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  • 遠古號角的物品外觀
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使用時間19 很快速度
工具提示Summons a rideable basilisk mount
賣出5 金幣
增益提示Crash into anyone... and EVERYONE!
Basilisk Mount


Mount Basilisk.png
電腦版 電腦版獨有內容:此的信息適用於電腦版泰拉瑞亞
The Basilisk Mount in use.
The player is on the mount in a small dark cave, slightly illuminated by the mount's light.
The Basilisk's faint light when underground.

The 遠古號角 is a 困難模式 坐騎 summoning item. When used, it summons a rideable 蛇蜥怪 Mount that gives the player the ability to charge through 敵怪, damaging them in the process. It can be rarely (2% chance) dropped by the 蛇蜥怪.

The Basilisk Mount provides accelerated land speed at 41 mph and provides increased jump height (14 tiles/28 feet), though is still hindered by as usual.

If the Basilisk is moving at a speed of least 21 mph, running through enemies inflicts 90 base damage, not counting enemy defense; this damage is considered summon damage, meaning that minion-enhancing items will benefit it. Enemies that are killed by this attack do not inflict contact damage on the player, but the player will suffer contact damage from enemies that survive it, if the hitbox of the player gets hit.

The Mount emits a faint red glow from 27' 地下 downwards. This light does not grow stronger as the player descends, and its color is unaffected by dyes.

小貼士[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • Depending on the gear one uses, The Basilisk mount can possibly be better suited for battle than the 獨角獸坐騎 due to its ability to hit enemies after a relatively short charge. The Unicorn takes more time to charge, though it has a much higher top speed for travel (60 mph) and charging through enemies will not damage the player even if they survive, unlike the Basilisk.
  • When used with the 海神貝殼, the Basilisk mount is capable of extreme mobility whilst underwater, even competing with that of the 海龜坐騎 and 可愛豬龍魚.
  • Using an with this mount will cause the player to glide through the air at significant speeds, allowing the player to move long distances quickly when jumping from a high ledge.
  • The Basilisk is capable of charging through the segments of The Eater of Worlds and 毀滅者 with minimal damage to the player. When running along the Destroyer's body the Basilisk can achieve very high DPS due to summon damage bypassing the Destroyer's high defense.

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