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前代主機版  3DS版 前代主機版/3DS版獨有內容:此的信息適用於前代主機版3DS版泰拉瑞亞

小貼士是在 前代主機版前代主機版3DS版 3DS的加載界面上短暫顯示的短語,會隨機從以下列表中選擇。(譯註:由於這些版本並無官方中文版,譯文僅供參考。)

列表[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • You can't destroy a demon altar with a normal hammer. You have to pwn them.(你無法用普通的錘摧毀惡魔祭壇。必須用神錘攻破它們。)
  • Life Crystals are hidden around the World. Use them to increase your health.(生命水晶隱藏在世界各處。用它們來增加你的生命值。)
  • Build a furnace to craft metal bars out of ore.(造個熔爐來將礦石製作成金屬錠。)
  • A room in a house can have wood platforms as a floor or ceiling, but NPCs need at least one solid block to stand on.(房屋中的房間可以用木平台作地板和天花板,但 NPC 需要至少一塊實心塊以站立其上。)
  • The Cloud in a Bottle and Shiny Red Balloon accessories both improve your ability jump. Combine them to make a Cloud in a Balloon. (雲朵瓶閃亮紅氣球配飾都能提高你的跳躍能力。將他們組合在一起來製成雲朵氣球。)
  • If you store your coins in a house, you'll be less likely to lose them.(如果你將錢幣放在房屋中,你就不太可能丟失它們。)
  • The Goblin Tinkerer found in underground caverns will sell you many useful items, including a Tinkerer's Workshop.(出現在地下洞穴中的哥布林工匠會賣給你很多有用的物品,包括工匠作坊。)
  • Defeat the boss in The Underworld to change the world forever. Find a Guide Voodoo Doll and hurl it into the infernal lava to summon him.(打敗地獄中的 Boss 來永遠地改變世界。找一個嚮導巫毒娃娃並將其丟到地獄的熔岩中來召喚他。)
  • Bows and guns require the proper ammo in your Ammo slots.(弓和槍需要你在彈藥欄放入恰當的彈藥。)(譯註:實際上並不必需)
  • You can plant acorns to grow new trees.(你可以種下橡實來培植新樹。)
  • Some projectiles such as arrows and shurikens can be gathered and reused after firing them.(一些射彈,比如手裏劍,射出後可以收集並重用。)
  • Swimming is dangerous without Flippers or a Diving Helmet! You can craft those at a Tinkerer's Workshop.(沒有腳蹼潛水頭盔的話,游泳很危險!你可以在工匠作坊處製作它們。)
  • Rocket science gave us Rocket Boots.(火箭科技給我們帶來了火箭靴。)
  • The best wizard people use Mana Flowers.(最好的巫師用魔力花。)
  • You can buy wires from a Mechanic and use them to create traps, pumping systems, or other elaborate devices.(你可以從機械師處購買電線並用它們來創建機關、泵送系統、或其他精密設備。)
  • Torches and glowsticks can be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Torches won't work underwater, but glowsticks will.(所有其他光線都消失時,火把和螢光棒可以在黑暗之處為你提供照明。火把在水下不起作用,但螢光棒可以。)
  • Time heals all wounds.(時間可以治癒所有傷口。)
  • Explosives are dangerous! ...and effective...(爆炸物很危險!……而且有效……)
  • Hold onto an explosive to attract a Demolitionist to your house.(持有爆炸物來吸引爆破專家到你的房屋來。)
  • If you find a Magic Mirror, you can use it to teleport back to your spawn point.(如果你找到魔鏡,可以用它傳送回你的生成點。)
  • When you explore caves, it helps to have wood platforms. Craft them out of wood.(在你探索山洞時,擁有木平台非常有幫助,用木材製作它們)
  • You can change your spawn point by placing and using a bed.(你可以通過放置和使用來更改你的出生點。)
  • You can remove furniture or background walls by crafting a hammer.(你可以通過製作來移除家具或背景牆。)
  • You can destroy Shadow Orbs with a hammer or explosives, but prepare yourself for the forces they unleash (those being the Eater of Worlds and Meteors).(你可以用錘或爆炸物摧毀暗影珠,但要準備應對它們所釋放的力量(世界吞噬怪流星)。)
  • Some ores require better pickaxes to mine.(一些礦石需要用更好的鎬來採挖。)
  • Collect money to attract a Merchant to your house.(攢點錢來吸引商人來你的房屋。)
  • The Corruption is full of chasms. Mind the gaps.(腐化之地遍布裂隙。注意腳下。)
  • To craft potions, place a bottle on a table to make an alchemy station. Double, double, toil and trouble!(要製作藥水,將一個玻璃瓶放在桌子上來製成煉藥站。不憚辛勞不憚煩!)
  • Make sure you have empty, valid rooms to attract new inhabitants.(確保你有空的有效房間來吸引新居民。)
  • Wear a Mining Helmet if you don't want to use torches.(如果你不想用火把,請戴上挖礦頭盔。)
  • If your house doesn't have background walls, monsters will be able to spawn inside.(如果你的房屋沒有背景牆,怪就會能在裡面生成。)
  • Torches require wood and gels to craft. Gels can be found on slimes.(火把需要木材和凝膠來製作,凝膠可以在史萊姆那弄到。)
  • When dealing with a Goblin Army, crowd control is key.(處理哥布林軍隊時,群體控制是關鍵。)
  • Monsters spawn more often in dark areas.(怪在黑暗區域生成的更頻繁。)
  • There are floating islands in the sky.(天空中有漂浮島。)
  • Walking on Hellstone and Meteorite can burn you! Protect yourself by equipping an Obsidian Skull or similar accessory.(在獄石隕石上行走會燒到你!裝備黑曜石骷髏頭或類似的配飾來保護你。)
  • Killing bunnies is cruel. Period.(殺死兔兔是殘酷的。句號。)
  • Water will break your fall.(水會中斷你的墜落。)
  • Sometimes you can find NPCs hidden around the world.(有時你能找到隱藏在世界各處的 NPC。)
  • During a Blood Moon, zombies can open doors.(在血月期間,殭屍會開門。)
  • Use suspicious looking items at your own risk!(使用可疑物品風險自負!)
  • Watch out for falling Meteorites!(當心墜落的隕石!)
  • You won't take falling damage if you have a Lucky Horseshoe. Look for them on floating islands.(如果你有幸運馬掌,就不會受到掉落傷害。在漂浮島上尋找它們。)
  • The Old Man at the Dungeon is a Clothier, if only someone could lift his curse...(地牢處的老人是個服裝商,只要有人能解除他的詛咒...)
  • If you dig deep enough, you'll end up in The Underworld!(如果你挖得足夠深,你最終會進入地獄!)
  • A pet can be your best friend.(寵物可以成為你最好的夥伴。)
  • You can harvest cobwebs and turn them into silk. You can use silk to craft vanity clothes or a bed.(你可以收割蛛網並將其變成絲綢。你可以用絲綢製作時裝衣服或床。)
  • Seeds can be used to farm a variety of useful ingredients, especially for crafting potions.(種子可用於種植各種有用的材料,特別是用於製作藥水的那些。)
  • Don't fall into lava without an Obsidian Skin Potion!(沒有黑曜石皮藥水就別掉進熔岩!)
  • You can wear buckets!(你可以戴上水桶!)
  • Fallen Stars sometimes appear at night. Collect 3 of them to craft a Mana Crystal you can use to increase your mana.(晚上有時會出現墜落之星。收集 3 顆來製作魔力水晶,你可以用之增加你的魔力。)
  • If you find chests out in the World, you can remove them with a hammer to take them with you.(如果你在世界上找到了寶箱,可以用錘移除它們並帶走。)
  • Wearing armor made all out of the same material gives you a extra bonus.(穿著全部用同樣材料製作的盔甲會給你額外的獎勵。)
  • You can make a grappling hook out of iron chains and a hook. The easiest place to find a hook is on piranhas in a jungle.(你可以用鐵鏈條爪鉤製成抓鉤。最容易找到爪鉤的地方是叢林中的食人魚。)
  • Sand is overpowered.(沙被制服了。)
  • Other players can loot your chests! If you don't trust them, use a safe or piggy bank; those items have storage that is exclusive to each player.(其他玩家可以搜刮你的寶箱!如果你不信任他們,用保險箱豬豬存錢罐;這些物品擁有獨屬於每個玩家的收納空間。)
  • 移動版 Touch and drag items from the Inventory Bar to drop them into the world.(觸摸物品並從物品欄吧檯中拖出來可以將其扔到世界中去。)
  • 移動版 Pinch the screen to zoom in and out.(捏合螢幕來縮放。)

花絮[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 一些小貼士從版本 1.1 之後就沒有更新過,因此,沒有針對猩紅之地的貼士。
    • 同樣由於這個原因,有兩條貼士錯誤地說需要用錘來移除家具物品。
  • 其中一個貼士中有個拼寫錯誤:「both improve your ability jump」
  • 其中一條貼士證實了老人和服裝商實際上是同一個人。
  • 一條貼士說你需要 3 顆墜落之星來製作魔力水晶(就像電腦版 電腦版主機版 主機版、和移動版 移動版那樣),但在 前代主機版前代主機版3DS版 3DS上你實際上需要 5 顆。
  • 其中一條貼士「torches and glowsticks can be a light for you in dark places(火把和螢光棒可以在黑暗之處為你提供照明)」是參考了《指環王(The Lord of the Rings)》中的水晶瓶(crystal phial)。
  • 有條小貼士說你應當「watch for falling meteorites(當心墜落的隕石)」。但是,墜落的隕石本身其實並不能別看到,只會形成隕石坑。
  • 貼士「Sand is overpowered(沙被制服了。)」和電腦版電腦版中的標題訊息之一相同。
  • 貼士「When dealing with a Goblin Army, crowd control is key(處理哥布林軍隊時,群體控制是關鍵。)」是對成就「Crowd control」的引用,它是摧毀哥布林軍隊而得到的。
  • 貼士「To craft potions, place a bottle on a table to make an alchemy station. Double, double, toil and trouble!(要製作藥水,將一個玻璃瓶放在桌子上來製成煉藥站。不憚辛勞不憚煩!)」是對莎士比亞戲劇《麥克白》中的三女巫的引用。(譯註:即最後一句 Double, double, toil and trouble!,它取自麥《麥克白》中三女巫的對話,中文譯文依照朱生豪譯本。這一句還出現在《哈利·波特與阿茲卡班的囚徒》中一首歌的歌詞里。)