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Map Icon Nurse.png
Classic mode icon.png 經典
Expert mode icon.png 專家
Master mode icon.png 大師
AI 類型被動 AI
傷害81214 (poison syringe) [1]

護士是個 NPC,一旦以下條件全部滿足就會出現:

The Nurse will heal the player's health and cure them of any active debuffs at the cost of Coins (there are exceptions, see Notes and History).

In the 主機版 主機版移動版 移動版、和3DS版 3DS versions, healing costs can range from a few Copper to several Silver Coins, depending on how much health the player is missing. She charges Copper equal to 75% of the health restored (e.g. 75*75 for restoring 100 health), plus an additional 750*750 for every active debuff on the player.

In the 電腦版 電腦版, healing costs are equal to 100% of the health restored, plus an additional 100*1 per active debuff on the player, all multiplied by the Nurse's current Happiness price adjustment, and then doubled if playing on 專家模式電腦版、主機版、和移動版. Also, the Nurse charges increasing amounts of money for healing as the game progresses; these specific increases are detailed below. Thus, at the start of the game, the cost of restoring 100 health can range from 75*75 / 150*150 (with maximum happiness) to 150*150 / 300*3 (with maximum unhappiness), while by endgame it can range from 15000*150 / 30000*3 up to 30000*3 / 60000*6.

In the 電腦版 電腦版主機版 主機版、和移動版 移動版, she will fight enemies by throwing Poison Syringe.png poison syringes that will deal 8 / 12 / 14 damage (plus, on 電腦版 電腦版, various stat boosts) and poison enemies for 3–5 seconds.[1] She can also use Healing Syringe.png healing syringes to heal herself and other friendly NPCs for 20 health.[2]

Price increases[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

電腦版 電腦版獨有內容:此章節的的信息適用於電腦版泰拉瑞亞

The cost of healing changes based on three factors: The Nurse's current Happiness, game progression, and 專家模式電腦版、主機版、和移動版. Happiness affects the Nurse's price by raising or lowering it to within a range of 75% to 150% of its base (in the same way that other NPCs' prices are affected by their happiness). Playing in Expert (or 大師電腦版) mode further affects prices by permanently doubling them. Progression-based price increases are based on which bosses have been defeated in the current world. These increases are listed in the table below; only the single highest applicable increase is chosen and applied.

Event Price
Cost of Healing 100HP[cost 1]
Max Happiness Min Happiness
Classic Expert Classic Expert
Eye of Cthulhu beaten 225*225 450*450 450*450 900*9
Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu beaten 10× 750*750 1500*15 1500*15 3000*30
Skeletron or Queen Bee beaten 25× 1875*1875 3750*3750 3750*3750 7500*75
Hardmode entered 60× 4500*45 9000*90 9000*90 18000*180
Any 機械 Boss beaten 100× 7500*75 15000*150 15000*150 30000*3
Plantera beaten 150× 11250*11250 22500*225 22500*225 45000*450
Golem beaten 200× 15000*150 30000*3 30000*3 60000*6
  1. The cost of healing 100 health is also equal to the cost of healing 1 debuff. Thus, the cost of healing 100 health and 1 debuff is 2x what is shown in this table; 100 health and 2 debuffs is 3x what is shown; etc.

生活偏好 電腦版[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]


更多信息,參見 NPC 快樂度

備註[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • If the player has full health and the heal option is available, this is because of active debuffs.
  • If planning on healing and drinking Ale, make sure to drink the Ale after healing, as Tipsy is technically a debuff and will be cured by the Nurse.
  • The Nurse can survive drowning forever due to the fact that she heals herself.
  • 護士不能移除藥水疾病水蠟燭、和創意震撼,她也不會為此額外收費。
  • 當玩家與其談話時,護士無法治療自身。但是,啟用自動暫停可以避免這種情況。
  • If a healing syringe thrown by the Nurse does not hit her target, it will begin homing in on them.驗證

成就[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Achievement The Frequent Flyer.png
屢攻飛行怪 • 「Spend over 1 gold being treated by the nurse.」
接受護士的治療總花費超過 10000*1電腦版、主機版、和移動版

小貼士[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

名字[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

護士 可能使用以下名字中的任何一個:

  • Abigail
  • Allison
  • Amy
  • Caitlin
  • Carly
  • Claire
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Hannah
  • Heather
  • Helen
  • Holly
  • Jenna
  • Kaitlin
  • Kaitlyn
  • Katelyn
  • Katherine
  • Kathryn
  • Katie
  • Kayla
  • Lisa
  • Lorraine
  • Madeline
  • Molly

話語[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

互動話語[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 血月之外的任意時間:

    • 「轉過頭去咳嗽。」
    • 「我見過更大的...是的,我確實見過更大的傷口。」
    • 「你吃棒棒糖嗎?」
    • 「讓我看看哪裡受傷了。」


    • 「我要和<嚮導的名字>認真談一談。你一周到底有多少次被熔岩燙成重傷?」(提到了嚮導巫毒娃娃扔進熔岩後的效果。)


    • 「看到那個在地牢周圍轉來轉去的老人沒?他看上去遇到麻煩了。」


    • 「我希望<爆破專家的名字>會更小心些。每天都得為他縫合肢體,我都煩死了。」


    • 「嗨,<軍火商的名字>有沒有提過為什麼要去看醫生?只是好奇罷了。」


    • 「我一直要求喝葡萄酒,但所有<酒館老闆的名字>給我拿的都是用馬克杯裝的麥芽酒。」

    當玩家中度受傷時 (≥33% 生命值,但 <66% 生命值)

    • 「別像個孩子似的!我見過更糟的。」
    • 「這需要縫針!」
    • 「又惹上流氓了?」
    • 「堅持住,我已經在附近找到卡通繃帶了。」
    • 「走走看,<玩家的名稱>,你會沒事兒的。嘶。」
    • 「你這麼做的時候疼嗎?別那麼做。」
    • 「你看着就像被消化了一半一樣。你又在追史萊姆了?」

    當玩家嚴重受傷時 (<33% 生命值)

    • 「我認為你這樣看上去好多了。」
    • 「呃...你的臉怎麼了?」
    • 「我的天啊!我很好,但沒有「那麼」好。」
    • 「親愛的朋友,今天我們集聚於此道聲告別...喔,你會沒事兒的。」
    • 「你把武器落在那邊了。我給你拿來...」


    • 當玩家沒有嚴重受傷時 (≥33% 生命值)
      • 「什麼意思?!」
      • 「我不喜歡你說話的口氣。」
      • 「你怎麼會在這兒?如果你沒流血,就沒必要在這兒。出去。」
      • 「什麼?!」
    • 當玩家嚴重受傷時 (<33% 生命值)
      • 「你最好不要讓血沾到我身上。」
      • 「快點,別再流血了。」
      • 「如果你要死,去外面死。」


    • 當玩家輕微受傷時 (≥75% 生命值) 點擊治療:
      • 「並不是很疼吧。現在呢?」
    • 當玩家中度受傷時 (≥50% 生命值,但 <75% 生命值) 點擊治療:
      • 「情況好多了。我不想再看到你跳崖。」
    • 當玩家嚴重受傷時 (≥25% 生命值,但 <50% 生命值) 點擊治療:
      • 「很可能會留疤。」
    • 當玩家非常嚴重受傷時 (<25% 生命值) 點擊治療:
      • 「我把你的臉縫好了。下次要多小心。」
    • 當玩家生命值全滿時點擊治療:
      • 「我給不了完美的結局。」
      • 「我能為你做的就只有整容了。」
      • 「別浪費我時間了。」
    • 當玩家點擊治療卻沒有足夠錢幣時:
      • 「抱歉,你雇不起我。」
      • 「我需要更多金子。」
      • 「你知道的,我幹活得收錢。」


    • 「不,我才不會告訴你我的蛋糕上有幾根蠟燭。」


    • "Great! Now my uniform is all wet. Stop staring!"
    • "If you stay out there too long, you'll catch a cold!"

    During a Thunderstorm:

    • "I do not perform shock therapy, just go stand outside under a tree!"
    • "Just stay inside! I've already treated too many electrocuted patients today."


    • "I been chasing my medical supplies all day. This gale is keeping me fit!" []
    • "This breeze is really extra right now! Beware of flying needles."

    電腦版 When in a Graveyard:

    • "Ahh!! I'd rather be working at an abandoned hospital than hanging around here!"
    • "This place creeps me out, and I can't treat dead patients!"
  • 快樂度話語 電腦版[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 無家可歸時:

    • "Tch, not having a house REALLY puts me in a bad mood."


    • "I’m TOO FAR from my house, I hate all this walking."


    • "These digs are great - loving the personal space."


    • "Hey, I dislike the lack of social distancing here."
    • "UGH, I hate how unhealthy it is to cram so many people in one place!"

    When in the Hallow:

    • "I like how the Hallow is a beautiful place to get daily exercise.」

    When in the Snow biome:

    • "Eww, I don't like the Snow's propensity for illness."


    • "Yuck, the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon is extremely putrid and filthy, it』ll make me sick!"

    When near the Arms Dealer:

    • "What? [Name of Arms Dealer] the Arms Dealer? I don't have a crush! I don't! Shut up!"

    When near the Wizard:

    • "[Name of Wizard] the Wizard is a smart and likeable goof."

    When near the Dryad:

    • "I don't like [Name of Dryad] the Dryad that much, kinda weirds me out."


    • "I don't like [Name of Party Girl] the Party Girl that much, kinda weirds me out."

    When near the Zoologist:

    • "I hate treating [Name of Zoologist] the Zoologist, so difficult!"

    When Happiness is neutral:

    • "My vital signs are normal, if that's what you're asking."
  • 花絮[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

    • There appears to be conflict between the Nurse and the Mechanic during a Blood Moon. During this time, the Merchant has a chance of saying, "哦,太好了。我在這兒就能聽到<name of Mechanic>和<name of Nurse>的爭吵聲。"
    • The Arms Dealer seemingly has romantic interest in her according to his quotes when the Nurse is present. This is also reflected in the Nurse's quote "嗨,<name of Arms Dealer>有沒有提過為什麼要去看醫生?只是好奇罷了。" The Nurse, despite her apparent feelings for the Arms Dealer, is already in a romantic relationship with someone as noted by the Stylist in her quote, "Mhmm, I heard from <name of Party Girl> that <name of Mechanic>'s friend <name of Nurse> spent her boyfriend's last paycheck on shoes." However, this could most likely be the arms dealer.
    • 有一副名叫《麗莎護士》的繪畫作品是描繪護士的,參考了意大利文藝復興時期藝術家列奧納多·達·芬奇所作的著名油畫《{{wikipedia|Mona Lisa|蒙娜麗莎》。
    • 電腦版 When talking to the Nurse while in a crowded area, she will say, "Hey, I dislike the lack of social distancing here." This is a reference to the 2019-2020 Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak that was ongoing at the time of Journey's End launch, and the "social distancing" practice people were encouraged to follow by staying six feet or two meters away from people in public.
    • 派對電腦版和主機版期間,當護士戴上派對帽時,她的髮型有所改變。她將其披下來而不是紮成馬尾辮:Nurse (Party).png。這是有道理的,因為扎着馬尾辮來戴派對帽很不方便。
    • The Nurse's quote, "I don't give happy endings." is a reference to the practice of masseuses offering sexual favors, or 'happy endings', to their clients at the end of a massage for additional payment.
      • The Nurse will not say "我給不了完美的結局。" if the Blood and Gore setting is turned off.[3]
    • Although the Zoologist is registered as hated by the Nurse, she doesn't seem to actually hate her. The dialogue indicates that the Nurse hates the Zoologist's unique anatomy more than the Zoologist herself: "I hate treating <Name of Zoologist> the Zoologist, so difficult!"
    • 護士的 怪物圖鑑怪物圖鑑條目:「The Nurse's snarky attitude and poor bedside manner may be scary, but for a price, she will cure all that ails a wounded Terrarian.」

    歷史[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

    • 電腦版 charges increasing amounts of money for healing as the game progresses.
    • 電腦版 1.1:現在在她生成時會隨機賦予名字。她的死亡會用其名字報告。其他 NPC 也會在他們各自的對話中使用此名字。在多人模式中不會再生成第二個護士。

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