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The default controls are listed below. These can be changed from the Controls menu in Settings on the Title Screen.

PC / Console Versions[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Gameplay Controls[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Action Wiki Icon PC (mouse & keyboard) PC (controller) Playstation Xbox WiiU Notes
Use item 使用/攻击 Keyboard Black Mouse Left.png RT R1 RT ZR Attack using held weapon, consume held potion, summon using held mount/minion summon item, etc.
Interact 打开/激活 Keyboard Black Mouse Right.png Steam B.png PS4 Circle.png 360 B.png WiiU A.png Open a door or chest, activate switch, talk to NPC, edit a sign/tombstone, etc. To right click on OSX without a right click button, you need to put two fingers on the trackpad (for laptop users) before you click to make the same effect as a right click.
Aim Keyboard Black Mouse None.png Right analog stick Right analog stick Right analog stick Right analog stick Move the cursor or direct your attacks.
Up ▲ 上 W Left analog stick Left analog stick Left analog stick Left analog stick • Toggles gravity for character when using a Gravitation Potion.
Down ▼ 下 S • Makes the character drop down when standing on a Wood Platform.
Left ◀ 左 A Moves your character to the left. Hold the key down for continuous movement.
Right ▶ 右 D Moves your character to the right. Hold
the key down for continuous movement.
Jump Space LT PS4 Cross.png/L3 360 A.png/L3 WiiU B.png/L3 • Makes your character jump. Hold the key down for a higher jump.
Grapple 抓钩 E Steam B.png L1 LT ZL Activates/launches the grappling hook equipped in the grappling hook slot.
电脑版 Auto Select Shift Left Shift L3 When held, it will try to select the appropriate tool to interact with the object under the cursor. A light source will be selected if nothing else applies.
Smart Cursor Ctrl Left Ctrl R3 R3 R3 R3 Toggles the Smart Cursor. When on, it will automatically target tiles depending your current tool, to semi-automate tasks such as tunneling and building.
电脑版 Quick Mount R R Steam A.png Mount or dismount the mount located in the equipment slot.
电脑版 Quick Heal H H Unbound Consumes the best healing item from your inventory.
电脑版 Quick Mana J J Unbound Consumes the first mana restoration item in your inventory (starting from the top-left).
Quick Buff B B Unbound WiiU Y.png • Consumes one of each type of Buff Potion in your inventory.
  • Buff Potions will not be consumed if a buff of the same type is still active.
Lock on Steam X.png Lock on an enemy to auto-aim all attacks. Press once to lock and again to release the lock.
Throw (discard) Unbound Unbound PS4 Square.png 360 X.png Discards the currently selected item onto the ground as a dropped item, which can then be collected by any player. Does not inflict throwing damage. You can also throw items by opening the inventory, picking the item you want to throw away and right-clicking outside the inventory. Note that throwing throws the whole stack of items, except for torches, where only one torch will be thrown.
Inventory 物品栏 Esc Steam Y.png PS4 Triangle.png 360 Y.png WiiU X.png Opens the expanded head-up display, including inventory, crafting interface, Save and Quit (singleplayer) or Disconnect (multiplayer) controls. If autopause is enabled, the game will pause (not currently available on console). Press Start on Xbox or PS3 to pause the game (this won't open your inventory).
电脑版 Chat Enter Enter Opens the chat box (multiplayer only).
Pause 物品栏 Esc Steam Y.png PS3 Start.png 360 Start.png WiiU Plus.png Pauses the game in singleplayer. On PC the game will only pause if Autopause is turned on.
Zoom In Shift + N/A Touchpad LT ??? Zoom in on the character, making it possible to see less on the screen.
Zoom Out Shift - N/A Touchpad RT ??? Zoom out, making the character appear smaller, but allowing more to be seen.

Map Controls[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Action Wiki Icon PC (mouse & keyboard) PC (controller) Playstation Xbox WiiU Notes
Zoom In + Unbound Zooms the minimap in.
Zoom Out - Unbound Zooms the minimap out.
电脑版 Decrease Transparency PageUp Unbound Decreases transparency of the minimap.
电脑版 Increase Transparency PageDown Unbound Increases transparency of the minimap.
Toggle Full Map M M Steam Start.png PS3 Select.png 360 Back.png WiiU Minus.png Opens a full-screen map. This can be zoomed in and out with the keyboard just as the minimap can, or with the mouse wheel. It can be scrolled using the directional keys or by dragging it with the mouse. The full-screen map can be dismissed by clicking the icon at the bottom left corner, or by pressing the inventory key, or the Map key again. In multiplayer, it will also show all players. On the console versions, you can select your team from this screen.
电脑版 Toggle Map Style Tab ↹ Tab Steam Back.png Cycles the minimap between the three modes: portrait, overlay, and hidden. See Map for more details.

Hotbar Controls[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Action Wiki Icon PC (mouse & keyboard) PC (controller) Playstation Xbox WiiU Notes
Cycle Left / Right Keyboard Black Mouse Middle.png LB / RB L2 / R2 LB / RB L / R Cycles the selected item in the hotbar left or right.
电脑版 Hotbar direct selection 0-9 0-9 Unbound Selects an item from the hotbar (1 being the leftmost, and 0 being the rightmost). The hotbar is the uppermost row of the inventory, i.e. the top 10 slots. The item is merely selecteded; to actually use it click the left mouse button after making a selection.
Radial Hotbar Hold RB Opens a radial hotbar where items can be selected with any analog stick. Releasing RB selects the item.
D-Pad Hotbar D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad Items can be bound to the D-pad by opening the inventory, selecting an item and pressing a direction on the D-pad. That item can then be equipped in the hotbar immediately by pressing that direction on the D-pad during gameplay.

Others[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Action Wiki Icon PC (mouse & keyboard) PC (controller) Playstation Xbox WiiU Notes
电脑版 Toggle Debug F7 F7 Toggles debugging info.
电脑版 Toggle Tx/Rx F8 F8 Toggles multiplayer connectivity debug info. In singleplayer, all values are 0 and do not change.
电脑版 Lighting Setting F9 F9 Cycles through the 4 lighting settings: Color, White, Retro and Trippy, in that order.
电脑版 Toggle FPS F10 F10 Toggles FPS (frames per second) display.
电脑版 Toggle HUD F11 F11 Toggles visibility of the HUD (heads-up display).

物品栏[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • To remove one item from a stack, right click on it. Hold down the right mouse button to increase the number of items to be removed from the stack.
  • To place objects directly from your inventory, left click to select the item, then left click to place it or right click to discard it.
  • To place objects directly from your inventory into the Trash Can hold shift down while clicking the item. This can be used to quickly free up space in your inventory.
  • To favorite an item (making it unable to be quick stacked, quick trashed, thrown, or deposited) hover over the item and press Alt + Left Click. A border should appear letting you know that the item is favorited. Do note that placing favorited equipment onto your equipment slots and placing them back in your inventory will remove the favorite status on the equipment, in which case you are going to need to Alt + Left Click again.

NPC[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • To interact with an NPC approach close enough that a speech bubble appears on the target when you move the mouse cursor to it. Then click the right mouse button.
  • When buying items from an NPC, hold down the right mouse button to increase the number of items purchased.

装备[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Right-clicking on a piece of equipment, including one located in a Social slot, will swap it with its corresponding Armor or Accessory slot.

其他[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • To read a sign, tombstone, or the name of a chest, hover your cursor over it.
  • When crafting, hold down the right mouse button to rapidly craft a number of items (the speed increases as long as you hold down the button).

Mobile / 3DS Versions[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Action Touch Template:Ios icon MFi* Controller 3DS.svg Notes
Use item Tap and hold (swing/fire weapons) / Single tap (consume potion, summon mount/minion summon item, etc.) R2 Steam Y.png / Touch Screen in Building Mode Attack using held weapon, consume held potion, summon using held mount/minion summon item, etc.
Interact Single tap Steam B.png Steam A.png Open a door or chest, activate switch, talk to NPC, edit a sign/tombstone, etc.
Jump Left thumbpad Left analog stick


Steam A.png

Steam B.png
  • Makes your character jump. Continue holding the stick for a higher jump.
  • Holding the button/thumpad up with Wings armed will allow you to fly for some period (depending on the Wings used), and glide slowly to the ground.
  • Allows "swimming" upwards (repeated jumping) while underwater if Flippers, Diving Gear, or Neptune's Shell is equipped as an Accessory.
  • Activate the ability of jumping items like Spectre Boots, Sandstorm in a Bottle, etc.
Up Circle Pad
Left Moves your character to the left. Hold the key down for continuous movement.
Right Moves your character to the right. Hold the key down for continuous movement.
Grapple Swipe From Character L2 Steam A.png Sends the grappling hook in the direction swiped, or on the 3DS版 3DS, in the direction the Circle Pad is held. This action, however, is very unreliable with touch controls.
Quick-Use item Move right thumbpad Right analog stick Steam Y.png + Circle Pad Attacks, breaks, or places tiles in the direction the analog stick is held. If a consumable item is selected, it will be consumed.
Auto-Attack Tap and hold center of right thumbpad R3 Steam Y.png (+ Circle Pad, if no locked target) Attacks in the direction of the targeted enemy. On the 移动版 移动版, The nearest enemy is automatically targeted, this can be changed by tapping on another enemy. On the 3DS版 3DS, Steam X.png must be pressed in order to target that enemy before the attack will be directed towards them.
Throw (discard) Drag item from hotbar Steam X.png Drag item from the Quick Inventory onto the drop icon Tosses the currently selected item a few squares in the direction the item is dragged. Note that throwing throws the whole stack of items.
Inventory Tap "..." on hotbar Tap the inventory icon on the touch screen or ZR on the New Nintendo 3DS Opens the player's inventory, and by extension, their crafting and gear menus. The game will automatically pause, unless you are on a multiplayer server.
Pause Tap pause button on top right Steam Start.png Start / Select Opens settings, such as saving and quitting, or changing teams. The game will automatically pause, unless you are on a multiplayer server.
Zoom in Pinch-out D-Pad Magnifying Glass on the World Map Pinch-out to get closer to the character (see less on screen).
Zoom out Pinch-in Magnifying Glass on the World Map Pinch-in to get further away from the character (see more on screen).
Toggle Full Map Zoom out far enough Tap the compass icon on the Touch Screen Mobile only.png Zooming out far enough will open the map. Zooming in on the map will return to normal gameplay
Cycle Hotbar

Left / Right

L1 / R1 L / R Cycles the selected item in the hotbar left or right.
Hotbar direct selection Tap hotbar Tap item on the Quick Inventory Selects the item tapped on the hotbar. The hotbar is the uppermost row of the inventory, i.e. the top 5-10 slots. If it is a consumable, it will automatically be used right away.
Lock target Tap enemy Steam X.png Targets an enemy with a yellow arrow over them. See Lock On for more information.
Toggle Manual Cursor Mode D-Pad / Touch Screen in Building Mode Used mainly in Building Mode to determine where blocks and walls will be placed. However, attacks will also be directed towards this position unless the Circle Pad is used to direct attacks. The Manual Cursor shown as a white crosshair somewhere near the player.
Move Camera C-Stick (New Nintendo 3DS only) Moves the camera.

*MFi stands for "Made For iPhone". Buying an MFi controller will guarantee it working properly on iOS. Extensive list of MFi controllers

Mobile only.png Terraria for iOS and Android had PlayStation 3 controller support in earlier versions, but this was removed in a later update.

Mobile Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Inventory / Storage Tab[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Tap and drag an item to move it, or switch its position with another.
  • Drag the inventory screen up or down to see more of the inventory.
  • Selecting an item and tapping the "Split Stack" button (the button with stacked coins) will take one item and place it in a new stack. If a new stack has been recently created, the item will be added to that one instead.
  • Selecting armor or an accessory and tapping the Equip button (labeled with a helmet and a player's head) will automatically equip it in an armor or accessory slot. If the respective armor slot is full, it will be equipped in the vanity slot. Dragging an item to the Equipment tab and releasing will equip it in the same manner.
  • Selecting an item the Storage tab Tapping the Take button will add it to your inventory. Dragging an item to the Inventory tab and releasing will take it in the same manner.
  • Holding an item over a tab for a while will switch to that tab.

Equipment Tab[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Any equipable item will automatically be equipped when crafted, bought, picked up, or when the Take button is pressed in the Storage tab.
  • Selecting an item and tapping the Unequip button (labeled with a helmet and a player's head) will unequip it and place it in the Inventory

Crafting Tab[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Tap a recipe and tap Craft to craft one of the item.
  • Tap and hold Craft to craft multiple items (the speed increases as you hold the button)

NPC Shop Tab[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Selecting an item and tapping Buy will buy the item if you have enough money.
  • Hitting Sell in the Inventory tab, or simply dragging an item to the Shop tab will sell it.
  • The Goblin Tinkerer has an additional spot above the shop. Dragging an item here and selecting Reforge will reforge it.

3DS Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Quick Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Quick Inventory as it appears in game.
The World Map.
Building Mode.

The touch screen features the players hotbar, housing menu, map, and other utilities. This is referred to by the game as the "Quick Inventory". The quick inventory shows the first ten slots in the players inventory, similarly to the mobile version of the game. The top left button under the hotbar allows the player to Quick Stack to Nearby Chests, which will be greyed out if the player is not near any chest. The middle button allows the player to drop an item they've tapped and held onto, greyed out if there is no item to drop. The top right button is the housing menu, which will be greyed out unless the player is in a house.

The bottom three buttons are the World Map, Building/Precision Mode, and the player's Inventory from left to right.

  • The World Map appears on the touch screen so the player can view the map as they move, and also has a magnifying glass in the corner which toggles a zoomed-in and out view.
  • Building Mode provides a zoomed in view of the player's screen and sorts tools on the left, and building materials on the right.
    • Building materials are sorted in the order they appear in the players inventory, but tools are sorted in accordance with the order Weapon → Pickaxe → Axe → Hammer → Wrenches/Wire Cutters → Fishing Tools, top to bottom.
    • Items on the left can be swapped by holding L for tools and R for building materials and a direction. Up / Down on the D-Pad or Circle Pad will change the item selected. Left and Right only work on the left row, when there are variants of a tool, such as a Terra Blade being able to switch to a Paladin's Hammer, as they are both categorized as weapons.
    • On the New Nintendo 3DS, Building Mode can also be toggled with ZL.
    • The D-Pad can be used along with Building Mode for increased precision when placing blocks.

物品栏[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Inventory on the 3DS version is very similar to the inventory on the 移动版 移动版. Items appear on the bottom screen, while an item's statistics will appear on the top. The top ten slots of the inventory will be brightened, indicating items in these slots will appear in the Quick Inventory. Items can be thrown away with Steam X.png, and stacks of items can be split with Steam Y.png. Below both the trash and split icon is a drop icon. Armor can be equipped with Steam Y.png when selected, but even if that armor is a vanity item, it will be equipped in the armor slots and be swapped with any item currently filling the slot. Also similar to the 移动版 移动版, items can be dragged between slots opposed to just using button inputs. However, button inputs are still required when equipping or depositing items, as there is no way to drag items between tabs. On the top of the inventory screen are four/five buttons. The first, being a back arrow, causes the player to exit the inventory. The rest toggle the crafting menu, the inventory, the chest's inventory (if applicable), and the player's armor/accessory screen.

Chest Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

When a chest is opened, controls differ greatly from the regular inventory. To take an item out of a chest, Steam X.png is used, and Steam Y.png will loot all of the items from the chest. Items cannot be split or trashed from the chest directly. When the player's inventory is accessed when a chest is available, a quick stack button appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. A deposit button will also appear if an item is selected, but does not share the button shortcut of X with the take button. Thus, the player should be careful they don't trash an item they wish to put back into a chest.

Crafting Menu[编辑 | 编辑源代码]
The Crafting Menu.

The crafting menu splits up crafting recipes into multiple sections. These sections are:

  1. Furniture, Blocks, and Walls
  2. Tools
  3. Weapons
  4. Armor and Vanity (along with certain accessories)
  5. Buff Potions
  6. Miscellaneous items that don't fit in with the other categories, e.g. Boss Summons, some Accessories, Biome Keys

Steam X.png can be used to switch between categories, and Steam A.png or the button on the touch screen can be used to craft the selected item. Items can be selected with the D-Pad, Circle Pad, or touch screen. Items that can be crafted will be listed before items that cannot, and will have a blue background. Attempting to craft an uncraftable item show the reason it is uncraftable next to the craft button. Similar to items with long tooltips, an item with a long name as an ingredient will have it's name scroll back and forth.

Player Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]
The armor tab of the inventory. Click here to see the buffs screen.

The player's armor and accessories are on the last tab of the inventory. Pressing Steam Y.png will remove that armor or accessory and place it in the player's inventory. The five eyes below the player image show and hide the player's accessories, so long as they aren't wings. Steam X.png can be pressed to view the player's current buffs and debuffs as well as their durations. Buffs can be canceled with Steam Y.png when on the screen.

Shop Inventory[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

When interacting with a NPC that sells items, the NPC will appear in place of where a chest would appear. Items can be bought from an NPC with Steam X.png, so long as the player has sufficient funds. Items can also be from the player's inventory with Steam Y.png. When an item is sold to an NPC, that item goes to the Re-Buy slots, a section of 5 slots where items sold recently can be rebought. Unlike shops in the 电脑版 电脑版, exiting the NPC's shop inventory will not erase items in the Re-Buy slots, instead, items in said slots will only be erased if the player saves and exits the game.

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 1.3.1:Controller support for PC, easier binding.
  • favorite option for items in your inventory and the mount hotkey.
  • bug where resetting controls to default would reset quick mana to M rather than J.
  • 1.2.3:Added support for Ctrl+Z, X, C, and V (clear line, cut line, copy line, and paste into line respectively). Added support for Shift+Insert, Shift+Delete, Ctrl+Insert (paste, cut, and copy respectively).
  • 1.2
    • M is now used for the new minimap feature.
    • J is now used for quick mana.
  • 1.1.1:Keybindings will no longer sometimes be set to "None" automatically.
  • 1.1
    • Items Pulsate when hold on the mouse cursor so they stand out against other items on the UI.
    • Items move freely and rotate when falling after being dropped or thrown.
    • F7 shows game debug information.
    • F8 shows connectivity debug information.
    • F9 changes lighting setting.
    • Added 'Auto Select' hotkey.
    • Added ability to place items directly from open inventory.
  • 1.0.5:Added hotkeys for quickly drinking healing, mana, and buff potions. The healing/mana potion you use is based on the same principle arrows are. Topleft most item first. The buff potions are all used at once.