
  • The Frost Hydra will fall when blocks below it are removed, making it useful for guarding the player while digging vertical tunnels.
  • The Frost Hydra can be extremely strong in PvP because it is possible to summon on a player over a wall to kill them easily.
  • The Frost Hydra can also be useful in exploring caves as it can be summoned inside blocks and emits light.
  • The Frost Hydra can attack enemies even after the player has died.

花絮[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 儘管被命名為九頭蛇,它似乎只有一個頭
  • 冰霜九頭蛇可能是暗黑破壞神3冰霜符咒的參考,它在幾個方面表現得相當類似。
  • The Frost Hydra may also be a visual reference to Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure.

歷史[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 1.2:加入。