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  • 骨頭手套的物品外觀
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擊退1.8 (很弱擊退力)
使用時間16 很快速度
工具提示Throws empowered bones
33% chance to not consume bone
賣出1 金幣
專家模式獨有內容: 本信息適用於專家模式與專家模式世界。
電腦版 電腦版獨有內容:此的信息適用於電腦版泰拉瑞亞
File:Bone Glove.gif
A player attacking enemies with the Bone Glove.

The 骨頭手套 is an 專家模式-exclusive item that is always obtained from the 寶藏袋 dropped by 骷髏王. It allows a player to throw two crossed 骨頭s that can bounce off walls two times or pierce two 敵怪 before being destroyed. It consumes one bone per throw and has a 33% chance to not consume any.

Its best 修飾語 is 虛幻, a modifier exclusive to 遠程武器. In spite of this, however, the Bone Glove is unique in that it is a "throwing weapon"- so that means it receives stat bonuses from 化石盔甲 and 忍者盔甲, but is unaffected by Ranged-specific bonuses such as those from the 遊俠徽章.

If the Bone Glove hits an enemy right next to the player, the amount of damage dealt excludes the bones' damage, only the Bone Glove's base damage counts.

備註[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • The Bone Glove is affected by bonuses that provide a chance to not consume ammo, such as the 蘑菇礦盔甲.

花絮[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

  • The Bone Glove is one of the few Expert Mode items that cannot be equipped in any accessory or equipment slots, the others being the 3 parts needed to craft the 機械貨車 and the 惡魔之心. Apart from 開發者物品, it is also the only weapon in the game that can only be acquired through Expert Mode.

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