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概觀[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]



規則[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]



遊戲前[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 所有奪取寶石遊戲的玩家新建一個中核角色。(可選)
  • 加入後,等管理員傳送你——不要開始四處亂跑收集物品,也不要打開PvP。
  • 被傳送之後,加入對應的隊伍顏色,打開PvP,放置你的床。不要離開房子,等管理員通知遊戲開始。

準備時間[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 在準備時間不要穿過或PvP穿過中心點。
  • 遊戲中此時沒有禁止任何物品,因此要在準備時間結束前使用(下列)才能確保你受益。
  • 不能以任何方式改變寶石箱,包括移動箱子內部的寶石或移動箱子本身。不過可以用箱子存東西。
  • 不管什麼時候,都不能放置不能以銅鎬挖掘的任何物塊。另外,應該不能用熔岩環繞著箱子(雖然熔岩可以用於進攻)。
  • 要避免出現NPC。如果哪個NPC生成了,不能使用他們。

準備後[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • You cannot use any of the banned items at this point in the game UNLESS you are using them in a way that will not interfere with your enemy (e.g. killing a slime or collecting some ore).
  • If/when you reach your opponent's base, you cannot destroy their bed, destroy their house, or trap them in spawn using blocks or lava.
  • You cannot intentionally move your spawn point at any point during the game, including creating another bed or setting your bed at your opponent's bed.
  • If you successfully get your opponent's gem, you must return to base as quickly as possible (you shouldn't spawn kill enemies for fun, for example).
  • When you have the gem, you are not allowed to go underground with it.
  • If you found a 魔鏡 in preparation time, you are not allowed to use it in conjunction with the gem to teleport instantly back to base.
  • If the enemy team is attempting to get your gem, you are not allowed to access the chest to intentionally stop them from accessing it.

禁止物品[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

重力/隱身藥水, 炸彈, 雷管, 手榴彈, and a 魔鏡

策略[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Within preparation time, it is common to see two players caving (for speed and safety), one player creating the base chest defence, and another player either collecting surface materials for the defence builder to use or creating . Although 15 minutes seems like a decent amount of time, due to the number of tasks that need to be done, teams can often find themselves defenceless if they have bad time management. Good teams strike a balance between offence and defence, as well as having multiple skilled team members who can each do their chosen/given tasks to a high level.

After preparation time, teams can choose to rush one another if they believe the other team isn't prepared, or they can choose to remain defensive until one team forces the other into combat. Common offensive tactics include 天橋 and tunneling, and the most common fighting tactic is to "arrow spam", where a team will fire as many arrows as possible at an enemy in order to suppress and kill them. Other tactics can include attempting to get at least one 鉤爪 and using (dealing more damage than and negating 擊退 with the hook), or attempting to backdoor an enemy team by sending one or multiple teammates into their base undetected in order to capture the gem without the enemy knowing.

變種[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Psi CTG, created by Lewis from the PsiSyndicate is one of the main variants on default (Odyssey) CTG, however, it is no longer regularly played since PsiSyndicate quit playing Terraria. The rules differ from the Odyssey ruleset greatly, and introduce mechanics such as receiving starter items at the beginning of the game (often pickaxes, dart traps, wire, and hooks), as well as encouraging much faster paced gameplay due to the addition of high-tier pickaxes and hooks. The game was not played during noon, and instead featured a full day/night cycle; it was only after the first night had passed that teams could attack one another, however, teams could still cross the center point previous to this. Base defence was characterised by the extensive use of 機關, although "backdoor" gameplay was removed as a team must announce when they take an opponent's gem.

Another variant of CTG is 軟核 CTG, where players are able to take bigger risks without punishment of losing all of their items. It allows for much quicker gameplay, however, it eliminates many of the tactical nuances which is often considered to be the core element of CTG.

Some players may also divulge in playing intentionally imbalanced CTG matches, such as 1v4, 4v8, 6v12, etc. This is to increase difficulty for the team with less players (which is usually "stacked", meaning it has many seasoned/veteran players on the team). Imbalanced games can be used for practice for competitive CTG players or teams who require both teamwork and individual ability in order to win matches.

比賽[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Due to the competitive nature of CTG, it can also be played competitively in matches (one team vs. another team) and in tournaments.

寶石戰爭:Reddit CTG錦標賽[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

By far the largest Tournament of its kind, Gem Wars is a CTG Tournament created in partnership between creators of CTG, OdysseyGamez, and the Terraria subreddit. Gem Wars is currently on its first iteration, and is being organised chiefly by Neszy and Aeroblop. Various Terraria YouTube Channels bound together in order to both play and endorse Gem Wars, with videos being produced from Yrimir, TerrariaHelp and ChippyGaming, and YouTubers such as HERO and Pedguin taking part in the Tournament.

Gem Wars contains a base pool of 64 teams and is single elimination until the Quarterfinals, where it turns into double elimination. The full bracket can be found 這裡

歷史[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • 1.2:引入。